What Vietnamese best food should you order in a date?
best vietnamese food

What Vietnamese food should you order in a date?

Dating is a part of all relationships and “what should we eat?” is a question of all couples. To save your time when preparing for a date, here is some best Vietnamese food for your romantic moments.

Pillow cake (Banh goi) – the best Vietnamese food for couples

Different from the Western cakes, this pillow cake is deep fried to create a yellow crispy pastry skin. The skin of this best Vietnamese food is made from rice flour and water at a perfect ratio to make it soft and moist. Meanwhile, they use glass noodles, wood ears, minced pork and mushrooms to make the flavorful filling of pillow cake. The filling will be added in the middle of the pastry skin then fold into a pillow shape. Especially, you can’t enjoy this dish without dipping sauce, the “soul” of most of the Vietnamese food. It’s a fine proportion of fish sauce, garlic, chili, vinegar, and pickles. People often eat this savory cake with fresh herbs to make it balance with the greasy fusion.

best vietnamese food

Pillow cake, the best Vietnamese food to make your date as “fluffy” as a pillow – Image: Youtube.

They often sell this best Vietnamese food on the vendors so it would be a great snack for you and your partner to relax while having a walk. Besides, dough and prawn cake, which are fried and served with the same dipping sauce as pillow cake.

best vietnamese food

Shrimp cake is another crispy cake going with the same dipping sauce as pillow cake – Image: foody.vn.

Sticky rice (Xoi) – the best Vietnamese food for a dating morning

Sticky rice is a common breakfast of the Vietnamese. If you both have only a few minutes before show up time at work, you two can spend time together having breakfast. Sticky rice is a common breakfast of the Vietnamese. Vietnam is an agricultural country with the major crop is rice so there are many kinds of rice, and glutinous rice is one of them.

best vietnamese food

Sticky rice is the best Vietnamese food for breakfast. They often have plain sticky rice with pork, egg, and pickles – Image: @littleguanzz.

There are thousands of kinds of sticky rice throughout Vietnam, divided into two main types: savory and sweet. Nonetheless, savory is much more common in the morning. Like rice, the plain sticky rice will be served with lots of side dishes such as chicken,  pork, egg, paté, etc. Sometimes, they add some other nuts and cereals like green beans, black beans, peanuts, corns to add more flavors.

best vietnamese food

Sometimes, they add fruits to make sweet sticky rice for dessert.

On the other hand, they also add some fruit to sticky rice to make it the best Vietnamese food for dessert. The most requested fruits are durian and mango. A small dish of fruit sticky rice, topped with coconut milk sauce is a perfect way to end a meal.

Congee (Chao) – a rice-based dish for a light dinner

In addition to the sticky rice, congee is another dish made of rice, the pride of Vietnam. In the past, it’s considered as the poor’s food because they couldn’t afford the rice so they had to make it dilute. However, nowadays, they made it much fancier by adding a variety of toppings. The most common congee is rib congee consisting of rice base, pork chops, and pork floss. They often eat it with fried dough and cartilages. Other varieties of Congee such as Duck congee (Chao Vit), Eel congee (Chao luon), Chicken congee (Chao ga) is popular either.

best vietnamese food

Rib congee is the best Vietnamese food for couples who are looking for a light snack for tea-time – Image: @applehead4695.

Moreover, Vietnamese people always have this food when they get sick. It is because congee is light with a little amount of rice, meat and no oil. It’s also easy to cook thanks to the porridge cooking function of all electronic rice-cooker. Thus, when your partner feels ill, you can cook a simple pot of congee for her/him.

Sweet soup (Che) – the best Vietnamese food for dessert

To end date in a sweet way, nothing is more perfect than sweet soup, the best Vietnamese food for dessert ever. Che is a generic term of sweet beverage comes in the form of pudding or sugary soup. In fact, there is no strict version of sweet soup. If you eat a different kind of sweet soup every day, you may have to spend your whole lifetime finishing all of them. In a serving, you might find beans, fruits, nuts, tapioca balls, and so on. The liquid texture often consists of sugar water and coconut milk. People often eat sweet soup in two ways: hot and iced. They prefer iced sweet soup in the summer while the hot one is the most popular for the cold days.

best vietnamese food

Sweet soup is the best Vietnamse food for dessert. The sweet taste of sugar water greasy taste of coconut milk will bring you sweet moments – Image: ducankitchen.com.

Trang Tien ice-cream – Hanoi’ special gift for your darling

Trang Tien is the best food in Vietnam from Hanoi with a wide range of flavors including mungbean, red bean, lime, chocolate, young glutinous rice, and so on. Since its first launch in 1958, Trang Tien ice-cream has been popular and maintaining its reputation thanks to its stable quality through the years.

best vietnamese food

Trang Tien Ice-cream is enough for a romantic night walking around Hoan Kiem Lake.

Once you reach Trang Tien store, you will be shocked with the great line waiting for a piece of ice-cream there. However, it’s worth waiting. Every bite will melt you down with the sweetness and the natural taste of organic ingredients. It would be a romantic night walking hand in hand around Hoan Kiem Lake enjoying this best Vietnamese food together.


Food is not the only thing required for a perfect date, but it plays an important role. Therefore, we hope that with those best Vietnamese food above, you both will be able to spend more time together as well as experience a new culinary world.