Vietnam visa exemption 2019 - Countries have free visa to visit Vietnam
Vietnam visa exemption

Vietnam visa exemption 2019 – Countries do not need a visa for traveling to Vietnam

To attract many tourists and develop national tourism, Vietnam has a free visa policy for different countries. Hence, foreigners can travel to Vietnam easily. Let’s find out which countries can get Vietnam visa exemption.

“Visa exemption” explanation:

A country permits citizens of another country to enter and stay in a certain period of time. These citizens don’t have to do import and export procedures or pay fees. Especially, the visa exemption includes entry, exit, and transit visa exemption. The period of stay is calculated from the date of entry.
Hereunder is the list of countries and regions that have Vietnam visa exemption.

Bilateral Visa Exemption:


Maximum Stay


14 days


30 days








21 days

Unilateral Visa Exemption:

CountriesMaximum StayDuration/Condition
Japan15 days01/01/2015 – 12/31/2019
Chile90 daysOfficial passport holders are exempted from visa (once or multiple times) if the total stay is not more than 90 days.
United Kingdom15 daysTo 07/01/2021
Belarus15 daysTo 06/30/2020
Kyrgyzstan30 days

Special cases:

  • APEC Business Travel Card holders (ABTCs) with valid passports are legal to Vietnam visa exemption for a stay no more than 60 days. Besides, the term of APEC card is 5 years.  Therefore, you should check your card carefully before going to Vietnam. This card is issued to citizens of Brunei, Chile, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, China, and Australia.
  • Foreigners or Vietnamese who have foreign nationality traveling to Phu Quoc Island have Vietnam free visa for a stay no more than 30 days. In case tourists want to stay longer or visit other areas, they must apply for a Vietnamese visa. Moreover, this procedure can be done in Phu Quoc Island by the Immigration Department.
  • The above list only applies to foreigners entering Vietnam as a tourist. In addition, Vietnam has signed a visa exemption agreement with 81 countries. Accordingly, citizens of these countries holding diplomatic or official passports are exempt from visas to Vietnam. For more information, please visit Consular Department (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam) website:

>> In case you need to apply for a visa to Vietnam, read How to apply Vietnamese visa for foreigners for more detailed information.


vietnam visa exemption certificate example

Vietnam visa exemption certificate sample for foreigners.


  • For foreigners who belong to unilateral visa exemption, their passport must be valid for at least 6 months. Furthermore, it must be at least 30 days from the last time of departure for Vietnam.
  • The above is provided for informational purposes only, so please double check with the official authorities before you go.