Vietnam weather forecast in August: When and where to go?
weather forecast in august

Vietnam weather forecast in August

To enjoy the trip to the fullest, it’s a must to be aware of the weather at the place you’re about to visit. Therefore, if you’re planning to travel to Vietnam, here is the weather forecast in August for you.

weather forecast in august

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Overview weather forecast in August in Vietnam

Due to the stretched location, the weather forecast in August is very mixed terms of weather. It seems to rain throughout the country. The South has to face with daily downpours with huge precipitation. Meanwhile, in the Center, though it remains hot and dry, the end of August might be the begin of the rainy season. Northern Vietnam is well into summer with high temperatures at noons and rain in the afternoons. If you are planning to visit Vietnam in August and you’d love to go trekking, you must prepare carefully.

August’s weather forecast in Northern Vietnam

The temperature in the North is predicted to be about 31 Celcius degree. However, it will be cool down thanks to the drizzles in the morning and the rainstorms in the afternoon. As the weather forecast in August, there will be a storm it the beginning of the month. Hence, it will be overcast with rainstorms and thunder. In the last week of the month, the temperatures are forecast to be a little bit higher at 34 Celcius degree and sunny.

weather forecast in august

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Central Vietnam weather forecast in August

For the first half of August, Central Vietnam is still an ideal summer destination. It will be partially cloudy with the temperature ranging from 26 to 36 Celcius degree. Next, the wet season starts in the end of August. On the last ten days, it will be thunderstorms and the temperature is supposed to be a bit lower to 33 Celcius degree. If you want to go trekking in the mountainous region like Central Highlands or Da Lat, you should be careful with landslides.

Southern Vietnam is submerged in rain in August

The rainy season in the South lasts from May to November. Sometimes it would be like a faucet that someone turns it on and it seems to never stop. However, it just rains for a few hours a day then the rest of the day will be lovely with sunshine and cool wind. So if you’re planning to visit the South in August, you should get rain gear for travelers.


Since it’s the end of summer so it’s almost rain throughout Vietnam. Therefore if you’re going to Vietnam this month, hope this weather forecast in August can help you prepare a better trip.