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Vietnam environment organizations

The polluted environment is a hot issue that all the world is facing. And so does Vietnam. The Vietnam environment is threatened seriously since the overpopulation and over waste. To give you an overview as well as regularly update information on this issue.

CHANGE – the best Vietnam environment organization in 2017

CHANGE is under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), a Vietnamese non-governmental environment organization. Its mission is to promote in order to save and preserve the environment. They use education and creative communication as the main methods to change their habits. Moreover, it is also to inspire to raise the community and to bring the new positive wave in Vietnam.

CHANGE is one of the leading Vietnam environment organizations

The campaign “The bus of wild art” which is from CHANGE has been successful in many provinces in Vietnam – Image: CHANGE.

There are three main fields that CHANGE focuses on. Their campaigns aim to decrease environmental degradation and climate change. Moreover, CHANGE also promotes and acts for reducing the illegal demand and supply of wild animal, especially rhino. And the last one focuses on promoting stable development.

Some outstanding campaigns of CHANGE: Ve tranh tuong nghe thuat bao ve dong vat hoang da (Wild animal protection wall painting), Chuyen xe nghe thuat hoang da (The bus of wild art), Exhibition Cam nhan khong khi (exhibition Feel the air).

Let’s Do It! Vietnam – Vietnam environment organization works on trash issues

Let’s Do It! Vietnam is a part of Let’s Do It! World. Until 2019, this organization appears in 169 countries. The main purpose of this organization is a Clean up day over the world. As the records of Let’s Do It! World, there are 36 million people have joined their campaigns in those 169 countries.

the clean up campaign to save Vietnam environment

Clean Up Vietnam campaign from Let’s Do It! Vietnam – Image: Let’s Do I! Danang.

Let’s Do It! Vietnam is a Vietnam environment organization which works on trash issues. It started in 2015. Together with Let’s Do It! World and the organizations in other countries, Let’s Do It! Vietnam runs so many campaigns in which, they call for volunteers to come and collect trash in the areas involved in the campaigns. Let’s Do It! Vietnam aims to raise awareness of people in reducing trash by promoting, communicating, and action. They recommend people to sort trash into different groups so that those which can be reused or recycled could be in order to reduce the trash throw into the environment.

Let’s Do It! Vietnam has on 6 provinces across Vietnam. Their campaigns are Clean up from a small scale to a bigger scale. And they also ran a Vietnam Clean Up Day campaign which attracted a big number of volunteers joined.

Green Viet – The silence heroes who save red-shanked douc langurs

Green Viet is a Vietnam environment which is working to keep the balance of the ecosystem. They work in Danang city only. The main area they are focusing to protect is Son Tra Peninsula. To the locals, when mentioning about Green Viet, they think about red-shanked douc langurs, king of animals in Son Tra Peninsula. Green Viet is also known as the silent heroes who are spending their life to protect this kind of animal.

Green Viet and their main activities

I Love Son Tra is a journey that Green Viet aims to bring the most beautiful image of Son Tra to be closer to the Vietnam community so that they can raise awareness in saving our environment.

Green Viet was founded in 2006 by the young, enthusiastic people. They aim to establish a place where those who have enthusiasm and patient to learn, study and promote the value of biodiversity to the Vietnam community. Furthermore, their goal is to raise awareness of local people and bring them knowledge about biodiversity preservation and protection. Additionally, Green Viet mission is also to make people understand and help to build a stable development time. – One of the leading Vietnam environment organizations has run so many Vietnam environment campaigns. That is the reason why it is one of the leading environmental organizations in Vietnam. is an international campaign which works on global climate change. It started in 2007 with participants from 188 countries in the world.

350 org is one of the strongest environmental organizations in vietnam

Feel the air is a campaign in which and CHANGE collaborate to run – Image:

In Vietnam, is the inspirational organization of meaningful environmental campaigns. It appears in more than 20 provinces in Vietnam with tons of different environmental campaigns. aims to save the environment and respond to climate change. has successful campaigns in gathering people to act for the environment, raising awareness about climate change, and educating Vietnamese people about the result of destroying the environment.

This Vietnam environment organization has so many campaigns. Some most outstanding ones are Earth Hour, Global Power Shift, youth camps about the environment, and so on.


These years, environmental issues and climate change have been popular in Vietnam. It is a result of the non-stop effort from the Vietnam environment organizations. Each organization has its own goal and field to work on. But together, they all have the same purpose to save the environment and maintain the balance of biodiversity, as well as save our life. Besides the names we listed above, there are tons of other organizations and clubs in Vietnam. They are working so hard with others in the world to save our environment.