Xuan Thieu beach - The red beach in Da Nang bay
xuan thieu beach is known as the red beach in da nang

The red beach Xuan Thieu in Da Nang

Xuan Thieu beach is not as famous as its location. This beach does not belong to the long beach from the Son Tra peninsula to Marble Mountains. In contrast, it is in Da Nang bay which is from Son Tra peninsula to Hai Van pass. Therefore, it is not popular in the list of must-go destinations of tourists when visiting Da Nang city.

Where is Xuan Thieu beach?

If your journey in Da Nang is to go to explore Hai Van pass, do not miss Xuan Thieu beach. It is located on the way from the city center to Hai Van pass. Moreover, this is also a part of Da Nang bay. From here, you could have a direct view of the sunrise scenery. It is 4 km on the south of Nam O beach. Therefore, you also can spend time to explore the amazing mossy paradise here as well.

xuan thieu beach is located in da nang bay

Xuan Thieu is located on the coast of Da Nang bay which is from Son Tra peninsula to Hai Van pass.

Besides, if you do not plan to go exploring Hai Van pass, you still can drive to Nguyen Tat Thanh street. The beach is on the right side.

When to visit the Xuan Thieu beach?

As it is in Da Nang, the weather in the Xuan Thieu beach area is the same as the city weather. Hence, the most ideal time to visit this beach is from January to May. It is when the weather is cool with sunshine and less rain. Moreover, it brings great conditions for you to see the amazing sunset and sunrise on the beach.

xuan thieu beach is not as famous as other beaches in Da Nang

The local fishermen are harvesting – Image: Livingnomads.com.

From June to August, it is a super hot time. The weather sometimes reaches 43 Celcius degree. It is not great when you walk on the sandy beach under a 43 Celsius degree temperature. From September to December, the rainy season comes. Thus, you could not see the amazing sunset and sunrise on the beach. Moreover, there might have strong stormy that can threaten your trip. Hence, make sure to check the weather before visiting Da Nang city.

What to do in Xuan Thieu beach?

Xuan Thieu beach is also famous as the red beach. It is because the beach turns into a red color under the light of sunrise and sunset. It is an amazing scenery that attracts not only tourists but also local people.

the amazing red sunset on xuan thieu beach

The amazing red sunset on the beach that people call it “the red beach” – Image: Jimmy Tran.

Xuan Thieu is a wild and simple place. The local government does not develop it to a tourist attraction. Thus, the beach is a peaceful and quiet place. Normally, there are only local people who live in this area come to the beach and swim every morning and afternoon. Therefore, if you are looking for a peaceful and less crowded beach, Xuan Thieu is a perfect choice.

To other beaches in Da Nang, Xuan Thieu is a bit more dangerous. The coast is shorter and deeper than My Khe beach or Pham Van Dong beach. Therefore, tourists come here should be careful when swimming or walking on the coast.

Xuan Thieu beach has a peaceful and simple beauty

The peaceful beauty on Xuan Thieu beach – Image: @phamhavi249.

Additionally, there are quite many fishermen sell fresh seafood on the beach every morning and afternoon. They all are the freshest seafood in the area since the fishermen have just done fishing. Thus, it is a great chance to satisfy your seafood craving.


If you are searching for a crowded and exciting beach, My Khe or Pham Van Dong might be a great choice. However, if you prefer a more quiet and peaceful place, Xuan Thieu beach is your best option. Laying down on the soft sand coast and watching the peaceful sunset is the best experience ever in your whole Da Nang trip.