Where to find the best Da Nang spa for a refreshing treatment?

Where to find the best Da Nang spa for a refreshing treatment?

Vietnam is not only famous for the alluring beaches and cuisine, but also for the spa and nail service. With a cheaper price in comparison with other countries, you still enjoy the best massage ever. In case you’re on a trip to Da Nang, here is top 6 Da Nang spa you definitely can’t skip!

Da Nang spa the best spa - alan caishan

Which best Da Nang spa you can enjoy? – Photo: @alancaishan.

Herbal spa – the reputable Da Nang spa

  • Address: 102 Duong Dinh Nghe Street, Son Tra District, Danang
  • Website: https://herbalspa.vn/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/herbalspadanang/
Da Nang spa Herbal space

The clean and modern interior of Herbal spa – Photo: Fanpage.

Herbal spa is the best Da Nang spa to enjoy massage using special herbs of Thai ethnic people. It has gained lots of love from customers and travelers. That’s why Herbal Spa is on the No 1 of the top spas in Da Nang. Before a massage, you will experience a steaming bath and hot foot bath. They help the body stimulate blood circulation and excrete toxins in the body.

Da Nang spa Herbal service

The excellent massage skill makes Herbal become the best Da Nang spa – Photo: Fanpage.

There is a wide range of services you can choose like intensive facial care, back therapeutic massage, shiatsu massage, candle massage, exfoliation care, skin nourishment, etc. Besides diversified services, the staff is so friendly with professional techniques. In addition, the spa also serves snacks and tea as well. Come and have a great relaxing time at Herbal Spa!

Cong Spa & Nail – unique space for good services

  • Address: 80 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau District, Danang
  • Booking website: https://www.fresha.com/cong-spa-da-nang-l9f0az26/booking?menu=true
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/congspadanang/
Da Nang spa Cong outside

The retro style of Cong spa – Photo: Fanpage.

This best Da Nang spa catches your eyes right from the exterior. It has a retro style with the old yellow, a led light name board, and lots of hanging red lanterns. Once you step inside, it’s a very lovely space with bright colors like blue, green, and warm yellow lights. Therefore, it gives a cozy and welcoming feeling.

Da Nang spa Cong nail space

The nail room is modern and beautiful – Photo: Fanpage.

The menu has some popular treatments like aroma massage, hot stone massage, foot massage, etc. Whilst, the hot stone massage is highly recommended by many customers so make sure you don’t miss it. Aside from professional services, the staff is so skillful and caring. They make you feel so relaxing like at home. They serve a welcome tea at the beginning and also tea and cookie when you’re done. Just from 315,000 VND, you can enjoy a 60-minute treatment.

Lavender spa – the friendly Da Nang spa

  • Address: 180 Trung Nu Vuong Street, Hai Chau District, Danang
  • Website: http://lavenderspadanang.com/
Da Nang spa Lavender reception

Lavender spa is small but cozy – Photo: Fanpage.

Despite the small area, Lavender spa offers great services with the caring staff and high-quality products. When coming here, you will experience a combination of multiple styles of massage. The masseuses help to unwind tired muscles and soul. Moreover, the owner is so thorough when providing the showers service. Before using massage, you’ll take a shower to rinse off the sweaty body.

Da Nang spa Lavender facilities

The spa uses high-quality facilities to bring the best experience to customers – Photo: Fanpage.

On the other hand, the place is cozy and aromatic with light music overhead. Hence, once you step in, you’ll feel relaxing right away. Additionally, the well-trained staff gives you the best treatments with attentive caring. In comparison with other spas, the price is quite cheap.

Queen spa – enjoy the services like a queen

  • Address: 144 Pham Cu Luong, Son Tra District, Danang
  • Website: http://queenspa.vn/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QueenSpaDaNang
Da Nang spa Queen customers

Two famous Korean actresses have come and enjoyed the great services at Queen spa – Photo: Fanpage.

Like its name, when you come to this spa, they treat you like a Queen. Highly recommended by locals and travelers, the place is always fully booked. Therefore, you should make a reservation in advance to enjoy the services to the best.

Da Nang spa Queen space

The royal design of the Queen spa – Photo: Fanpage.

At the starting and ending, they provide good snacks and drinks for customers. Hence, once you step inside, you will feel welcomed and cozy. On the other hand, the spa has a refreshing design with green color as the mainstream tone. It brings customers comfort and relaxes. They have multiple services like body massage, foot massage, facial massage, etc with various methods. On top of that, Queen spa is proud of being one of the very first spas using the candle and bamboo massage in Da Nang. Particularly, the thing makes this spot become the best Da Nang spa is the staff. They’re so professional, diligent, friendly and dedicated to bringing the unforgettable experience for any visitors. For a clear price and service list, don’t forget to visit their website.

Da Nang spa Queen herbal bags massage

The spa has various services that make customers satisfied – Photo: Fanpage.

L spa – the professional Da Nang spa

  • Address: 05 An Thuong 4 Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang
  • Website: http://mylinhlspadanang.com/
Da Nang spa L exterior

The lovely exterior of L spa – Photo: Tripadvisor.

L spa is a reliable Da Nang spa offers superior massage service. You will really feel taken care of the moment you walk into the spa. It has a cozy ambiance with high-quality facilities. Besides, the skillful staff provides professional treatments with the most caring and thoughtful attitude. They will ask you about the injured areas beforehand and massage in a suitable way. Moreover, the price including tip so you don’t need to pay more. To know the clear price and services, drop by its website.

Da Nang spa L interior

The cozy and relaxing space inside – Photo: Tripadvisor.

After the massage, it’s a lovely way to end a wonderful session with a cup of tea and some cookies. Especially, the spa is famous for its signature massage and waxing service. So let’s give L spa a shot to enjoy amazing service and have a great time relaxing!

Maison spa – offer a luxury experience

  • Address: 216 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra District, Danang
  • Website: http://bellemaisonparosand.com/maison-spa
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maisonspadanang/
Da Nang spa Maison luxury design

The elegant design of Maison spa – Photo: Fanpage.

Being a luxurious Da Nang spa sits in Belle Maison Parosand Hotel, Maison spa provides the high-standard services with modern equipment. Located on the 19th floor of the hotel, once you step out the elevator, the friendly receptionist welcomes you right away. Then, the elegant space and relaxing aroma make you feel pleasant.

Da Nang spa Maison modern

The luxurious space and professional services make Maison spa famous – Photo: Fanpage.

The place offers a full range of Asian spa treatment such as the aromatherapy, the deep tissue, Thai massage, hot stone massage, etc. Hence, you will have various selections to experience the best. After treatment, they also serve healthy drinks and snacks as well. With excellent service and friendly staff, pay a visit to Maison spa to enjoy refreshing moments.