Vietnamese wedding songs to sing at a local wedding
vietnamese wedding songs to sing at a local wedding

Vietnamese wedding songs to sing at a local wedding

Music is an important part of Vietnamese weddings. Moreover, people who join the wedding can come to the stage and sing meaningful songs for newlywed couples. Therefore, there are so many Vietnamese wedding songs released for this demand. Let’s learn by heart these following song lyrics to prepare for your Vietnamese friends’ wedding as a meaningful wish for their happy life.

Anh nang cua anh (Duc Phuc) – Top trending Vietnamese wedding songs in 2018

Anh nang cua anh (translate: My sunshine) is a trending song in Vietnam when Duc Phuc released it. The lyric is about a story of a young man. He has never felt in love with anyone until a girl appears in his life. From that moment, he promises himself to protect her in the rest of his life. Due to its sweet lyric, this is one of the best Vietnamese wedding songs that you should learn to sing at your friends’ wedding.

Anh nang cua anh is the soundtrack of “Cho em den ngay mai” film. When the song was released, it caught the attention of the young people in Vietnam. It reached top trending on Vietnamese music players at that time. There are also so many cover versions of this song on the internet. Moreover, most of the local weddings always have this song played on the stage.

Minh cuoi nhau nha (Kelvin Khanh) – Sweet song for the true love of the author

The lyric of this song is a proposal of a man to a woman. It is so sweet and romantic that is suitable for the wedding vibe. Minh cuoi nhau nha (translate: Will you marry me?) is a song from the young singer and songwriter Kelvin Khanh. This song is for her wife who in that time was his girlfriend. Therefore, it contains a lot of love and sincerity.

Xung doi cuoi thoi (Le Thien Hieu) – A new hit in top Vietnamese wedding songs

The songwriters have the strength that they could write special songs for their weddings. One of them is Le Thien Hieu with the song “Xung doi cuoi thoi” (translate: Perfect match, get married). This song became trending when the author released it. It was also an announcement of him about his girlfriend. Each word of the song is so sweet and romantic. The lyric is like a confession from the man to the woman, and it is also like a proposal.

Cuoi nhau di (Bui Anh Tuan ft. Hien Ho) – A sweet proposal

Bui Anh Tuan is a young famous Vietnamese male singer who gains female fan sympathy. It is because of not only his amazing voice but also his handsome appearance. His collaboration with Hien Ho in the song Cuoi nhau di (or Yes, I do) is one of the ideal Vietnamese wedding songs in 2019. This song is a confession of not only the man but also the woman. With the sentences full of love, they share the sweet moments and the hope to be together forever.

Con mua tinh yeu (Ha Anh Tuan ft. Phuong Linh) – One of the legend Vietnamese wedding songs

Every Vietnamese wedding has Con mua tinh yeu sang on the stage. This is one of the legend Vietnamese wedding songs which is still in the favorite list for years. Con mua tinh yeu (translate: Love rain) is a duet song that needs two people to sing together. It is about the sweet love of a young couple. And the song is also about hope of a peaceful love until the end of life. Singing this song at your friends’ wedding will be a meaningful greeting to send them.