Vietnam weather forecast in July - Prepare for a great trip to Vietnam
vietnam weather forecast

Vietnam weather forecast in July

As Vietnam weather forecast in July, there is an impact of the atmospheric circulation system in the northern and middle regions. Hence, there will be a big change in the weather across the country this July.

Vietnam weather forecast for the northern and central regions

According to the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting, there will be a big change in the weather of the north and central. In July, there will be an impact of the atmospheric circulation and the northern tropical convergence zone. Thus, they cause heavy rain. Moreover, there will be also from one to two heat waves within the month. However, it will not last long.

vietnam weather forecast

There might be the storm, thunder, and the tornado in Vietnam in July – Image: Lucy Chian.

In the northern mountain areas, there must be preparation for heavy rain and landslide. Furthermore, July is the time for the very first storms and tropical depressions in the East Sea. The Vietnam weather forecast predicts that there might be from one to two storms or tropical depressions within the month.

Vietnam weather forecast for the southern region

In July, the rain will cover across the country. In the southern region, the western-southern monsoon starts this month. However, the strength of it is not too strong. Therefore, there will be rain which might last for a long time.

If you have a plan to go to the islands, it is better to be careful. There might have some dangerous weather phenomenons such as strong thunderstorms or tornado.

Until 20th July

Vietnam weather forecast gives a prediction of the weather in the first half of July. The average temperature across the country is in the fluctuation range of 24 to 30 Celcius. In the highland area, the temperature fluctuation is in the higher range of the average. In the southern area, the weather is nice. It has the temperature fluctuation range is the same as the average one. The rainfall is 100 to 300 milliliters depends on different areas.

weather forecast in vietnam

The weather in the south is nice within the month – Image: Alex Machado.

From 20th to the end of the month

On the last 11 days of the month, the average temperature fluctuates in the range from 24 to 29 Celcius. The rainfall will be from 40 to 200 milliliters. Vietnam weather forecast might have storms or strong tornado.


Even though summer is an ideal time to go to the beaches and islands, it is also the time of natural disasters such as storms or tropical depressions. Moreover, the rain might also affect your trip. Therefore, if you are planning to visit an island this month, it is better to check for the weather forecast so that you can have a better schedule and plan.