Apartment in Saigon - Which district to choose for the most convenient?
finding apartment in saigon

Which district to choose for your apartment location in Saigon?

Finding a suitable apartment in Saigon likes challenging and overwhelming at the start due to the size of the city. There are too many options for you when choosing an apartment to live in Saigon. However, if you look deeper, it is actually not that hard. The more options, the more chances for you to find a good apartment.

This article will guide you to find a good apartment in Saigon

Meanwhile, the whole world is moving so fast, people prefer to live slowlier and slowlier. Invest in a comfortable private space is something which can make people happier. Therefore, finding a good apartment in Saigon is really important. Because it will be a place you can find peace moments inside a crowded city. Getting relax after a long day working and treating yourself good meals.

which district in saigon should you live

A comfortable living atmosphere brings you a wonderful life in Saigon – Image: Andrei Milanchuk.

This article shows you where you should hunt for a good apartment in Saigon. So do not worry about the nightmare named “finding an apartment in Saigon”.

Which district should you choose for an apartment in Saigon?

Saigon is divided into 24 districts, including urban and suburban. To figure out which district is good to have an apartment in Saigon is not easy. However, by detailed listings of each district, you might find out which one is better for you to live and work. As the observations by years, most foreigners choose these following districts to live: district 1, 2, 3 and 7. Therefore. Here we will provide you with information from those districts.

District 1 – Walk to anywhere you wish

Known as the most crowded district in Saigon, District 1 is the center of the city with a large number of the apartment in Saigon. As a result, this district gathers the most backpacker and hotel of the city. However, do not make a decision that fast. Because this place which will set you apart from the tourist hubbub even just a few 100 meters. Furthermore, district 1 is also where there are a large number of digital nomads living. As a result, the supplier for apartments here is plentiful.

where to stay in saigon

A good location helps you to be easier to discover the city – Image: Huyen Nguy.

People choose district 1 to find an apartment in Saigon due to its convenient and culture experience. You can have unforgettable moments when going to the local market. The pure beauty of the local culture of the early morning market will remarkably strick you. Furthermore, there are so many gym venues. Choosing an apartment in this area will help you save time moving from your home to the gym.

Additionally, choosing an apartment in Saigon in district 1 also a good point for relaxing. Because it has many coffee shops. Spending weekend with a cup of coffee to see how Vietnamese people enjoy their free time. Chatting, talking or just simply reading a book in a coffee shop will make your life more interesting. Not that all, trying the street coffee which local people call “cafe coc” is a really valuable experience during your time in Vietnam.

Choosing district 1 for finding an apartment in Saigon is not that hard. The more the demand volume, the more people provide you. There are so many options in district 1 for an apartment. Deciding to live here, you also can walk to anywhere you wish due to the close distance.

which district should you live

Since Saigon transportation is terrible, a good location brings you tons of conveniences – Image: Tuan Nguyen.

District 2 – The expat area of Saigon

District 2 has been known as the expat area of Saigon. A lot of villas and apartment in Saigon gather in this district. Furthermore, there are also many international schools here. Therefore, district 2 is a hub of foreigners and a wonderful place of culture. As a result, there are many apartments for rent here. You will have more options to choose the most suitable one for you in this district.

However, district 2 has a restriction that most of the digital nomads, as well as other foreigners, do not choose to live. The reason is that it is not convenient for transportation from district 2 to other places. It includes convenience stores or famous destinations. Therefore, choosing an apartment in Saigon in district 2 is not the best choice if you need convenience. However, if you are looking for a mix-culture experience, district 2 is not a bad choice.

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A good location in Saigon helps you to live safer – Image: Kimson Doan.

District 3 – A quiet place of Saigon

Located in the north-west of district 1, district 3 is a quiet area. Choosing an apartment in Saigon which is in district 3 gives you an interesting experience. It is close enough to the city center. Moreover, there is plenty of apartment to choose from here with a wide range of standards.

In addition, both domestic and foreigners choose an apartment in Saigon in this district due to its peace. District 3 is less chaotic than district 1 or district 3. This area is a young, trendy and hip area of town. Many of the young usually come here to enjoy the weekend and holiday because there is a lot of great coffee shops here.

choose the right location brings tons of benefit

A good location in Saigon helps you to enjoy life like a local – Image: REVOLT.

However, there are not many options for the apartment in Saigon in district 3 compare to district 1 and 2. It is a certain frequency since this area is not a crowded place.

District 7 – An ideal place for entertainment hobbies

District 7 is a new developing in the city. As a result, apartment in Saigon belongs to this area is quite new. There are many planned parts of the city. Therefore, it is not quiet at all. However, it has many new buildings with high quality and good services. Choosing this place to live is not a bad idea.

the best location in saigon to live

Great location with a nice view brings a wonderful life – Image: Robert Metz.

There are many affordable apartments in district 7. And so many apartments in Saigon is opening soon in this area. You also can enjoy the life of local by doing the daily activities of people who are living here. They are drinking “cafe coc” every morning on the street, going to nice coffee shops in the weekend to relax, and “burning yourself” in the bars with your friends.

District 7 is a good choice though even it has not completed the developing period yet.

Choosing an apartment in Saigon is difficult if you do not know where is better and more suitable for you. Through this article, I hope you find it is much easier to have a good apartment in this city.