Music trends in locals - The scene of Vietnam indie music
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Music trends in locals – The scene of Vietnam indie music

Vietnam indie music now is a trend in locals filled with talented artists. It’s easy to hear an indie song in a cafe or on the street, but do you really know about the indie scene in Vietnam? Let’s explore and maybe after reading this article, you can find your favorite Vietnam indie artists.

Vietnam indie music le cat trong ly internet

Le Cat Trong Ly is an outstanding face in the early time of Vietnam indie music – Source: Internet

What’s exactly Indie music?

Many Vietnamese people mistakes Indie is a music genre like pop or RnB but it’s not. So what’s indie music?

Indie stands for the “Independent” or “Independence”. It refers to independent artists who are composers, musicians, and performers at the same time. They create their own music independently without a management company or marketing strategy. Their works don’t follow a formula or promotion, it’s just simply a song expresses their feelings and emotions freely.

Indie artists use their money to create their works but they still need to make money from their music. Therefore, they sometimes host live shows on a small scale and sell their album into the market. To speak correctly, their unique music does bring reputation to them.

Vietnam indie music the world

“Somebody that I used to know” of Gotye has brought indie music closer to audiences in the world – Source: Internet

Vietnam indie music – the blooming movement stage

Vietnam indie music now is flourishing strongly especially among young people. Thanks to the development of the Internet and cultural exchange, Vietnam indie music has come closer to audiences. Nowadays, it’s easy to find and enjoy indie songs on Youtube, Soundcloud or Spotify. Sharing music on these platforms helps artists save money but still reach a large of music lovers nationwide.

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When talking about the scene of Vietnam indie music, you have to mention some popular names like Le Cat Trong Ly, Ngot Band, Ca hoi hoang, Vu, Hai Sam, Trang, etc. These artists are so famous with great songs that reach millions of times listening. Furthermore, every single of their works is always expected and welcomed by a huge amount of fans.

Like Vu’s youtube channel, he has more than 200,000 subscribers with every video up to million views. Even more, his live shows are crowded all the time and tickets are sold out in just one hour. Or Le Cat Trong Ly is one of the famous artists in the early time of the indie scene in Vietnam. With a guitar and touching voice, she expresses her peculiar taste in music to listeners in a perfect way.

Vietnam indie music Vu liveshow

Long queue to buy live show tickets of Vu – Source: Kenh14

Not limited in online platforms or small live shows, some artists even have performed on the big stage with a massive of audiences or nominated at domestic prestigious music awards. In November of last year, Ngot band had their first-time live show in the theatre space with the participation of professional names in production such as Hong Kien, Duc Tri, etc. Otherwise, Vu or Den Vau are the names who are nominated at We Choice Awards, Zing Music Awards. They have successfully brought their music to audiences and become inspirations for many people.

It’s not only about behind the scene but also reaches out to the public and spotlights. Today, more and more artists combine with mainstream singers to release music products. They compose music for movies or sell their works for other singers and have their products on business. Some of them even become mainstream artists. Despite that, they still keep special music taste in their creative works.

The charm of Vietnam indie music – a narrative about life

The special thing about Vietnam indie music is its lyrics and melodies. Whenever you listen to this music, you will have a familiar feeling like hearing your own stories. With simple lyrics, the artists express their emotions in the most honest way. They take inspiration from life experiences and place them into songs. It’s not something big or complicated. It can be stories that we, as people, have met once in life. That’s why every song is a narrative to tell, pure music with a meaningful message. Moreover, it’s also a philosophy about life through their eyes. Therefore, like their unique characters, every artist has a distinct musical personality so their works can be distinguished.

Most Vietnam indie songs have homely lyrics. They can be the words we usually say in real life or proverbs. Hence, it’s easy to go into the heart of listeners as well as make trends in locals. Especially younger, they’re fond of with indie songs and use lyrics to chat with friends, post on social networks and make them viral. So whenever a famous artist releases a new song, you’ll see its appearance on Vietnam’s popular networks like Facebook.

Aside from online tracks, some artists have released music videos with creative content and high quality. You can search Em dao nay (Ngot band), Beertalks (Ca hoi hoang), Co Dong Loanh Quanh, and so on. Watch them and you’ll be amazed by their works.

In conclusion

Vietnam indie music trang

Trang is a popular indie music artist who has composed many songs for mainstream singers – Source: starwowvn

To say sincerely, it’s not easy to addict to indie music but once you’re in, you’ll replay the songs for hours or from days to days. It’s a way to relax, immerse in the beautiful melodies but at the same time, heal your soul. Particularly, listening to Vietnam indie music is a way to discover Vietnam trends and make friends with locals.