Top 4 Vietnamese actress you should not miss out
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Top 4 Vietnamese actress you should know

Cinema is one of the indispensable spiritual foods of human beings. Since appearing in 1890, Vietnamese cinema has developed and reached some achievements, and talented Vietnamese actress is one of them.

Viet Trinh – the famous Vietnamese actress in 1990s

Viet Trinh is a beautiful Vietnamese actress in the early 1990s. She was born in 1972 in a poor family. In the very first steps to the cinema industry, Viet Trinh, with her signature “sorrowful eyes”, was chosen for tragedious roles. She was famous for playing roles in Nguoi Dep Tay Do (Tay Do beauty), Ngoc Trong Da (Gem inside the stone), etc. Not only was Viet Trinh so talented in filming but she was also graceful with big eyes, high nose, and a round face “like a full moon”. This became a beauty-standard of actress beauty as well as Vietnamese female beauty. Moreover, now when she’s experienced many ups and downs in life, Viet Trinh still retains her everlasting beauty.

the vietnamese actress in 1990s

Viet Trinh – a beautiful Vietnamese actress – Image:

Chieu Xuan – A Merited Artist of Vietnam

Chieu Xuan is a great Vietnamese actress. She has a charming face and a delicate acting style.  Her father was a director so she had chances to get used to the art since she was a little girl. She debuted when she was 18 years old. After 30 years of devotion to Vietnamese cinema, Chieu Xuan has played many kinds of characters in many famous movies such as Dong song khat vong (Desired river), Me chong toi (My mother-in-law), etc. Especially, she was also offered to participate in major dramas such as Hanoi 12 ngay dem (Hanoi 12 days), Hang xom (Neighbors), and so on. The Vietnamese government has rewarded her the title of Merited Artist for her successes and contributions to the country’s cinema.

chieu xuan is the statue of vietnamese actress

Chieu Xuan is the statue of Vietnamese actress with the title of Merited Artist.

Ngo Thanh Van – the Vietnamese actress brought Vietnamese blockbuster to Netflix

Ngo Thanh Van (Veronica Ngo) is a Vietnamese actress, singer, model, dancer, director, and producer. She started her career path as a model. Then when Ngo Thanh Van was 23 years old, she transitioned into the music scene as a pop singer. In 2004, she made her first international debut in Rouge, the 13-part late-night TV series on AZN Television. Rouge was produced by MTV Asia and broadcasted widely in Asia and Australia. Later, in 2010, after a long, while contributing to the music industry with some remarkable album like Studio 68, she started her new project as a mentor of a boyband named 365daband.

In addition to that, in 2005, Ngo Thanh Van started to be a Vietnamese actress in action movies. Ten years later, in 2015, she made her breakthrough in the film producer field. What’s more, in 2019, her newest product Furie (Hai Phuong) is set to make Netflix debut. This film has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

vietnamese actress ngo thanh van

Ngo Thanh Van on the poster of Furie.

Bao Han – a “new wind” to Vietnamese cinema

Bao Han is one of the main actress in the drama Ve nha di con (Comeback home), which caused a fever. Although she was only 19 years old, with no acting experience, she has done her best. After the first days that drama on air, Bao Han, a freshman of Hanoi Academy of Theater and Cinema, has attracted many fans. However, as a student, Bao Han has decided to temporarily pause for two years two focus on studying. Those there are more offers coming to her, she still wants to finish her study first. Thus, let’s wait for Vietnamese actress Bao Han’ breakthrough roles in the future!

bao han the newbie vietnamese actress

Bao Han is the newcomer of Vietnamese cinema.


Besides the Vietnamese actress mentioned above, there are many other actresses who are contributing to the development of Vietnamese cinema. Though there are still many obstacles, they are defining themselves with excellent roles.