Vietnam football - The journey of recovering the glory
vietnam football and the champion at AFF Cup 2018

Vietnam football – The journey of recovering the glory

If you are living in Vietnam these years, you might have seen an amazing Vietnam football spirit of local people. There have been so many times that people ride bikes and cars on the main roads to make human storm street to celebrate the national football team victory.

people take to the street to celebrate the victory of national vietnam football team

People take to the streets with flags to celebrate the national football victory – Image: News Zing.

Some say it is overacting. Others say it is national pride. Yes! To Vietnamese, they had a footballing glory in the past. However, it has been a very long time they did not have any achievements in football. The recent events remind them about the glory of what they have done many years ago. And it makes them proud of the national football team. As a result, it pushes the national footballing spirit to the climax. They take to streets to celebrate the victory.

When was the first time Vietnam football appeared?

Vietnam football started quite late compared to other places in the world. Its first appearance was in the period of French colonialism in South Vietnam. It then spread out to the central and northern areas. At first, football was only for the higher level in society including French soldiers, businessmen, and public servants. However, the locals saw it interesting then they started learning to play.

In the French colonialism, there were Vietnamese football teams. They were the ones who helped football become a favorite sport in the country.

The first glorious period of Vietnam football

From 1975 to 1991, Vietnam has been in a close situation due to government policy. Thus, Vietnam football did not have the chance to develop. Until 1991, Vietnam came back with participation in SEA Games 1991 which was held in Manila Philippines. However, it was not the time that football makes Vietnamese people be proud of.

vietnam football team at the first period of glory

National Vietnam football team in 2995 in Thailand – Image: Nguyen Nguyen.

In 1995, Vietnam marked its name in Southeast Asia by gaining the silver medal in the 18th SEA Games. It was the first time that the Vietnamese had the feeling of footballing pride. They took the streets to celebrate. It can see that taking to the streets to celebrate victory is not a new thing in Vietnam these years. But it is the traditional footballing victory celebration of the locals.

in the past, people did take to the street to celebrate vietnam football victory

In the past, people took to the streets to celebrate the victory. It is a tradition of Vietnamese football fans – Image:

From then, Vietnam football gained an important role in Vietnamese fans. They followed every step of the national football teams. And they eevn bought flight tickets to the stadiums where the matches were held. They stopped every task to spend time watching every match that the national team played. There were the famous names that people still remember until now with regret. They are Huynh Duc, Hong Son, Van Quyen, Cong Vinh, Minh Phuong, Tai Em or Quang Thanh. They have made the glorious period of national football. Until 2009, the national football was not the pride of the locals due to the retrogression of Vietnam football.

Recovering the footballing glory and the hero Park Hang Seo

It seems like Vietnam football has stopped for a very long time to prepare for an explosion. In 2018, there were not only Vietnamese people but also football fans in the world shocked by what the Vietnam national team have done. They were the second-best team of the U23 Asian Cup. It was the very first step to bring them to other higher honorable names. Especially, the image that Vietnamese soccer players holding each other on the snow football ground in the final match of the U23 Asian Cup became one of the most emotional pictures of the year.

vietnam football left so many emotional pictures

The emotional picture of U23 Vietnam in China in the final match of Asian Cup 2018 – Image: VOV Vietnam.

It was also the time that taking to the street to celebrate after each match became popular. There were not only fans joint those storm streets but also celebrities and even the Deputy Prime Minister.

vietnam football team and the champion at AFF Cup 2018

The very first champion of the country in 2018 in the AFF Cup – Image: VOV Vietnam.

In the same year, they became the champion of the AFF Cup that every Vietnamese has never ever dreamed about it. And the national footballing glory has not stopped its journey. The Vietnam national team step by step moves forward to the professional international competitions. In this year, 2019, they are still fighting to gain the ticket to World Cup 2020, the most honorable name of the football. On this October 10th, they will have the last match with national Malaysian team to get the right and go straight further to the next round of World Cup 2020.

people take to the street to celebrate the vietnam football victory

People took to the street and gather in the center of Hanoi to celebrate the victory in 2018 – Image: News Zing.

A hero named Park Hang Seo

All of those successes have not come to reality if missing the hero Park Hang Seo. In just one year, his strategy has changed completely the situation of Vietnam football. He brought a modern, effective, efficient, and polite football style. Park Hang Seo is also the one who has a great inspiration that raises his students up to step further and further. However, it cannot miss the talent of this national football generation. Their talent under the strategy of Park Hang Seo makes great things for Vietnam footballing industry.

park hang seo is the hero of vietnam football these years

Park Hang Seo is a hero to the Vietnamese since he brings great things to the international team – Image: VOV Vietnam.


The journey of Vietnam football is still continuing. They have an extremely important match this October 10th. No matter what the result will be, they are the heroes in the Vietnamese footballing fans.