Vietnam cuisine - Fun facts that might knock you down!
vietnamese cuisine

Fun facts about Vietnam cuisine may knock you out!

Vietnam cuisine might impress tourists around the world with a unique taste. Moreover, the diversification of food is also a remarkable thing. Besides, the habits in cuisine culture of the local are also an interesting thing to experience.

vietnam cuisine

With the unique culture, Vietnam cuisine has its fun facts that might know you down – Photo: @whatisfoodvn | Instagram.

Have you ever seen a Vietnamese family leaves the last piece of food on the dish and no one is even tending to eat it up?

Or did you see that the Vietnamese always have vegetables in every single meal?

Have you ever sat down in an eaterie on the pavement and got shocked by its amazing taste?

Let us show you other fun facts about the Vietnam cuisine that make your mouth wide open!

“The last piece” rule in Vietnam cuisine

If you have had a meal with a group of Vietnamese or a local family, you might see that they never eat the last piece until someone picks it up for someone else. This Vietnam cuisine experience might impress you hard since it is quite strange. In the time that people call for saving food, this country seems to do the opposite. However, it is not a waste, it is the culture of love sharing.

vietnam cuisine

The last piece of food on a dish in a Vietnamese meal is very important.

In some countries, the last piece on a dish represents for the face. If you eat it, you are not worth to be respected. However, in Vietnam, it is a meaningful behavior. It comes from a lack of food in the past. Those who had eaten pieces in a dish would leave the last piece for the one who has not eaten it yet. Or they also mean to save for the one who is not full. Therefore, it is not the face, it is the love sharing and care. Additionally, people even pick that piece up for the youngest or oldest one in the meal as a way to show their respect and love.

Vietnam cuisine sticks with vegetables

If you notice, every single meal of Vietnam cuisine always has vegetables. It can be fresh, steam or fried vegetables. No matter what type of it, vegetables always appear in the Vietnamese meal.

vietnam cuisine

Vegetables take an important role in a Vietnamese meal.

This is the habit of an agriculture country. In the condition that the main product they make is vegetables, it becomes the main ingredient for the meal, of course. Besides, vegetables help to increase the taste of food. Normally, local people use fish sauce to cook. Thus, having vegetables with other dishes help to reduce the smell of fish sauce and make it tastier. And last but not least, vegetables take an important role in keeping good health. Since Asian usually produce medicine with vegetables, they eat it more to pretend diseases.

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Vietnam cuisine served by “pavement eateries” is more delicious than the good looking restaurants?

Most tourists come to Vietnam usually follow the review of good looking restaurants to explore Vietnam cuisine. However, the local will never do that. If you notice, there are not many local people eat in those restaurants. In contrast, they stop by at an eaterie on the pavement and enjoy their meal.

vietnam cuisine

Most of the “pavement eateries” offer delicious food at a cheap price – Photo: @maritall | Instagram.

The fact is that most of the eateries on the pavement with small tables and chairs have a better taste than the well-known restaurants. Moreover, it is even much cheaper. The reason is that the fee you pay in the restaurants includes fees for air-conditioner, waitresses and other services. However, if you enjoy your meal in a small eaterie on the pavement, you do not need to pay for them. The fee is only for your food.

Additionally, there is an interesting thing that you might not know about Vietnam cuisine. If you find any well-known restaurants, there are always cheap eateries which offer the exact same dishes. It is much cheaper with the same quality. And sometimes it is even more delicious than in the restaurants.

vietnam c

Most of the foods which are available in famous restaurants are offered by the pavement eateries – Photo: @Metajared | Instagram.

Furthermore, it is the same with Banh Mi. Even though you see so many articles and reviews about famous Banh Mi eateries on the internet. There are so many un-known Banh Mi out there. Moreover, the quality and taste of these eateries cannot complain.

Trash throw directly to the ground is fine

You might see so many times that people throw food trash directly to the ground with a no emotional face. It seems this action is very common to them. In fact, it is not that every eaterie in Vietnam offers customers with trash bin. Some of them have. And others do not.

Vietnam cuisine means noodles all day?

vietnam cuisine

The Vietnamese consider noodles as the main food as rice – Photo: Rene DeAnda | Unsplash.

It is not difficult for you to see a Vietnamese has noodle for breakfast. Then he still has lunch with noodle. But it is in another type of noodle, maybe. And noodle is even still his dinner. It does not mean that Vietnam cuisine is just noodles all day. In fact, noodle is the most convenient way for a meal. It is not only fast but fresh food, but also tasty and easy to eat when you get tired of rice.

One more thing, you can see the noodle eateries everywhere. No matter you are in the north or the south of Vietnam. It does not matter that you are in the morning or evening. Noodles are always available for your meal. Like the way Italian have spaghetti, the American have MC Donald every day. Vietnamese have noodles.

What does “Đi cafe không!” (Have a cup of coffee) mean?

vietnam cuisine

The unique coffee culture of Vietnam – Photo: Tuannam&friends.

It does not like other western countries that having coffee is only for work or personal business. In Vietnam cuisine, when you come to a coffee shop, the atmosphere is so dynamic and exciting. It is because people come here for not only working but also gathering with friends and chatting with each other. That is also the reason why you can see so many simple coffee shops along the road. They offer small chairs and even without any tables. People come and leave, sit down together no matter knowing each other or not. They drink coffee to prepare for a long working day or even have some random topic discussions.

Therefore, when a local asks you to go for a coffee (Đi cafe không?), it means let’s spend time to relax together.

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Drinking beer for no reason

vietnam cuisine

The Vietnamese have a beer every day – Photo: Hoang Dinh Nam.

Are you happy for a successful business? Let’s go for a beer!

You are sad of lovesick or losing in business or sad of no reason? Let’s go for a beer!

It’s weekend! Let’s go for a beer!

It’s hot today! Let’s go for a beer!

I have just received a salary. Let’s go for a beer!

I have no reason but I want to drink. Let’s go for a beer!

That is the way Vietnam cuisine works with beer. Most of the locals drink beer with no reason. It is a unique culture of Vietnam that leads to the fact that you can see many taverns on the street, along the rivers and anywhere in town.

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Most of the habits in Vietnam cuisine come from agriculture. From why they always have vegetables in every single meal to the way they share food and eat together on a table. If you come to Vietnam, do not forget to experience this unique culture to see the friendliness and kindness of the Vietnamese.