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Winter in Vietnam

Where to go to Vietnam in December – The tropical winter

Vietnam has a significant difference in weather from north to south. Therefore, you can go to Vietnam at any time of the year. This article will show you some outstanding places to go to Vietnam in December.

Choosing Sapa to go to Vietnam in December as a local

To local people, the most ideal tourism destination to go to Vietnam in December is Sapa. The reason is Sapa usually has snow at this time. In a tropical country like Vietnam, snow is a rare natural phenomenon. Therefore, local people along Vietnam usually choose Sapa as one of the most favourite places to go in December.

Go to Vietnam in December

Sapa in the spring with peach blossom – Source: Vietnamgrouptour.com

There are not only local tourists but also the others from Asian countries also like going to Sapa if they go to Vietnam in December. Because these countries are all in the tropical area. As the demand for a big number of tourists every year, there are so many beautiful homestays. That is also one of the attractions of Sapa. Staying in a simple and wild homestay in the imposing scene of nature always makes people excited. When coming to Sapa in December, you will wake up every morning with the rare cold of Vietnam. From the morning until nearly noon, the fog is thick. At noon, when the sky is clear, you will see a majestic natural beauty. Sapa is with the mountains follow mountains, terrace rice fields follow terrace rice fields. That is the featured beauty of the western of Vietnam.

Go to Vietnam in December

O Quy Ho peak in Sapa Vietnam

In addition, you can also spend the time to explore O Quy Ho mountain pass which is the longest mountain pass in Vietnam. Besides, the beauty of the bordered area between Vietnam and China will not disappoint you. Furthermore, Sapa is also famous with the roof-top of Vietnam, Fan Si Pan mountain. It is a part of the eastern Himalaya. There are two ways to go there, one is trekking and another is going by cable. Besides of the natural beauty, Sapa has a diversified culture due to the varies of the ethnic minorities. Therefore, you should not miss Sapa when coming to Vietnam in December.

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Go to Vietnam in December to explore the “paradise in real” Mau Son

Mau Son is another attraction to go to Vietnam in December due to the rare natural phenomenon. From December to January, there is snow sometimes when the weather reaches minus degree. People call Mau Son the “paradise in real” because of its wild and mysterious beauty. It has become famous these years since there was snow in the winter. Therefore, away from Sapa, this is a destination which is in the winter wishlist of many local people.

Go to Vietnam in December

Mau Son peak – Source: @khuongden

Mau Son belongs to Lang Son province, it is in the bordered area with China. Therefore, the culture here is different from other places you have been in Vietnam before. Furthermore, the diversification of the flora and fauna in Mau Son increases the attraction of this place. The beauty of flora and fauna in the winter is totally different from the other time of the year in a tropical country. Therefore, you must make sure that you do not miss this ideal time and go to Mau Son to explore it.

Go to Vietnam in December

The ancient beauty of Mau Son – Source: @mahuong89

When choosing Mau Son to go to Vietnam in December, you should not miss the Old Holy Temple on Mau Son mountain. It hides so many mysterious and holy stories about the one who has found the temple. Until now, there are only marks of the old temple left. However, it still brings a holy feeling to those who come here. They say the temple worships the Mau Son mountain lord. You come here by trekking for a quite long distance. However, the holy beauty of this place will not disappoint you. Additional, you must try Mau Son wine once. It is brewed by ethnic people.

Go to Vietnam in December to fall in love with the white flowers paradise in Moc Chau

It will not regret to choose Moc Chau as a good destination to go to Vietnam in December. The reason is that this is a paradise of white mustard flowers. Moc Chau is a rural district of Son La province which is in the northwest region of Vietnam. You can come here by bus from Ha Noi or drive a motorbike through the majestic roads with hills and mountains.

Go to Vietnam in December

The white mustard flower field in Moc Chau – Source: @pmt.13

It is not difficult for you to find a field of white mustard flowers. It is in the Pa Phach and Coc village. There is also another large field in the Ban Ang pine forest. Besides, when coming to Ban Ang to see the white mustard flowers field, you must be felt in love with the wild beauty of the pine forest. In the morning, the thick fog will cover all the forest and it creates a beauty of the tropical forest. Until noon, the green will fill your eye view. They are the most famous destination to see the white mustard flowers field which seems last until the skyline. Furthermore, you can also see the fields on the road in Moc Chau when passing the hills.

Go to Vietnam in December

The heart-shaped green tea field in Moc Chau

Besides, there are others natural wild beauty of Moc Chau that will not disappoint you. From Moc Chau town, you can drive in 10 kilometres to the hear-shaped green tea hill. This is an ideal place for people to save memories with amazing pictures. Additionally, when choosing Moc Chau as a destination to go to Vietnam in December, you should go to Pha Luong peak. This is a very famous destination not only for local people but around the world due to the imposing beauty of the peak. It is the rooftop of Moc Chau. From here, you should not miss taking photos since they look like you are floating in the sky and letting your mind blown away with the clouds.

Go to Vietnam in December to experience the traditional flood season in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is a must-not-miss destination when you go to Vietnam in December. From October to December, it is the time of “flood season”. The daily activities and lifestyle of local people change due to this special weather too. Therefore, going to Mekong Delta in this time will be one of the most valuable experiences you have ever had. To other places, the flood is an uncomfortable and bad thing to the daily life. However, in the Mekong Delta, it is totally different. Local people welcome the “flood season” with much happiness. The reason is that “flood season” happens every year and they get familiar with it. Besides, the flood water flows bring the richness in aquatic animals. Moreover, it also brings rich nutrition to the soil. Therefore, flood to local people is not the bad thing. In contrast, they treasure this time.

Go to Vietnam in December

Early morning in the floating marketing – Source: @mr.boo.hue

When you go to Vietnam in December, do not forget to go to the “floating market” in the Mekong Delta. Local people trade traditional fruits and aquatic animals on the boats. Experiencing the feeling of going to the market on the river will give you the most remarkable memories ever. There are some floating markets that you can choose to go such as Cai Rang market (Can Tho province), Cai Be market (Tien Giang province) or Nga Bay market (Hau Giang). Additionally, you can visit the “floating village” Tan Lap in Long An province in December. When the flood comes, local people here with the “floating house” still keep their life stable with the weather. You will not have to see the poor village in the flood. In contrast, it creates a unique beauty of Mekong Delta that there is no place on the world has.

In the end of the year, there are so many places in the world prepare for a new Christmas season. However, if you choose to go to Vietnam in December, you will see a totally different beauty from the rest of the world. No crowd, no christmas tree. The mentioned destinations above have their own unique beauty away from the familiar christmas decoration out there. It is peaceful as it does not belong to the reality.