Visit Vietnam in March - the start of your summer journey
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Visit Vietnam in March – the start of your summer journey

When deciding the best time to visit Vietnam don’t forget to consider the country’s tropical monsoon climate. Sometimes, at the same time, the far north experiences the snow while beaches in central Vietnam enjoy 32°C and sunshine. However, autumn (September to December) and spring (February to April) are probably the most favorable seasons if you’re covering the whole country. Overall, visit Vietnam in March, in the midst of spring and summer, could be a reward for yourself.

visit vietnam in march sapa cloud

March is one of the best time to visit Vietnam. – Source: Traveloka.

Visit Vietnam in March to enjoy the cool air of Northwest Mountainous

It’s dry season here from October to April so don’t skip the Northwest region when you visit Vietnam in March.


After 4 hours traveling by train, bus or motorbike from Hanoi, you can reach Sapa. You will be able to start your day with an unforgettable sunrise among fluffy clouds and wild forest instead of the daily view of skyscrapers. Due to the vast number of tourists all year round, they open many homestays, hotels, and resorts right on the cliff. This unique location will bring you close to nature as much as possible.

visit vietnam in march mist

Visit Vietnam in March to be woken up in the mist! – Source:

No more cold days, the warm sunshine gently covers this highlands. This is also the time when flowers bloom after months of hibernation. When you visit Vietnam in March, you will see the Northwestern mountain forest wears a flower coat, extremely brilliant plum and peach blossoms. The scenery of the majestic mountains hiding in the clouds along with the scene of blooming flowers will surely make you goosebumps.

visit vietnam in march blooming flower

You can see many kinds of flowers blooming when you visit Vietnam in March.

Plus, Sapa provides you the best trekking and cycling condition because the temperatures are moderate (average temperature is 19°C). It’s also the right time to conquer Fansipan peak – the roof of Indochina is proud.

visit vietnam in march trekking cycling

The cool air in March is suitable for trekking and cycling. – Source:

It’s home to the rich culture of more than 20 ethnic minorities. So visit Vietnam in March, you will have the opportunity to follow lots of lifestyles that you may not be aware of before.

visit vietnam in march trading

Visit Vietnam in March to join the trading sessions of ethnic minorities in Sapa. – Source: chudu24.

Moc Chau Plateau

When the March knocks the door, Moc Chau will spread the mountain-ebony flowered carpet to welcome. In Thai ethnic language, this flower named Ban means sweetness, which represents a love story. When you visit Vietnam in March, you may hear about the legend of this flower. It is associated with a beautiful girl named Ban who loved a poor guy. He and she died when love was still incomplete, they turned into a tree with pure-white flowers and purple marks. For Northwestern people, the mountain-ebony flower represents the loyalty and the pure beauty of the girls. It expresses the passionate youthful dreams. Besides, the mountain-ebony flower season comes, the farmers here will have another abundant season. It is because according to them, the year that flowers blooming would be the harvested year.

visit vietnam in march ebony flower

The mountain-ebony flower’s blooming bringing the native a harvested year.

Moreover, the mountain-ebony flower not only makes people fascinated by the beauty but also becomes kind of vegetable of the people in Moc Chau. There are special dishes such as flower soup, flower salad or flower stir-fried with bamboos. Those are dishes that you can enjoy only when you visit Vietnam in March.

visit vietnam in march nom hoa ban

Visit Vietnam in March to enjoy the mountain-ebony flower salad. – Source:

Additionally, March and April is the greatest time of the year to visit the heart-shaped tea hills. It’s time the young tea buds rise, dressing tea hill in Moc Chau with a  pleasant green shirt. The appropriate times in a day to visit Moc Chau tea hill are in at the dawn and the dusk.

visit vietnam in march tea hill

Moc Chau heart-shaped tea hills – background of many wedding albums.

>> Visit Vietnam to fall in love with the flower season in March.

Visit Vietnam in March to fall in love with Central Highlands

Another highlands that suitable for you to visit Vietnam in March is the Central Highlands. If the Northwest use the mountain-ebony flower as a symbol of March, the Central Highlands has coffee flowers. This specialty plant is so famous that many tourists who come to this just to discover the coffee fields and enjoying a cup of fragrant coffee. When you witness this natural beauty, you can see a peaceful Central Highlands far away from your imagination.

visit vietnam in march coffee flower

You can visit Vietnam in March to take a deep breath of coffee flowers on Central Highland. – Image: Ngoc Vien.

Buon Don

The Central Highlands not only has coffee but also a “specialty” named Buon Don. This is the motherland of “The elephant in Ban Don”, a friend of most Vietnamese kids. The elephant Ban Don has been famous throughout the country when appearing in a children’s song and is now a famous tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

visit vietnam in march buon don elephant

An elephant in Buon Don is not only a best friend of children but also a signature of Central Highlands. – Image: Réhahn.

Furthermore, Buon Don is a living place of many ethnic minorities such as E De, Gia Lai, M’nong, Lao and Thai. Here visit Vietnam in March, you can experience interesting activities like elephant riding, visit Amakong elephant tomb, and so on.

visit vietnam in march ride elephant

Don’t forget to ride an elephant when you visit Vietnam in March. – Source:

Visit Buon Don, you will enjoy the unique specialties at the land of the mountains and forests here such as Chicken Soup, Black Pig, Black Wine, Lam Rice, Grilled Black Chicken. Especially, the local will drive you insane with one of the strongest wine ever – the tube wine. This is an indispensable drink on the banquet table of the ethnic minorities, which became a characteristic culture. The combination of the mountain rice, mingling with clear spring water, creates a unique taste that attracts tourists to visit Vietnam in March.

visit vietnam in march wine

Tube wine has been a signature wine of local ethnic minorities from hundreds of years ago.

Mang Den ecotourism area

Mang Den is an ecotourism area with the majestic natural landscape of a lake, a waterfall located in the middle of a pine forest. This region has a temperate climate, so it is cool all year round. Visit Vietnam in March, you can enjoy the cool atmosphere because the temperature is not high, only fluctuating from 16-22°C.

visit vietnam in march cover

Visit Vietnam in March to deep in the purple sunset in Mang Den. – Source: Traveloka.

Although Mang Den is a wild area, the terrain and vegetation here are extremely diverse. It has a valley where ethnic people in mountainous areas build villages to settle down, high mountains, steep hills, pine forests, corn fields, and waterfalls.

visit vietnam in march settle

The local farmers graze cattle on the green meadows new their villages. – Source: Traveloka.

Mang Den has started to have eco-tourism areas, creating destinations for tourists. However, this place still retains its wildness, which is a huge plus point of Mang Den that nature still doesn’t have too much human intervention. Pa Sy waterfalls look like the girl’s hair, Garden Statue with many wooden statues sculpted by the artisans of the local villages are some spots that you can’t skip.

visit vietnam in march wildness mang den

Human still saves the wildness of Mang Den. – Source: Traveloka.

Visit Vietnam in March here, you will immerse yourself in the life of the local people, feel life slowing down and enjoy the holidays to refresh your soul.

Visit Vietnam in March to define your summer vacation at Ly Son island.

In central Vietnam, the summer usually begins in March. So to call it a summer vacation when you visit Vietnam in March, the beach is unmissable.

visit vietnam in march dao ly son

Visit Vietnam in March to release stress at Ly Son Island.

This island was formerly a volcano, which belongs to Quang Ngai Province. The volcano once had five calderas, but as time passed, the calderas turned into five mountains. It is no exaggeration to say that Ly Son island is the “Jeju island” of Vietnam. It’s not only famous for garlic but it also attracts many young travelers looking to explore the surreal blue sea.

visit vietnam in march ly son sea

Summer vacation can’t be completed without the surreal blue sea of Ly Son Island.

To Vo Gate, is a beautiful natural lava rock arch that you cannot ignore when you visit Vietnam in March. Looking to the south of this gate, you can observe a prosperous fishing village with busy fishermen. Watching the sunset at To Vo Gate is an interesting experience you should try.

visit vietnam in march to vo gate

Don’t miss the sunset through To Vo Gate when you visit Vietnam in March.

Moreover, when you are in “garlic kingdom”, don’t forget to visit the garlic fields on Ly Son island. Due to the soil, Ly Son garlic differs from other garlic from other places. The garlic harvest has just ended in March so that you can find the freshest garlic here as the souvenir.

visit vietnam in march garlic field

The garlic fields close to the aquaculture cages is the signature of this island.


If you plan to see the whole country, deciding on the best time to visit Vietnam can be complicated. Hope those tips above may guide you on what to expect when you visit Vietnam in March.