Your local buddy will show you how amazing Danang is in Tet holiday
your local buddy

Enjoy Tet holiday with your local friend in Danang city

There are so many foreigners shared that they have a boring Tet holiday in Vietnam but do not forget that you have your local buddy. If you have your local buddy to go with, it is different. It is the chance for you to learn and explore the local culture and etiquettes in Tet holiday.

your local buddy

The familiar food on Tet holiday in Vietnam – Source:

Tet is coming to town, it is meaningful if you enjoy the happiest atmosphere of the year with your local friend. In Danang, the weather is neither cold as the North nor hot like the South. The weather here is so cool with the golden sunshine. Furthermore, Tet holiday is the warm days in the drizzle. Without the drizzle, Tet atmosphere is not anymore.

your local buddy

Do not forget to enjoy Tet holiday with your local buddy – Source: Deal Offers.

Have your local friend go to Spring Flower Street on Bach Dang street

Bach Dang street is famous in Danang city during Tet holiday. The reason is that this is the most beautiful street in town on Tet with different hundreds of types of flowers. Thus, do not miss this chance to hang out with your local friend to take the beautiful pictures and keep it as the memory of Vietnam.

your local buddy

Go to the Spring Flower Street with your local friend – Source: Bao Da Nang.

The local people say that Bach Dang street is like the balcony which holds the city inside. Bach Dang street hides an ancient beauty inside the modern structures. It witnesses the development of the whole city. Therefore, on Tet holiday, its flower festival is more meaningful than it looks. It does not only show the beauty of flowers but also aim to memorize the remarkable moments on this street.

your local buddy

You can come here at night with your local buddy to enjoy the light party – Source: Internet.

The theme of the decoration of Spring Flower Street is different every year. It depends on the investors and the zodiac of that year. There are thousands of flowers baskets. They are meticulously settled together to make wonderful artworks on Han riverside. Without your local buddy, it is difficult to understand their meaning. It has become the significance of Tet holiday in Danang city, to all the local people and tourists as well.

your local buddy

Many impressive artworks on Spring Flower Street – Source: Nguyen The Thinh Blogspot.

The Spring Flower Street in Danang city usually opens one week before Tet until the end of the holiday. It stretches from the Dragon bridge to the government building. Therefore, do not forget to come here with your local friend so that you can understand clearly about the messages of each part.

Ba Na Hills – Explore the French village in Danang with your local friend

Ba Na Hills is the top leading tourism hub in Vietnam for continuously four years. On Tet holiday, this place is more charming with beautiful decorations and interesting activities. Thus, this is a good idea for you to go with your local friend on Tet in Danang city.

your local buddy

The famous golden bridge on Ba Na Hill – Source: Found The World.

Ba Na Hills was founded by the French in the time of the French – Vietnamese war. When the war stopped, all the structures in Ba Na Hills were destroyed by the local people. Years later, the local government decided to rebuild the Ba Na Hills as the ecotourism destination. Therefore, the road to Ba Na Hills was planning to build as people see today. Ba Na Hills gathers the good conditions to become one of the best tourist destinations in Danang city. The weather here is cool during the year. Moreover, from Ba Na Hills, you can have an overview of all Danang and Hue.

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Body painting at Ba Na Hills on Tet – Source:

On Tet holiday, Ba Na Hills has so many continuous interesting activities that attract not only local but also tourists along Vietnam. Therefore, if you have your local friend, do not miss this chance to go out and learn about the local entertainment culture. The street music will start in Tet. It is the most expected event of the year with the appearance of the famous singers in Vietnam. Moreover, there are also other street shows such as body-painting which is more diversified every year with the attendance of the international models. Additionally, Ba Na Hills has never stopped their attraction due to the different themes every year.

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Many interesting festivals at Ba Na Hills on Tet – Source:

Have your local buddy go with to Linh Ung pagoda to pray for a lucky year

Being one of the holiest pagodas in Danang city, plus the high population of Buddhist, there are so many local people come to Linh Ung pagoda to pray on the first day of Tet. Therefore, do not miss this holy moment to go with your local buddy to Linh Ung pagoda to pray for a lucky year.

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Road to the gate of Linh Ung pagoda – Source: Danang.

Linh Ung pagoda is one of the triangle Linh Ung pagodas in Danang city. These three pagodas are the holiest ones in the city. Linh Ung pagoda on Son Tra peninsular has been built from 2004 until 2010. It has the tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam. There are 17 floors inside this tallest statue. Each floor has the altar like the other pagodas in Vietnam. Furthermore, there are 21 Buddha statues on each floor. They have different faces and postures.

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Lin Ung pagoda from the top of Son Tra peninsula – SourceL Danang Fantastic City.

According to the Vietnamese spiritual life, if you go to the pagoda and pray for the luck, happiness and success for the year, it will work. Going to the pagoda on Tet has been the tradition for hundreds of years. Therefore, if you are having a Tet in Vietnam, let’s go to the pagoda with your local buddy so that you can learn about etiquettes in Vietnamese pagoda. Moreover, you can also bring luck back to your home.

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Enjoy the exciting parties with your local friend in Cocobay

If you are a person of the party and exciting life, you can go to Cocobay with your local friend to rock the night. Every year, Cocobay holds so many exciting music festivals and interesting entertainment corners. It attracts not only the local people but also tourists from other provinces and countries. Especially, at the New Year Eve following the lunar calendar, there are always famous DJ and hottest singers in Vietnam take part in until midnight.

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Exciting music festival at Cocobay on Tet – Source: Cocobay.

During Tet, if you have your kids go with, there are still kids space with lovely decorations and it is safe. Furthermore, the restaurants here open during Tet. Thus, this would be a great choice for you to enjoy a modern Tet atmosphere in Danang city. Do not forget to come here with your local buddy so that you can easier to adapt to the local entertainment.

your local buddy

Coco Musica Resort at Cocoba in – Source: Cocobay.


Totally, Tet in Vietnam is not the time for foreigners to be sad and lonely. We are always kinder and more sociable in Tet with a bunch of meaningful and exciting activities. You are all welcomed to enjoy our traditional Tet holiday. Therefore, do not forget that you have your local buddy who always welcomes you to learn more about Vietnam culture.