What do Vietnamese eat to survive during the summer?
what do vietnamese eat

What do Vietnamese eat to survive during the summer?

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate. Although the winter is not too cold, the average summer temperature can reach 45 degrees Celsius. Hence, the Vietnamese have “invent” many ways to deal with the scorching weather. They cover their body from top to toe with UV cut clothes, mask, sunglasses, and hat, or gather around the shopping mall for free A/C. One more way to cool down in the summer is by antipyretic foods. If you’re dying in this hot weather, let’s scroll down to know what do Vietnamese eat in summer.

Tofu – what do most Vietnamese eat in the summer

Being made from organic ingredient (soybean) and having a naturally sweet taste, tofu ranks first in the list of what do Vietnamese eat in summer. It contains a large amount of protein, calcium, and vitamin E. Plus, it has no cholesterol and low carbohydrate which can bring certain benefits for your health. Tofu can help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes and slow the aging process.

what do vietnamese eat

Tofu is what do most Vietnamese eat in scorching days.

Besides providing great benefits for health, tofu is very easy to prepare. It costs less than $1 and you can easily buy at markets or convenience stores.  If you’re sick of greasy food or don’t want to spend much time melting in the kitchen, this a great solution for you. You can eat raw, blanch, fry, boil or cook soup with tofu. If you know how to cook tofu with other traditional oriental medicine, those dishes can become a cure. Otherwise, soymilk, another product of soybean, is a common drink in the summer.

Bitter melon – bitter taste for a humid day

BItter melon is a kind of vegetable that lots of housewives use to make antipyretic soup. If you ask what soup do Vietnamese eat the most in summer, it’s definitely bitter melon soup. Though the bitter taste may scare you at first, it also has lots of good effects for your health. It’s usually cooked with shrimp, beef, and egg to make soup, or even pressed for juice as a kind of fruit. Moreover, Vietnamese moms often boil bitter melon to make bath water for children to prevent the rash in hot weather.

what do vietnamese eat

Despite the bitter taste, people usually have this dish in their daily meal.

Crab soup – what do Vietnamese eat to save cooldown at midday

Crab soup is what do Vietnamese eat the most in the countryside during summer. Crab used to make this dish is caught from the rice field. It’s a high-level protein and calcium supplement. People wash crabs several times then crush them and cook together with some of the vegetables available right in their garden. The “cold characteristic” of crab plus a large number of vegetables will make the summer flow smoothly.

what do vietnamese eat

Crab soup is what do Vietnamese eat in the countryside to beat the summer – Image: phapluatdansinh.com.

What fruits do Vietnamese eat in summer day?

Thanks to the favorable climate, Vietnam can grow many types of tropical fruits. So in boiling water, fruits are what do Vietnamese eat a lot.

what do vietnamese eat

Summer in Vietnam is the fruit season so there is a wide range of fruits you can choose to survive in hot weather.

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits like orange, pomelo, lemon, tangerine, and so on are very popular in summer. This kind of fruit contains a large amount of vitamin C so it helps enhance immunity. The research shows that an orange every day can prevent cancer.


Many people assume that pineapple is hot but actually, it’s cool. Pineapple consists of a significant amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as calcium, fiber, and potassium. Especially, pineapple has a low fat and cholesterol level, which is really healthy. That’s why pineapple is what do Vietnamese eat every summer day.


Not only in Vietnam but also all over the world, watermelon is considered as a symbol of summer. Watermelon is one of the best ways to purify the body. What’s more, it also improves women’s skin. This kind of fruit contains many vitamins that prevent your body from dehydration and make your skin smoother. So if your skin becomes darker due to UV rays, watermelon is an ideal treatment.


Melon is a sweet and refreshing fruit. Thus, this is a great choice in summer for those who don’t know what do Vietnamese eat in summer. In addition to that, it contains potassium to help stabilize blood pressure. You can have melon with yogurt, cereal for breakfast, or as a snack for elevenses.

What do Vietnamese eat for the appetizer during the heat wave?

The Western have ice cream after the main course to cool them down in summer, then what do the Vietnamese eat for dessert to deal with the heat?

Sweet soup

There are two ways to eat sweet soup: hot and cold. In the cold days, a bowl of hot sweet soup is a great thing to warm you up. On the contrary, an iced mug of sweet soup can save you from a boiling day!

what do vietnamese eat

Sweet soup with ice, fruits, and nuts are what do Vietnamese eat the most for dessert.

Coconut juice

It would be a mistake if you forget this juice after the meal. Coconut is a special tropical fruit. It’s not a seasonal fruit but people often drink it in summer because it’s sweet, cool and nutritious. When you feel exhausted in hot weather, a glass of coconut juice can boost your energy and strengthen your strength. Besides, the copra is added as a topping. This part of a coconut is crunchy, sweet and tasty. It’s also the main ingredient of coconut smoothies and coconut ice-cream.

what do vietnamese eat

Coconut can be used to make juice, ice cream, cake, sweet soup, as well as other desserts that popular in summer time.


After thousands of years fighting the harsh summer, the Vietnamese have found many kinds of food helping them survive. By being aware of what do Vietnamese eat during the hot summer, hope you can find a great way to cool down in this Southeast Asia country.