Vietnam storm season - When is it and should tourists go this time?
most of vietnam storms are from Pacific Ocean

When does the Vietnam storm season start?

The Pacific Ocean is a center of the typhoon on the planet. It creates one over three in the total typhoon on earth. The East Sea of Vietnam is a part of the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, Vietnamese territory has 3,260 kilometers of the coast length. Therefore, typhoons on the Pacific Ocean have a certain impact on Vietnam. To have a safe and awesome trip to Vietnam, you are better to learn about the Vietnam storm season before planning.

When does the Vietnam storm season start?

The storm in the Pacific Ocean divides into two periods. The first part is from January to May. The storms in this time usually target to the south of China and Japan. Another one starts from June to November. This is when the Vietnam storm season starts. Normally, in the first period, the storm mechanism is easy to predict. These storms are not strong enough to destroy the facilities of the cities where they cross. However, during the second period, the storms’ mechanism becomes more complex. And it is difficult to predict the direction. Moreover, the power of these storms is much stronger. These storms usually go straight to the ocean territory of Vietnam.

vietnam storm seasom starts from june to november

Vietnam is impacted by the center of the typhoon on the planet, the Pacific Ocean – Image: NOAA.

In specific, from June to August, most of the storms target to northern Vietnam. During the rest of the season, from September to November, central and south regions are the target of storms. However, in fact, most of the strong storms during the Vietnam storm season target to the central area. On average, there are more than 10 storms appear in the sea territory of Vietnam. Half of them impact on the mainland of the country and cause damages. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Vietnam during this time, check the weather before going carefully.

When is the best season to visit Vietnam?

In fact, it depends on which types of travel to Vietnam you are planning to go, there will be a perfect time for you to go. Even it is in the Vietnam storm season, you still can come to Vietnam as long as it is the break time among the storms.

vietnam storm season could impact your experience on vietnam trip

Check weather forecast carefully before planning to visit Vietnam – Image: Duc Nguyen.

From January to March, it is the time of traditional festivals. Especially, the traditional Tet holiday of Vietnamese usually happens in this time. From April to June, the weather is quite hot in Vietnam. However, it is also the time of sea festivals. There will be so many interesting activities on the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Hence, if you are in love with the beach activities, do not miss out on this chance.

From September to December, it is the tropical winter time. And it is also the Vietnam storm season too. You might be so familiar with the freezing winter in the west. However, being through the winter in a tropical country is still a new experience that you have not tried yet. Let’s pack your luggage and come to Vietnam. There will be no thick snow nor terrible coldness.


The Vietnam storm season starts from June to November. However, it does not impact that much on the amazing beauty and attraction of Vietnam tourism. The storms are not consecutive but there are usually long break times among them. Therefore, all tourists need to prepare for a trip to Vietnam during the storm season is to check the weather news carefully.