Vietnamese male singer makes the glorious time of Indie music
vietnamese male singer

Vietnamese male singer who builds the glorious period of Indie music

Indie music has become trending in the Vietnam market these years. There are more and more singers who start their music dream with Indie genre. Let us show you the best Vietnamese male singer who is famous in Indie music. With the warm voice, sweet words, and gentle rhythm, these singers are the kings of Vietnamese Indie music.

Vu. – The man tells his stories by music

When people mention about Vietnam Indie music, Vu. is the first Vietnamese male singer who must not be missed. His music is easy to approach the audiences since it is simple but profound. Moreover, most of the songs are written base on his real stories. Therefore, it is easy for audiences to feel his songs. Vu. songs are sweet, but they are sad. Each word is sounded, sadness is showed.

The latest music video released by Vu. this July – Mua he cua em.

Furthermore, the image he sends to the audiences is a gentle, handsome, and romantic man. Hence, most of his fan is young girls who love listening to sad songs and gentle music.

“La lung” is the very first song which made him become a famous singer in the Indie music genre. Besides, you should also listen to other hits of him such as Chuyen nhung nguoi yeu xa, Phut ban dau, Loi yeu em. The recent album of Vu. is Hanh tinh song song which got a good achievement. The latest song Vu. has just released in July 2019 is Mua he cua em. It is an old theme video which is trending in Vietnam these years.

Thai Dinh – Soundcloud prince

Thai Dinh is a Vietnamese male singer who wins the heart of Vietnamese audiences. He owns the songs which have the the polished words and sentences. As a result, most of his songs are successful to approach Indie audiences in Vietnam. However, because he wants every song to be as perfect as possible. Therefore, it takes a few months for him to complete a song. It makes the audiences more interested in his music.

The latest music video of Thai Dinh – Di qua mua ha.

“Ngoai dang kia la mua dong” is the very first song which brought Thai Dinh to the audiences. The rhythm of this song is smooth, sweet, and gentle. Moreover, the appearance of Thai Dinh is so eye-catching. With the handsomeness and elegant style, he is more attractive when singing romantic songs. Thus, he becomes an idol of the Vietnamese girls who are in love with Indie music.

There are some recommended songs of Thai Dinh for you to listen to such as Pho khong em, Em co con dung so nay khong, Di qua mua ha, Nhung ngay vang em.

Thinh Suy – A new young Vietnamese male singer

The song made Thinh Suy become a famous Vietnamese male singer in Indie music is “Mot dem say”. This song owns a ear-catching rhythm with interesting lyrics. It became so famous that the author, Thinh Suy, had not expected. After this success, he released another song which also became famous and popular on Youtube in Vietnam. You can search for “Thac mac” to listen to.

Hit “Mot dem say” from Thinh Suy.

Thinh Suy is a very young man who is just 19 years old in 2019. In Vietnam, this age is considered as a young author to success with music. And Thinh Suy made it. The words he uses, the sentences he writes, and the rhythm he makes, it all creates a unique color in the diversified music market in Vietnam.

Hai Sam – Vietnamese male singer hits Indie audiences by sad songs

If you are looking for a Vietnamese Indie sad song, Hai Sam author is a good choice. If Vu. has the sad but beautiful and gentle songs, Hai Sam owns the desperate songs. He is not a famous Vietnamese male singer as Vu. or Thai Dinh. However, those who fall in love with Hai Sam songs will stay to listen to every song on his playlist. One of the most famous songs from Hai Sam that brings him closer to the audiences is “The thoi”. With the warm voice, sad words, and gentle sentences, his songs are easy to approach Vietnamese audiences, especially Indie audiences. Besides The thoi, you also can search for Lanh thoi dung mua, Mot dieu ma anh rat ngai noi ra, or Cuoi chieu.

The Thoi – One of the sad song of Hai Sam.


The best Vietnamese male singer in Indie music now catches the attention of the local audiences, especially female fans. It is not only because of their rhythm, the sentences and words in the songs, but also the handsome appearance that they bring to the audiences. It is an important time in the Vietnamese music industry since it seems to have a big turn in the favorite genre. Keep updating Expat News on Lodyhelp to read more news and catching up with the local trending.