Vietnam local buddy helps you to experience Tet holiday like a local
Tet holiday

The benefits of having a Vietnam local buddy to explore traditional Tet holiday

Tet has been the biggest traditional holiday in Vietnam for hundreds of years. Since it has gone with the local for such a long time, there are only the local people know about its meaning and spirit clearly. Therefore, there is nothing more wonderful than having a Vietnam local buddy traveling to explore this special traditional holiday.

Vietnam local buddy

Let’s explore the Tet holiday with a Vietnam local buddy.

A Vietnam local buddy shows you the spirit of Tet holiday

It is not naturally that Tet becomes the biggest and the most important holiday in Vietnam. A Vietnam local buddy will show you why. There are not only stories about Tet but also other festivals and traditional activities during this period of time.

Tet is on the first three days of the lunar calendar. It is usually in the first half of January following the international calendar. As the tradition of the local people, Tet is the holiest time of the year. Heaven and earth reconcile to bring the most happiness to the world. Moreover, it is also the transition time of the winter to spring, therefore, the weather is nice and cool.

Vietnam local buddy

Sparkling decoration during Tet holiday in Vietnam.

Furthermore, Vietnam has gone with agriculture for a very long time. Tet is the time for resting between the harvest. People get ready for the next harvest. Moreover, they pray to heaven and earth for good weather and successful harvest.

Additionally, Tet is the time for family reunion. Even though you are working far from home or in the hometown, you come back home with beloveds on Tet holiday. This time the time for people to share their years, give love to each other and forgive all misunderstanding of the last year.

Vietnam local buddy

The family reunion meaning of Tet holiday.

Therefore, Tet is not only a big holiday but also the holiest time of the year. To understand this spirit of the holiday, you should have a Vietnam local buddy to travel and explore the local culture in this special occasion.

Go with a Vietnam local buddy to explore the unique local culture of the North

Due to the special weather, the North has different Tet holiday activities than the rest of the country. To understand the differences, a Vietnam local buddy will be a perfect choice for you. Being an aboriginal person, your local buddy will take you to the most significant and highlight places that can feel the Tet atmosphere clearly in the North.

Vietnam local buddy

Making Banh Chung on Tet holiday in the North.

In the cold weather, the peach blossom is easier for the local people the grow for Tet. Moreover, this is one of the differentia of the Tet in the North to other regions. The flower market in the north if normally full of red and pink colors among other kinds of flowers. A peach blossom flowers on the shoulder of the local people coming back home is the most touching image during Tet holiday in the North. It shows that Tet is coming to town. Moreover, a Vietnam local buddy will show you the way to make Banh Chung in the North. The reason is Banh Chung is one of the specialties of the North compared to the other regions.

Vietnam local buddy

The traditional activity on Tet holiday in the North.

Additionally, there are so many traditional and outdoor activities during Tet in the North. It has become the image of Tet in the North to the Vietnamese. When exploring Tet with a Vietnam local buddy, you will be able to join these kinds of activities that are deep with cultural meaning. This is a way to explore the local tradition wonderfully and interestingly.

Go with a Vietnam local buddy to explore the modern Tet holiday in the South

Different from the North with traditional beauty in Tet, the South welcomes Tet with an exciting and modern atmosphere. However, there are still etiquettes in Tet of the South that you should learn more. Therefore, enjoy Tet with a Vietnam local buddy in the South will help you more in adapting to the local culture.

Vietnam local buddy

Apricot blossom – A significant signal of Tet in the South.

In the South, the local people use Banh Tet instead of Banh Chung for Tet specialty. Moreover, due to the mild weather, peach blossom has no good condition to grow. Therefore, people use apricot blossom. With the yellow color, apricot blossom makes it exciting and bustling atmosphere.

Furthermore, with the generous living style, the South people enjoy Tet holiday in a modern way. Instead of traditional local activities, the local people usually hang out with friends, relatives to welcome Tet holiday. Additionally, the flower market in the South is a highlight of Tet holiday. As a result, it is better for you to have a Vietnam local buddy to explore the local culture during Tet holiday in the South.

Vietnam local buddy

The local people in the South prefer travelling than traditional activities.

Additionally, in the South, people prefer travelling in Tet holiday more than the family reunion. Most of the young and old plan to travel to other places as a long vacation to refill energy. Then they can start a new year with excitement. What else is more interesting than travelling in the good weather with a Vietnam local buddy?

A Vietnam local buddy helps you to see the medium neutral culture of the Central

While the North and the South have their own unique cultural beauty on Tet holiday, the central area is a combination of the other regions. It makes the central special and attracts people come to explore this interesting beauty. Let’s plan to explore it with a Vietnam local buddy to see how wonderful the Vietnam local cultural beauty is.

Vietnam local buddy

A traditional meal of Vietnam during Tet holiday.

Due to the reason of cultural combination, the Central welcome Tet holiday with both apricot and peach blossom. They do not need to import these kinds of the tree from the North or the South. In contrast, the weather and soil condition in the Central allow them to grow both apricot and peach blossom. Furthermore, the specialties on Tet holiday in the Central include both Banh Chung and Banh Tet, which the North and South local people only have the chance to taste one of them.

Moreover, when having a Vietnam local friend to explore the traditional local culture in the Central, you will the chance to experience both interesting outdoor activities and traditional games. Furthermore, going to the pagoda on the first day of tet with a Vietnam local buddy will give you a wonderful experience. It is the holy tradition in a holy atmosphere with full of best wishes and luck.

Vietnam local buddy

Making Banh Tet for Tet holiday.

In conclusion, it is worthy to find a Vietnam local buddy to enjoy the Tet holiday in Vietnam. It does not only bring to you the local experience but also the chance to learn more about the beautiful diversified culture of the human.