Vietnam war movies - A Vietnamese P.O.V about the war with America
vietnam war movies under the viewpoint of vietnamese people

Vietnam war movies – A Vietnamese P.O.V about the war with America

Vietnam war with America is well-known around the world due to its damages to people and infrastructure. However, most of the documents of this war that the world approaches are from the American viewpoint, even movies. Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce to you some of the most famous Vietnam war movies which are made with the Vietnamese point of view about this fierce war.

Chung Mot Dong Song

General information:

Title: Chung Mot Dong Song.

Directors: Nguyen Hong Nghi and Pham Hieu Dan.

Year of production: 1959.

Length: 90 minutes.

Chung Mot Dong Song (temporary translation In the same river) is a film about the Vietnam war which produced in 1959 after 4 years in the war with America. The movie’s scenario original was Tinh Khong Gioi Tuyen (temporary translation No-border love) which was written by Cao Dinh Bau in 1957. In the scenario of Chung Mot Dong Song, the directors made it more details with two main characters, Hoai and Van. They live on two sides of the Ben Hai river. This was a famous river in the Vietnam war. Since it divided the country into two parts, one in the north was freedom and another in the south was under the government of the Republic of Vietnam.

most of the vietnam war movies now are based on the american viewpoint

A scene in the film Chung Mot Dong Song.

Hoai and Van felt in love with each other from the Vietnam – France war. Until 1954 when the country gained freedom from the French, they planned to have a wedding. However, when the boat crossed the Ben Hai river to pick up the bridge, the southern police pretended them to meet up. Thus, their love did not have a good result.

The movie reflects a fact of the local people in the Vietnam war. The war does not only damage to people and infrastructure but also impacts strongly to the local life and love. The Vietnamese had to sacrifice their love due to the condition of the country.

Noi Gio

General information:

Title: Noi Gio.

Director: Nguyen Huy Thanh.

Year of production: 1966.

Length: 90 minutes.

Noi Gio (temporary translation Tragedy) was the very first Vietnamese movie about the Vietnam war with America whose setting of the movie was in the south of Vietnam. The movie reflects the most popular situation of Vietnamese families in the war. Siblings in a family joined the armies of two opposing fronts. In Noi Gio, there are two main characters, Van and Phuong who are siblings. Van was the elder sister who was in the army of Southern National Liberation of Vietnam. Phuong was the younger brother who was a soldier of the Vietnam Puppet Regime.

most of the vietnam war movies which produced by the vietnamese reflect the separate situations of the families in the war

A scene in Noi Gio movie. Noi Gio is about the relationship of a Vietnamese sibling during the war when they were in two opposing fronts.

Due to the reason that Van and Phuong were on two opposing fronts, there was a personal confliction between them too. After a very long time with so many events, including the loss of Van’s son, Van convinced Phuong to move to the side of Southern National Liberation of Vietnam. They, together with many other Vietnamese people, gained freedom from the Vietnam Puppet Regime and America.

Noi Gio reflects the painful truth of the Vietnamese families during the Vietnam war. They lost their relatives when joining the army to gain freedom. They had to become enemies when being in opposing fronts. Through the movie, audiences can see that Vietnamese people had to sacrifice too much for freedom nowadays.

Vi Tuyen 17 Ngay Va Dem – The most signature Vietnam war movie

General information:

Title: Vi Tuyen 17 Ngay Va Dem.

Directors: Hai Ninh and Hoang Tich Chi.

Year of production: 1972.

Length: 180 minutes.

Vi Tuyen 17 Ngay Va Dem (temporary translation Day And Night at 17o Latitude) is a signature movie of the Vietnam war. It took 5 years for the directors to complete the scenario. It was based on a real story of a Vietnamese woman in wartime. When the country was divided into two parts, there were so many Vietnamese families had to split. Some members of a family moved to the north to rebuild the country. Some moved to the south to join the army. In the movie, Diu was the main character who was forced to be in that situation. She and her husband were separated due to the Geneve agreement. After she took the role as a Party Secretary, she led the local revolutionary movement to defeat the army of America and the South Puppet Regime.

vi tuyen 17 ngay va dem is the most signature vietnam war movie which produced by the vietnamese in the viewpoint of the local to the war

Vi Tuyen 17 Ngay Va Dem is still the most signature Vietnam war movie until now.

Vi Tuyen 17 Ngay Va Dem reflects not only the local revolutionary movements but also the life of the Vietnamese women during the Vietnam war. While their husbands were in the army, they also established the local armies to fight against the attack of the opposing military. Besides, there are emotional scenes in the movie such as the way a Vietnamese woman bore her kid under the tunnel or how they taught their kids under the taught condition of the Vietnam war.

Other Vietnam war movies you should watch

Most of the Vietnam war movies that known popularly in the world are made based on the American viewpoint. Three above movies are the most popular ones which produced by Vietnamese. It reflects the Vietnamese viewpoint of the war which causes them too much loss and damages. Besides, there are some other films about the local life in the war that you can watch to understand more including Dat Kho, Em Be Ha Noi, Canh Dong Hoang, Toa Do Chet, or Bao Gio Cho Den Thang Muoi.