Vietnam female singer - a new wave to Vietnamese showbiz
Vietnam female singer

The new wave of Vietnamese female singer

Each country has its own entertainment industry that is the most suitable for their culture and taste. So does the Vietnamese. If you want to explore more about the Vietnamese lifestyle, you should pay attention to what they are listening. Hence, here is the list of famous Vietnam female singer the Vietnamese like the most.

Amee – the “newcomer” Vietnam female singer

In the first half of 2019, the song “Anh Nha O Dau The?” (“Where Do You Live?” – trans) has become a fever in Vietnam. This is the duet of rapper Bray and a new Vietnam female singer Amee. Besides the hook melody, the young singer is also very popular. She has a beautiful and attractive appearance along with a sweet voice. With the strength in dancing, her forte is dance-pop songs mix with a little folk. The second single “Den Da Khong Duong” (“Sugarfree Black Coffee” – trans) has been a great hit not only in Vietnam but also in some Asian countries such as Korea Japan, China, etc. On July 2019, she has released an OST duet with singer Andiez, marked a big step in her career path. The song “Anh Danh Roi Nguoi Yeu Nay” (Hey, You Drop Your Girlfriend” – trans) has a funky melody that can bright your bitter days.

Orange – from underground to on stage Vietnam female singer

Orange has attended some music contests and left a great impression to the audience. However, instead of taking this advantage and debuting, she did stay in backstage and training her voice to be better. After three years stay in silence, this Vietnam female singer made a comeback with single “Nguoi La Oi” (“Hey Stranger” – trans). She featured with Karik, a Vietnamese male rapper. More than 10 million views on Youtube for a music video within 3 days is probably a dream of most singers, especially a “newbie” like Orange. This song also brought her the Best New Asian Artist Award of MAMA 2018 (2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards -20th). In addition, she and Karik have won many other Vietnamese music prizes in 2018. Her second single “Tinh Nhan Oi” (“Hey Lover” – trans) in 2019.

Vu Cat Tuong – the versatile Vietnam female singer

Vu Cat Tuong is a Vietnam female singer that attracts audiences not only because of her “unisex” style but also for her unique music genre. She’s also a song-writer and a producer. During the music career, she has received six nominations and won two Dedication Music Awards. Moreover, Vu Cat Tuong is included on Forbes Vietnam’s 2018 30 Under 30 list.

She started her career at The Voice of Vietnam season 2 (2013) and ended as the second runner-up. Since then, most of her products have become hits as soon as they released. Vu Cat Tuong’s composing ability is very diverse in many music genres such as R&B, Soul, electropop, Blues, Rock, Funky, and so on. Each product contains a piece of her soul so that it can easily touch audiences’ hearts.

Phuong Ly – the “sun” of Vietnamese showbiz

Phuong Ly participated in Vietnam Idol 2007 and stopped in top 30. However, from then on, people just recognize her as “Phuong Linh’s sister”. Phuong Linh is a Vietnam female singer in the ballad field. She was so famous that her sister couldn’t stand out of it. After 11 years stay under the older sister’s shadow, Phuong Linh has stepped out with single “Mat Troi Cua Em” (“My Sun”- trans) dueting with rapper JustaTee in 2018. The R&B song was new wave to refresh the Vietnamese showbiz which is overloaded with sad pop ballads. She becomes a hit-makers since all of her songs are very popular among Vietnamese youngsters. The second songs of Phuong Ly and JustaTee, “Thang Dien” (“Crazy Man” – trans) has been ranked in the top of Vietnam charts for a long while.


Vietnam’s music industry is diverse with many other Vietnam female singer performing many music genres. If you are interested in Vietnamese culture and music taste, you will definitely find for yourself at least a favorite singer.