Complete the meal with some weird food in Vietnam for munchies
food in vietnam

Complete the meal with some weird food in Vietnam for munchies

In the last article, we’ve introduced you the starter and main course of the creepy food in Vietnam. However, a meal can’t be completed without the dessert and some snack. If you used to ask your mom for more snack and dessert, the list below will make you feel glad that your mom didn’t give you more. 

food in vietnam

Are you ready to keep on the journey of food in Vietnam? – Image:

The savory snack food in Vietnam

In Vietnam, you don’t need to wait until the right time to fill your stomach up with the main course. Whenever you’re hungry, just go out and get some food in Vietnam as a snack.

Sandworm pancake (Cha ruoi) – the famous seasonal food in Vietnam

Hai Duong, on the map of food in Vietnam, is famous for the mungbean cake and the lychee. However, there’s another specialty of this province that you should give a try. It’s a sandworm pancake. Vietnamese people fall for this dish probably for two main reasons. The first one is it only can be found in a certain place in Vietnam. Secondly, it’s so rare that can only be found in the September and November in the lunar calendar.

food in vietnam

Sandworm – the main ingredient of this famous food in Vietnam – Image:

The sandworm may be mistaken for the earthworm, so some foreigners feel freaking out when eating a dish made of crawling “worms”. Actually, they are closer to a type of marine than earthworms. Additionally, sandworms only live in clean water and play an important role in expressing the clean-level of the water source.

food in vietnam

The Vietnamese will mix Ruoi with many ingredients to make the sandworm pancake – Image: @ngoc.le.lybra.

Moreover, food in Vietnam is famous for monstrous dishes. It might look scary at first, but when it’s available on the table, you can’t help but dig into it. Sandworm can be transferred into many different dishes, but the most common way to enjoy it is frying. They will mix the sandworms with minced pork, eggs, some spices, and minced tangerine then hit it up with oil. Are you sick of normal pancakes with bacon? Now you can make a pancake with worms!

food in vietnam

The best way to eat sandworm is by frying up! – Image: @pham_linh9.

Quail balut (Trung cut lon) – a “friendlier” version of the famous creepy food in Vietnam

If you google “weird food in Vietnam”, balut must be the very first results showing to you. The big duck balut is the most popular in Vietnam due to its rich nutrition. The Vietnamese often have balut as an elevenses or midnight snack. However, if you’re curious about how it tastes but the big duck egg frightens you, you are able to try the mini version called quail balut.

food in vietnam

Many foreigners are scared of the Vietnamese balut.

Similar to the duck balut, quail balut is made from the fertilized egg containing a fetus inside the shell. It is hatched for nearly three weeks before being steamed. Though the small animal inside the egg begins to form, you barely can see what’s inside because the quail egg is much smaller compared to the duck one. Moreover, as soon as you put the first egg into your mouth, it will blow your mind with the fat of eggs, the fragrant of laksa leaves and the warmth of ginger.

food in vietnam

So the small version of balut may easier for your first try – Image:

People sell balut in the vendors or on the sidewalk. There’s no luxury restaurant selling this food in Vietnam. Nonetheless, having too many baluts may lead to the result of high blood cholesterol, which causes heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes.

food in vietnam

They also add lots of species such as tamarind, taro, etc to make it a “friendlier” food in Vietnam – Image:

Rotten egg (Vit dua)

Next, Vit dua is another creepy food in Vietnam made of duck egg. Different from the balut, this kind of egg will never hatch. The name “rotten egg” may make you scared, but it’s quite different from the truly rotten eggs in your fridge. It’s just an early stage before the egg becoming rotten when the shell is slightly darker. Left for a long while after being laid, the yolk has broken its protection so that the white can merge with it to become a light yellow mixture. It also has a less stinky smell and tastes fattier.

food in vietnam

Vit dua is another food in Vietnam made of egg that would scare you!

The easiest way to eat this food in Vietnam is boiling, along with the lime pepper salt sauce. Since it’s not the normal egg anymore, it has a stinky smell depending on how long it has been rotten. However, some people are addicted to the smell and the taste of this special dish. They say that Vit dua tastes like the egg white whipping with butter and cream.

Pickled chicken feet with lemongrass and calamondin (Chan ga sa tac)

It’s a fun fact that there is nothing of a chicken that the Vietnamese. They can make use of all the parts even the feather! Hence, if you think the drumstick is the lowest part of the chicken can be cooked, this food in Vietnam will change your mind.

food in vietnam

The neighbors like Korean and Chinese eat chicken feet with many species that you barely taste the original taste – Image:

Because this is the part that touches the soil, they must wash them several times to make it clean. The Korean or Chinese cook chicken feet with lots of spices, while the Vietnamese prefer boiling then marinating or pickling. We have never treated chicken feet as a traditional, or a must-try food as the Chinese do. They named their chicken feet dim sum “phoenix claw” and serve it for an appetizer. Chicken feet in Vietnam are more a beer munchies or things to entertain your mouth while waiting for the main meals. Besides, there are a vast number of youngsters becoming die-hard fans of this food in Vietnam.

food in vietnam

On the other hand, the Vietnamese prefer the pickled chicken feet that they can gnaw with bare hands.

In the scientific field, the marinated pickled chicken feet is really food for your health and your beauty. The Eastern medicine, added when people boil the chicken feet, is good medicine for human joints. What’s more, ingestible collagen of the feet is good for your skin. But the most important thing contribute to their massive popularity is the joy of gnawing!

Tapioca with roasted pork in sweet soup (Che bot loc heo quay)

If you feel pleased because it’s the end, you’d better pick yourself up for the dessert called Che bot loc heo quay. Yes, it is. The last but not least weird thing about the food in Vietnam is that they use both sweet and savory food for dessert. Che is the Vietnamese famous sweet soup with thousand kinds, whereas heo quay is nothing but a savory side dish. Che bot loc heo quay is the signature sweet soup in Hue, the old capital of Vietnam.

food in vietnam

Roasted pork – one of the most delicious savory food in Vietnam.

The main ingredients of this food in Vietnam including tapioca, roasted pork, sugar, and some special spices. They will wrap every piece of pork in the tapioca “jacket” and then boil them in the sugar syrup until the tapioca turning clear. In the winter, you can enjoy it right after cooking, but in the summer, it will be served with some ice. In the past, people used to make this specialty on the worships because the roasted pork was always left after. People would pass through some pieces of pork to cook this Che.

food in vietnam

Che bot loc heo quay is a combination of the salty pork and sweet syrup sauce – Image:

Che bot loc heo quay has a totally different taste from other sweet food in Vietnam. The sweetness of sugar, combining with the greasy and salty of the pork in the chewy tapioca makes it an unforgettable dessert.


If you know about the food in Vietnam with Pho, hopefully, this series would offer you another side of the diverse cuisine in this South East Asia country. If you want to experience more about Vietnam life and food, don’t hesitate to visit Lodyhelp website for further information.