Vietnamese local friends help you see the Vietnamese coffee etiquettes
Vietnamese local friends

Vietnamese coffee table etiquettes – Have Vietnamese local friends help you

You might hear about the Vietnamese table manners in the meal. How about Vietnamese coffee table manners? Let’s have Vietnamese local friends help you to understand each of the etiquettes of the local people on the coffee table.

vietnamese local friends

“Having coffee” in Vietnam does not mean drink only coffee, it means an appointment – Source: Nathan Dumlao

“Having coffee” is a way that the local people call for an appointment with any types of drink but not coffee. Therefore, as the locals say, in this article, we use the word “having coffee” as the meaning of having an appointment with drinks. It can be soft drinks, juices, smoothies or coffee.

Vietnamese local friends

There are etiquettes on a Vietnamese coffee table that you should know – Source: La Voz Marketing.

Besides the etiquettes that the Vietnamese do as the same as the other countries, there are special things that you should notice to have a good chat with friends. How to put the cup at the right point? Or you should use the teaspoon for what type of purpose in Vietnamese coffee table? You should drink it up or not? And so many other details that could make you impress the local people.

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Have Vietnamese local friends show you the right posture on the coffee table

In the western countries, you might put your both hand under the table. It has no meaning in the table manner. However, without the Vietnamese local friends, you might not know that it is different in Vietnam. When you have a coffee with your local friend, you should put your both hand on the table. It is the tradition etiquettes that the Vietnamese have it for hundreds of years.

Vietnamese local friends

When having coffee with Vietnamese local friends, you should put your both hands on the table – Source: Stocksy United.

Putting your both hands on the table also has another meaning. It relates to the Vietnamese etiquette which is not only on the table but also in the daily life. When you receive something from the other, you should use two hands so that you show your respect to them. Furthermore, it is a way to be polite to the people who you have known before or meet for the first time. On the coffee table, even you do not receive any things from the other side, you should put your both hands on the table. It is a way to let them know that you are respecting them.

Vietnamese local friends

The tiny details of coffee table manners may help you much in the new town – Source: A cup of Jo

Learn the way to drink with your Vietnamese local friends help

The Vietnamese people can judge you by the way you drink. The reason is that they have different ways to drink different types of drink. Therefore, let’s practice first with your Vietnamese local friends so that you can get familiar with it before going to to have a coffee with your partners.

Vietnamese local friends

Do not drink it up – Source: Greatist.

When a Vietnamese gives you a cup, do not drink it up! You must always leave a few of water left in the cup. It is a way to be polite to them. However, when you having a beer with the Vietnamese, this etiquette does not work. You should drink it up until there is no beer left in the cup. That is why the local people only say “tram phan tram dzo” (drink up to 100%) when having the beer but not other kinds of drink.

Vietnamese local friends

To beer, you must drink it up to respect the others – Source: Modern Farmer.

Moreover, being the same with the rest of the world, you should not make the sound when drinking. That sound does not only make it impolite but also make everyone around you uncomfortable.

Additionally, when having coffee with a Vietnamese, you should drink slowly. Remember to not drink it up at once. Because, once there is no drink anymore, the conversation to the locals will be not easy anymore.

Have your Vietnamese local friends show you use the objects on a coffee table

On a coffee table in Vietnam, there are not many objects away from the cup and the dish or a coaster. Sometimes, there is a teaspoon if you have some special tea. To use them like the local, you are better to have your Vietnamese local friends show you how to use it.

Vietnamese local friends

Coffee on the coasters – Source: Pinterest.

To the Vietnamese people, the cup always puts above the dish or the coaster. If they do not provide you with those, you should use a piece of soft paper to put under the cup. Thus, you can avoid the melting ice outside the cup.

Vietnamese local friends

The dish under the cup of coffee prevent melting ice wets you – Source: Ozgu Ozden

Furthermore, you just use the teaspoon to stir the tea but not use to drink. It either is impolite or drops the drink on your clothes. If you have a coffee with your close Vietnamese local friends, it is okay for you to drink by the teaspoon since that relationship cannot judge by the acts anymore.

Other etiquettes on the coffee table that Vietnamese local friends can help you understand

While you are having coffee with your Vietnamese local friends, it is better to say sorry before you leave to go to the restroom. It is not only applied in Vietnam but also in other countries. That is one of the essential polite etiquettes on the coffee table. However, there are some cases in Vietnam that you do not need to say sorry to go. You just let your friends know that you are going to the toilet for a while. It is still fine. The reason is that, in Vietnam, there is no need to say sorry in the case you do not need to say.

vietnamese local friends

Vietnamese are quite easy in leaving the coffee table for a while – Source: The Oz Blog.

And the last but not least, do not look at your phone too many times. Since the smartphone has become necessary, many people live dependently on it. Therefore, looking at your phone all day is not a strange thing. However, when you are having a coffee with your Vietnamese local friends, looking at your phone is an impolite signal. It shows them that their conversation is boring and you want to finish it.

vietnamese local friends

Do not look at your phone too many times – Source: Rawpixel.

Additionally, one important thing is that, in Vietnam, you do not need to go out to pick up your phone. When you are in a conversation with your Vietnamese local friends, you still can pick your phone up when it rings. It is not considered as an impolite action.


Totally, there are not many etiquettes on Vietnamese coffee table. As long as you have your Vietnamese local friends help, it is not difficult anymore.