Weather Da Nang - When is the best time to visit Da Nang?
when is the best weather Da Nang to travel

When is the best weather in Da Nang?

Being one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Vietnam, visiting Da Nang in the rainy season is not a great idea at all. Travelers must know when the weather in Da Nang has the best conditions for a coastal city trip. So that you could be able to enjoy the most interesting activities as well as dip yourself in the cool water of the tropical beaches.

The weather in Da Nang by months

Vietnam is a tropical country. Therefore, the weather in all regions in Vietnam is impacted by the tropical climate. If you are planning to go to Da Nang city, remember that the weather in Da Nang is a tropical monsoon climate. It divides into two main seasons which are dry and wet ones. The dry season is from January to August. This is also the most crowded time of tourism. Normally, the highest temperature is from June to August.

when weather Da Nang is not good, you still can spend time on simple hobbies in the coffee shop

The rainy season starts from September to December – Image: @jammin_danang.rooftop.

From September to December, it is the wet season. There are usually heavy rains during this time. Moreover, it is also the stormy season in Vietnam. But the thing is that most of the storms in Vietnam come across the central region. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Da Nang in this time, make sure to check for the weather before you go.

When is the best weather in Da Nang?

If we choose the conditions to see whether it is the best weather in Da Nang or not as the dry and wet climate, the answer is from January to August. During this time, there is less rain or even nil. Moreover, no storm is active in these months. Additionally, if you are interested in exciting outdoor activities, it is a perfect time. There are many interesting activities such as water sports or local music lives. Or the local government also does beach festivals that attract thousands of people to come and join.

there are so many interesting beach activities when weather Da Nang is good from Feb to May

There are so many interesting beach activities in Da Nang when summer somes – Image: @htmn__1103.

However, to be specific, from February to May, it is the most perfect time to visit Da Nang city. Since most of interesting activities and festival are in these months. In contrast, due to the rainy season, from October to January, it is the offseason of Da Nang tourism. The number of tourists in these months reaches the lowest number in a year. The reason is the weather in Da Nang this time is not great. It is not only because of the rain but also because of the storms. However, if you do not like exciting activities, this time is also a good choice. Spending hours in a local coffee shop and listening to local soft music with a cup of hot local coffee is the best relaxing vibe ever.


The best weather in Da Nang to travel is from February to May. It is when the weather is not too hot but still has enough sunshine for you to enjoy the beach.