Visit Vietnam in August - Where should go to enjoy the tropical scenery?
Beautiful places to visit in August

Where to visit Vietnam in August to explore a tropical summer

Vietnam is a tropical country which has a long beach cross the territory. Therefore, there are different seasons that you should consider before deciding to visit this country. Even you can come to Vietnam any time in a year, it is better to know exactly which areas you should go at different times. To visit Vietnam in August, you should check the weather forecast since it is the rainy season. Moreover, it is also the time that stormy season starts. Hereunder, there are some great places to go visiting Vietnam in August that you should not miss.

Visit Vietnam in August with the amazing northern terrace fields

August is the time rice blooms. Moreover, it is also the most beautiful time to see the terrace field. Northwestern Vietnam is a perfect place to see the rice terrace fields. When you visit Vietnam in August, do not miss out this chance. Mu Cang Chai and Sapa are the most beautiful places to see the amazing rice terrace fields.

Sapa – Vietnam rooftop

Sapa is an ideal place to visit in Vietnam winter. However, to visit Vietnam in August, this is also a perfect place with amazing rice terrace fields. August is the time that rice blooms in Sapa. Thus, the rice terrace fields turn from green to yellow. The most impression that rice terrace fields in Sapa are attractive is the consecutive fields. They together make you feel like this scene could last to the horizon.

sapa in august

The northwest in Vietnam has a peaceful but imposing scenery beauty of the rice terrace fields – Image: @Bichtuyen0913.

Besides, due to the clear sky, it is also a great time to conquer Fansipan mountain which is known as Vietnam rooftop. From here, you can have an amazing view of the consecutive mountains and terrace fields.

Furthermore, Sapa is the land of five different ethnic minorities living together. Each community has its own unique culture that could surprise you. Additionally, traditional food in Sapa is so impressive and tasty. You should not miss out some specialties such as smoked buffalo meat, Thang Co, hot pot, and so on.

Mu Cang Chai – The paradise of rice terrace field in northwestern Vietnam

When the rice blooms, tourists along Vietnam come to Mu Cang Chai to see the most beautiful rice terrace field in Vietnam. Moreover, rice blooms in August. Therefore, when you visit Vietnam in August, Mu Cang Chai is a must-come place.

Mu Cang Chai is a mountain district in Yen Bai province which is in the northwest of Vietnam. Due to the geography conditions, there are so many rice terrace fields in this area. They are consecutive one by one so that the scene seems to have no end.

mu cang chai is a great place to visit Vietnam in august with amazing terrace field

Mu Cang Chai has the most beautiful rice terrace field in Vietnam – Image: @Flycam_4k.

When you come to Mu Cang Chai, there are two must-see places which are Lim Mong village and Khau Pha hill. From Khau Pha hill, you could have an overview of the rice terrace fields. In August, it has the color which combines green and yellow. It makes an amazing picture of the rice terrace in Vietnam. Moreover, Lim Mong village is also a great place to go since you could have the chance to learn more about the ethnic minority unique culture. This is an interesting place that tourists over the country transfer the news of its attractiveness and mystery.

Visit Vietnam in August with the slender beauty of the central region

August is the time that season changing from summer to autumn. It is sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny. In the central area, the most interesting places to go to visit Vietnam in August are Da Nang and Hoi An.

Enjoy the most worth-living city in Vietnam

Danang is known as the most worth-living city in Vietnam due to not only natural sightseeing but also friendly people and excellent services. Moreover, this is also a not bad destination to visit Vietnam in August. When you come to Danang, there are many options to choose where to visit. If you are a natural scene lover, Son Tra peninsula is a great choice. There are amazing roads which are covered by a long beach. Moreover, when you reach the peak of the peninsula or Ban Co peak, you could see a great overview of Danang city and East Sea.

golden bridge is a new hot destination in danang when you visit vietnam in august

The Golden Bridge is the hottest destination in Danang this year – Image: @Smashpop.

If you are a food lover, cheap and fresh seafood restaurants will satisfy your craving. There are tons of different choices for seafood. You could come to luxury restaurants which have nice sea or mountain or river view. Besides, you also can come to find popular seafood restaurants which provide cheap but fresh materials.

Additionally, a long soft beach will make you feel like lost in paradise. Furthermore, Danang owns My Khe beach which is one of six most attractive beaches on the planet. Therefore, this is a great place to end up of summer with exciting and relaxing.

Lost in the thousand years old town – Hoi An

Since Hoi An is very close to Da Nang. Therefore, the weather here is convenient to have a trip to visit Vietnam in August. Hoi An ancient town is a must-go town in the central region in Vietnam. The most attractive beauty of this ancient town is the old architecture, the historical stories, and local food. Due to being a prosperous trading port in the past, Hoi An had the chance to come into contact with many cultures in the world such as French, Chinese, Japanese culture. Therefore, architecture and food were impacted in some ways.

hoi an ancient town is one of the must-go place to visit Vietnam in august

The peaceful and ancient beauty of Hoi An old town – Image: Bui Viet Anh.

The most famous image of Hoi An around the world might be the yellow mossy wall with the peaceful river along with the town. Besides, you could also spend time to explore the interesting local lifestyle of people here by visiting traditional villages such as Thanh Ha pottery village, Tra Que culinary village, Cam Kim mat village, Kim Bong wooden sculpture village, and so on. Moreover, you do not forget to take a walk in the ancient town and try the most famous street foods here.

Visit Vietnam in August to experience the autumn cold in highland

Da Lat is the most romantic city in Vietnam which most of the couples wish to come when they are in a relationship. August is one of the best time to visit Da Lat since it is cold enough to wear thin coats and take bath under the cold sunshine. That is the reason why Da Lat is one of the must-go places when you visit Vietnam in August.

da lat is the most romantic city in vietnam

Da Lat is always cool during the year – Image: @Hahinmakeup86.

Besides, this is also the time of wildflower season in Da Lat. You can be easy to see Dandelion and mop grass fields along the roads you go in Da Lat.

Additionally, when other areas in the country are in the last hottest days of the summer or in the heavy rainy days of the autumn beginning, Da Lat is cool with a clear blue sky and light wind. You will have the chance to get lost in an extremely romantic place.


August is the time that summer is going to an end in Vietnam and autumn is preparing to come. Therefore, the weather is unpredicted. It is better if you could check the weather forecast before having a trip to visit Vietnam in August. Besides the places above, if you have more time, Kontum province in highland area, Sai Gon, Vung Tau, Ninh Binh, Ha Long, and Phu Quoc are also great places to visit. Let’s ready to plan for an amazing trip to Vietnam in this August.