Meaningful Vietnamese observances - time to show the gratitude
Vietnamese holiday

Meaningful Vietnamese observances – time to show the gratitude

Vietnam, as well as other countries, have many holidays to celebrate, to remember and to mark important historic moments. Though they aren’t public holidays that having days off, being aware of Vietnamese observances and holidays then text to related people is an important thing that the Vietnamese pay attention to. Today, we will help you synthesize important holidays in the solar and lunar year so that you can easily follow.

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Vietnamese observances are cultural events.

The important Vietnamese observances of the Vietnam Wars

Vietnam is a country that has witnessed many historical changes. Perhaps in world history, Vietnam belongs to top nations which suffered from most wars ever. Thus, there are many Vietnamese observances belonging to the wars. These ones usually last for 3-5 days, consists of many activities such as exhibitions, music shows, parades, etc. Moreover, veterans will participate to talk to the youngsters about the history that they had built up.

Liberation Day of every region

Besides Independence Day (September 2nd) and Reunification Day (April 30th), each region in Vietnam has its own Liberation Day. This was the day that region expelled the invaders out of the territory. For example, Capital Liberation Day is on October 10th or the Danang Liberation Day is on March 29th.

vietnamese observances firework

Danang performs firework on their 40th anniversary of Liberation Day. – Source:

Vietnamese observances for big victories and losses

To become a country of freedom, Vietnam had suffered from many losses to the victories. That’s why they have Remembrance Day for Martyrs & Wounded Soldiers on July 27th to remind the youth of what their ancestors sacrificed. Besides, they also commemorate some big victories that contributed to the Vietnam liberation. They are Dien Bien Phu Victory Day on May 7th, August Revolution Commemoration Day on August 19th, and so on.

vietnamese observances soldier

The youth gather at martyrs’ cemetery on July 27th.

Vietnamese observances for each career in Vietnam

People in this South East Asia country always live with the gratitude to their ancestor. Therefore, alongside the War celebrations, they also hold Vietnamese observances for the founder of the career they are working for.

Vietnamese observances for the “Grandfather” of Vietnam traditional jobs

Thousand years ago when people have no awareness of things called technology, they all do the handcraft for a living. To express the gratitude to whom guide them how to live on the earliest days, the Vietnamese hold the annual commemoration for them. The commemorations are on the lunar calendar because, in the past, they follow the moon to do the farming work. Their forefathers had oral stories about who and how they raised a career and popularized it. Base on these legends, nowadays, on the exact day, people who work on the same area gather together and worship the founder of their job. For example, Carpentry Commemorations is on June 13th or the Tailoring one is on December 12th.

vietnamese observances gio to

Not only individual tailors but also heads of textile and garment companies join these Vietnamese observances. – Source:

Vietnamese observances represent gratitude to the admirable jobs

When society develops, many other jobs have been created. Among them, there are some that dedicate a lot to make the world a better place. To show the gratefulness and encourage them keeping the mission, there are Vietnamese observances especially for them.

One of the biggest celebrations is National Teacher’s Day on November 20th. The purpose of this day is for students showing their thankfulness via flowers and gifts to their beloved teachers. Teaching, in the Oriental mindset, is a privilege to be cherished. They’re the second parents of children, who form not only the kids’ personalities but also the future of the nation.

vietnamese observances student

Students send their love to the teachers via gifts and flowers on Vietnamese Teacher’s Day. – Source:

Furthermore, another important job that ensures for the peacefulness is Police and Army. People’s Army of Vietnam Foundation Anniversary on December 22nd and Vietnam People’s Public Security Day on August 19. Many veterans and soldiers visit People’s Security Academy and People’s Police University in big cities to inspire the next generation. There are parades, sport, and art activities on this Vietnamese observances as well.

vietnamese observances police

Parade on Vietnam People’s Public Security Day. -Source: Pinterest

Next, Vietnamese people also respect doctors, whose mission is saving people’s lives. Vietnamese Doctor’s Day is on February 27th. On this day, Vietnam Leaders will visit one of the very first hospitals in Vietnam. They will have a talk with the staff and give presents to patients. Moreover, lots of reward and love will be sent to doctors volunteering in remote areas on this observance.

vietnamese observances doctor

Deputy Minister visits a hospital on Vietnamese Doctor’s Day. – Source:

Vietnamese observances for family

To the Vietnamese, the family is the most important thing being the base of individual development. That’s the reason why there are plenty of family observances in Vietnam.

Mid-Autumn Festival – the kids “wild party”

Beside the International Children’s Day on June 1st, children in Vietnam have their own festival which is the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15th lunar calendar. This is a full moon day with the cool air of autumn. People often represent a Mid-Autumn Feast with moon cakes and candies, children’s best friend. They also decorate their house with colorful lanterns. After worshiping, kids will bring those lanterns with them hanging out with their neighbor kids. A little bit like the Halloween, kids would love to collect and share candies from the feast.

vietnam observances mid autumn

Kids in remote areas playing in Mid-Autumn Festival despite the low quality of life. – Source: aFamily

Vietnamese observances for parents

In addition, in 2001 the Deputy Prime Minister selected June 28 as Vietnamese Family Day. This is a great cultural event to honor the traditional cultural values of Vietnamese families. This is also the day everyone in the family cares about each other, society cares for children. Couples must understand the value of the family and stay together as a happy “cell of society”.

vietnamese observances family

01 There is a Vietnamese observance for families on June 28th. – Source:

On the other hand, there is one of those Vietnamese observances named Ghost Festival for whose parents passed away on July 15th. People often visit pagodas on this day. They put roses on their chest: red for whose mother’s alive and white for those who have lost their mother. For those who are fortunate to have a red rose, they are reminded to try their best to obey, be respectful and polite to their parents. The white ones remind people of what their parents did and try their best to make them happy in heaven.

vietnamese observances ghost

Ghost Festival is one of the Vietnamese observances for families. – Source:

What’s more, along with the International Women’s Day (March 8th), Vietnamese Women have another special day on October 20th. The traditional meaning of this Vietnamese observances is to express the gratitude to Vietnamese women in Vietnam War and celebrate the establishment of Vietnam Women’s Union. However, now it becomes a day that women being treated like a Queen! Men will prepare presents for them, do the housework and even take them to short trips.

vietnamese observnaces gift

Flowers are one of the most favorite gift for women on these Vietnamese observances.


The Vietnamese not only look for holidays with days off but Vietnamese observances with the meaning of connecting generations are welcomed too. Believe me, being aware of those days and prepare for them can make your life in Vietnam more interesting!