Famous Vietnam movies: Which movie genres is the most favorite?
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Which are the most famous Vietnamese movies?

Like other countries in the world, Vietnam has its own film industry. Since the first launch in the 1920s, they have been producing a large number of movies in many types. Hence, hereunder some popular types of Vietnam movies that you can add to your list.

Action films – the most favorite types of Vietnam movies

In fact, in Vietnam, there is still a lack of equipment and techniques to make excellent action scenes. Moreover, it’s quite hard to import this equipment and machines into Vietnam. Another reason reduces the quality of Vietnamese action movies is that it must not be too…violent. If in Hollywood, the director is free with bloody scenes, it’s totally opposite in Vietnam. In this Asian country, all of the Vietnam movies must pass careful censorship too remove sensitive elements like violence, sex, negative politics, etc.

However, action films are the most popular films in Vietnam. The foreign blockbuster action movies with incredible effects from Hollywood such as Infinity War, the Fast and Furious series or Marvel series. Additionally, Vietnam movies such as Truy sat (Chasing), Dong Mau Anh Hung (The Rebel), Bui Doi Cho Lon (Gangsters), etc, have been attracting audiences to the cinemas. Especially, Ngo Thanh Van, an A-list actress who starred in and produced Hai Phuong (Furie) did introduce Vietnamese cinema to the world. This film tells a story about a woman lives in Mekong Delta whose daughter was kidnapped. Hence, she embarks on a journey to find her daughter against all odds and gangsters. With the well-prepared action scenes and carefully-edited script, Furie is now set to be on Netflix.

furies is one of vietnam movies that goes global

Furie is one of the first Vietnam movies to set on Netflix – Image: Hai Phuong Fanpage.

Psycho-social films – Vietnam movies about the hidden corners in life

In addition to popular foreign movies, Vietnam movies are now earning more and more love form the audience. Psycho-social is one of the film genres that reflects the exact problems of society. They condemn social problems and criticize the distorted thoughts. Besides, the producers add romantic scenes to make the films more friendly with the audience.

Vo Ba (The Third Wife) is the significant one in this film genre. This movie receives many positive reviews from international critics. Vo Ba brings the audience back to the rural area of Northern Vietnam in 2019. It’s a tragic story about adulthood, love, and the journey of self-discovery of a 13-year-old girl in feudal society. Besides, Thua Me con di (Dear Mom), a movie about an LGBT couple is now available throughout Vietnam with a large support from the audience.

vietnam movies about psycho-social

Thua Me con di – recent Vietnam movies about LGBT – Image: Thua Me con di Fanpage.

Comedy Tet Holiday’s movies – Indispensable specialty of Vietnam movies

As an ASEAN country, Vietnam has a long Tet Holiday when everybody enjoys their days off in traveling, hanging out with friends and going to the movie theater. Furthermore, on this occasion, people prefer fun things rather than horror movies or psychological ones. As a result, comedies the most favorite Vietnam movies during the Tet Holiday. Plus, Tet is considered as Christmas in Western countries, when the family reunion so Vietnam movies about family is highly rated in this period.

Most recently, in Tet Holiday in 2019, Cua lai vo bau (Flirting my pregnant wife), Trang Quynh (Mr.Quynh) applied this formula correctly. Thanks to funny plot twists and the participation of famous comedians, those Vietnam movies are very successful in terms of revenue. If you’re looking for something simple to relax and laugh, Vietnam Tet Holiday’s movie is an option.

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Trang Quynh is a comedy released in Tet 2019 – Image: Trang Quynh Fanapge.


Vietnam movies play an important part in Vietnamese spiritual life. Hence, if you want to explore more about Vietnamese culture, you can take these genres above into consideration.