Vietnamese pop singers and 2019 pop hits in Vietnam
vietnamese pop singers

Vietnamese pop singers and 2019 hits

Pop music is one of the most popular genres in Vietnam. Local people prefer to listen to pop songs. As a result, there are so many Vietnamese pop singers. Due to the huge demand pop songs in the Vietnamese market, there are pros and cons. Their songs will be easy to approach the audiences. However, competitiveness is really fierce.

Music is an essential part of the spiritual life of the Vietnamese. Therefore, in order to catch up with the local lifestyle and trending, one of the best ways is to catch up with the music trends. Hereunder, we recommend you with some of the most famous Vietnamese pop singers and their hits in 2019.

Ho Ngoc Ha – The queen of Vietnam entertainment

Ho Ngoc Ha is one of the most famous and favorite Vietnamese pop singers. Besides, she is also an actress and model. Her first album was released in 2004 and received huge support from pop fans. Ho Ngoc Ha won so many national prices and rewards. Moreover, she also won some international prices which help to improve her fame not only in the country but also abroad.

Ho Ngoc Ha is a super star in top vietnamese pop singers

Ho Ngoc Ha is not only a singer but her dance is so sexy and impressive – Image: Ho Ngoc Ha.

Ho Ngoc Ha is also the ambassador for some brands in Vietnam. The most famous and successful one is Sunsilk. Some other brands whose ambassador is Ho Ngoc Ha are Toshiba, Sony Ericsson, Sunplay, and so on. Additionally, she is also a member of judges of the entertainment competitions on television.

Some famous songs of Ho Ngoc Ha that you should not miss out are Ca mot troi thuong, Tim lai giac mo, Noi nho day voi, Va em da yeu.

Vu Cat Tuong – One of the most brilliant Vietnamese pop singers sing their own songs

Among new Vietnam pop singers, Vu Cat Tuong is a brilliant one who is not only a singer but also a songwriter and producer. Additionally, she is able to write a diversified music genre such as pop, R&B, Electropop, Blue, Jazz, Alternative rock, Ballas, Funk, and so on. Therefore, not only pop fans but also other artists admire and respect.

Vu Cat Tuong is a talent singer, songwriter, and producer in top vietnamese pop singers

Vu Cat Tuong is a talented singer, songwriter, and producer – Image: Vu Cat Tuong.

In 2013, she released her first single and caught attention well. The song “Vet mua” was in the top rank of many music websites in Vietnam. It was a good and strong step for her next products. The following albums also were so famous. You could be easy to listen to her songs in the coffee shops and across the streets.

Besides, Vu Cat Tuong also is a member of the judge in the music competitions in Vietnam such as The Voice Kids or audition of Vietnam Idol. The most famous songs of Vu Cat Tuong are Vet mua, Yeu xa, Mo, You are mine, The party song.

Erik – Young male star of the top Vietnamese pop singers

The next star in the top Vietnamese pop singers is Erik. He is a talented singer and dancer. The biggest turn in life that brought him to the entertainment career is The Voice Kids in 2013. After a few years, he was trained by St. 319 Entertainment corporation for one year. Until 2016, when he released the very first single “Sau tat ca”, Erik became famous in the Vietnamese pop fan. His warm and emotional voice persuaded those who have the chance to listen to this song.

Erik is one of the talented young vietnamese pop singers

Erik is a young talented singer with many awards – Image: Erik.

Also in this year, he became a vocalist of Monstar band. After one year, he withdrew from the band and started his solo again. Until now, Erik gets so many achievements. Even though Erik has a young age in both life and career, his effort is recognized by the Vietnamese pop fans and other local artists.

There are some famous songs by Erik such as Sau tat ca or Dung xin loi nua.

Toc Tien – A modern women image

There is a name that it could not miss out when mentioning about Vietnamese pop singers is Toc Tien. She is a young, talented, and modern woman. There is not only her voice which makes people fall in love with but also her lifestyle as a modern woman.

When she was a teenager, Toc Tien was an image of “brace princess” since her hair is so special. However, after a time she has been abroad for studying and practiced, Toc Tien has come back to Vietnam with a totally new image. She became a fashionista queen.

Toc Tien is an image of vietnamese modern women

Toc Tien is not a top singer in Vietnam but also is a great image of modern Vietnamese women.

Toc Tien now is one of the top Vietnamese pop singers who own a huge number of fans in the country. Her song, voice, and dancing make audiences fall in love. Moreover, Toc Tien is also the youngest trainer in two seasons of The Voice Vietnam. Toc Tien had a clear path when she was a teenager that she wanted and tried hard to become a singer. Therefore, she joined so many music competitions when she was young. Toc Tien won many prices and rewards including national and international ones. She was excellent to win a MAMA award as the most brilliant Asian singer.

There are some must-listen songs of Toc Tien such as Em khong la duy nhat, Vu dieu cong chieng, Ngay mai, Big girl don’t cry.

Soobin Hoang Son – Young and talented star in Vietnam

Soobin Hoang Son is a young star and also one of the most famous Vietnamese pop singers. He marks his name with the audience with the very first hit in 2016 with the song “Phia sau mot co gai”. After that, he collaborated with Biti’s which is a Vietnam sneaker brand. The campaign “Di de tro ve” divides into 3 parts. In each campaign, he releases a new song. And every song in these campaigns is very famous.

soobin hoang son

Soobin Hoang Son has a huge fan club and many successful campaigns with famous brands – Image: Soobin Hoang Son.

Besides, he also is able to write his own songs. And he is successful with them. With the young, dynamic style and a handsome appearance, Soobin Hoang Son gets a huge number of fans in the country.

Some of the famous songs of Soobin Hoang Son include Phia sau mot co gai, Di de tro ve 1, 2 and 3, Xin dung lang im.