Vietnam rice terrace in September - Come to see an amazing scenery
vietnam rice terrace is an amazing beauty that is the specialty of the northwest area

Come to see the amazing Vietnam rice terrace this September

The northwest of Vietnam attracts tourists not only in Vietnam but also around the world due to its imposing beauty of the consecutive mountain ranges. Away from that majestic beauty, northwest Vietnam is so peacefully charming with the rice terrace when the ripe rice season comes.

The unique beauty of Vietnam rice terrace in the ripe rice season

The rice terrace is not only a unique beauty in Vietnam but also is a special gift that Mother Nature gave the SEA countries. In Vietnam, this type of cultivation is popular in the northwest and central highland. However, the most famous place to see the amazing rice terrace is in the northwest where together with the majestic mountains, they make a wonderful scenery. There are twice in a year that people can come to see how amazing the rice terrace is. It is on the water pouring season and ripe rice season. In September, most of the rice terraces in the northwest area are in the ripe season. It covers the whole northwest with yellow terraces.

mu cang chai rice terrace is the most beautiful one in vietnam

Rice terrace in Mu Cang Chai is the most beautiful and famous one in Vietnam – Image: SIRISAK BAOKAEW.

As the local people, the rice terrace is not a natural field. Their origin is just like other mountains. However, because they are soil, people can make it become the terraces. The most difficult thing when making them into the rice terraces is leveling the fields and making its bunds. These steps impact the capability of the field in keeping water for the rice. All the rice terraces in northwest Vietnam are manually made. The local people use the simplest tools of Vietnamese farmers to build these rice terrace fields. Therefore, it makes the northwest terrace more impression.

September comes! Let’s get ready to explore the most amazing Vietnam rice terrace!

There are so many rice terrace fields in the northwest of Vietnam that you can easily see on the road. However, some of them are more outstanding than the others due to the location and the field splitting.

Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai province)

One of the most popular and famous names of the Vietnam rice terrace on the internet and the rice terrace top chart is Mu Cang Chai. It is located in Yen Bai province which is 300 km away from Hanoi. In September and October, it is the time of ripe rice season. There are not only the mountains but also the sky are covered by the yellow until the horizon. The most special thing in Mu Cang Chai is that the locals still remain the traditional cultivation method to keep the original beauty of this terrace.

The beauty of Mu Cang Chai rice terrace makes people ecstasy – Image: Sasin Tipchai.


Here are some recommendations for you to come and see the terrace in Mu Cang Chai: Che Cu Nha, De Xu Phinh, and La Pan Tan. Those are the most beautiful places in the ripe rice seasons.

Tu Le (Yen Bai province)

Tu Le is an area where has so many slope mountains. Thus, rice terrace is a specialty of this place. Like other Vietnam rice terrace, Tu Le has an amazing beauty where the sky seems to touch the rice terraces. The most scenery of Tu Le rice terrace that attracts tourists is the clouds above the mountains. People usually say that the clouds above the rice terrace look like a scarf.

tu le is a special vietnam rice terrace with the peaceful beauty

The peaceful beauty of rice terrace in the fog – Image: My Tom Hai Trung.

If Mu Cang Chai brings a majestic beauty, Tu Le looks more peaceful with the small houses in the village which are located on the flanks. Every afternoon, the cooking smoke from these houses makes a pacific scenery of the northwest area.

Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang province)

Besides being a wonderful place to visit in Vietnam in September, Hoang Su Phi is also a national heritage that was listed in 2012. There are more than 3 thousand hectares totally in Hoang Su Phi area. There are houses of the locals in the field that makes a peaceful picture of the rice terrace.

hoang su phi is a rice terrace in the north point of vietnam teritory

Hoang Su Phin is also a very famous rice terrace field with the imposing beauty – Image: Tran Minh Long.

From the end of September to October, rice is ripe so that it creates a sky of yellow. When the wind comes, it makes yellow waves from the terrace to the terrace. Besides, this time in Ha Giang province is also the season of buckwheat flowers. You will see the infinite field of the buckwheat flowers that make you feel like lost in the wonderland.


Rice terrace field is not only the specialty of Vietnam but also other SEA countries. However, in Vietnam, it combines with the local lifestyle of the ethnic minority communities who live in those areas. Thus, it is not only a place to see the amazingly majestic scenery but also to experience the unique culture of the local communities.