Changing in Vietnam traffic rule for motorbike in October 2019
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Changing in Vietnam traffic rules for motorbike drivers in October 2019

The speed limit for a motorbike in the densely populated area will reduce to 40 km/h while it is now 50 km/h.

According to regulation 31/2019/TT-BGTVT which was published by the Ministry of Transportation regards the safe speed and distance of the vehicles and motorbike, there are some changes that drivers need to know to not be fined.

This regulation will be implemented from Oct 15th, 2019. The most significant changing is the speed limit for motorbike is 40km/h.

The speed limit of vehicles when being in the densely populated area is 60 km/h. It is valid for a double-way road, a one-way road with more than two lanes for vehicles. The highway will not include in this term.

On the double-way road, the one-way road that has only one lane for vehicles, the speed is limited at 50 km/h. However, to the motorbike, including the scooter, the speed limit is up to 40 km/h while it was 50 km/h.

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