Shopping in Hoi An - an ultimate guide for what and where to
shopping in hoi an

Shopping in Hoi An – an ultimate guide for what and where to

When you think of Hoi An, you would normally think of beautiful ancient scenes, the rooftop coffee shops or the famous Banh mi stores. What you might not expect is a heaven to go shopping in Hoi An with a variety of goods that satisfy you a shopaholic. With the development of fashion and tourism, you will dig into the paradise of souvenirs, clothes, and food in both Western and Vietnamese style. Start scrolling down for some serious signature items you can add to your bucket list!

shopping in hoi an

Scroll down for an ultimate guide for shopping in Hoi An!

Fashion items – the worthy items for shopping in Hoi An

Tailor-made clothes

With the development of fashion and tourism, if you are talking about the best tailoring cities on Earth, it would be a mistake if you miss Hoi An. Thanks to the quality tailoring services at a reasonable price, they become a suitable destination for shopping in Hoi An. Most of the tailor stores in Hoi An are family-owned shops which gained massive popularity among travelers for its extensive textile collection and impeccable tailoring services.

shopping in hoi an

You can easily get a made-to-measure outfit when shopping in Hoi An – Image:

On the main road of Hoi An ancient town (Tran Phu, Bach Dang, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Le Loi), there are many fashion shops with all kinds of fabrics. The joy of this service is that you will involve in the customization process. They will let you choose the style, select the fabrics then finally take your measurements. Even if you only have a day in Hoi An, you can still have your desired clothes made in about 3 to 4 hours. Moreover, if you don’t have time to wait, you can leave your measurements and address and leave. The everything’s finished, shops will send the final product to you.

shopping in hoi an

The fashion industry in Hoi An is different from others buy the unique fabric and pattern – Image:

Recommended fashion shops in Hoi An:

>> Diem Diem travel and clothes

>> Ocche Boutique

>> Yaly

>> AoBaBa

>> Hoi An Silk Village

>> Metiseko


Hoi An is sunny all year round, with the average temperature is about 25 Celcius degree. However, this used to be a busy harbor crowded of Western ships from France, German, Holland, etc centuries ago. They probably came here bringing with them the technique of making shoes and winter clothes which is still maintained.

shopping in hoi an

Shoe street – an ideal destination for shopping in Hoi An – Image:

The diversity of types of shoes in Hoi An will definitely satisfy you a shopping addict. You can choose from wooden clogs, lovely sandals to luxury high heels here. The sales are so enthusiastic and hospitable that you will probably find your favorite shoes in Hoi An.

shopping in hoi an

Shopping in Hoi An, you will be able to get your own unique shoes within 3-4 hours – Image:

Leather is imported from Malaysia, Philipines, Indonesia then sewed into unique shoes is a popular product among Western customers. They will take your measurements, then suggest some suitable models of shoes. After 12 hours, you will be able to try on the special unique shoes.

Recommend shops:

>> Le Phan

Souvenir – thing you should not miss when shopping in Hoi An

Around the main streets, there is a wide range of places for shopping in Hoi An. You can choose from many services such as fashion shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and especially wonderful souvenir shops. If you want something to remind you about this trip, there’s no way to leave without buying some of these:

shopping in hoi an

Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs when shopping in Hoi An! – Image:

Silk lantern

When coming to Hoi An, you will see colorful lanterns hung along the street. It has become a must-buy item when shopping in Hoi An. The lantern is made of bamboo and silk fabric. It has a variety of colors and patterns, expressing the sophistication and talent of the Vietnamese artists. This characteristic makes it become a unique interior decoration. Moreover, lanterns in Hoi An are beautiful, light, and can be folded into a small piece. Therefore, it’s an ideal souvenir for your friends in your hometown.

shopping in hoi an

It’s better to purchase a lantern at night because you will be able to see how it looks like when lit up.

Notably, the best time to buy lanterns in Hoi An in the evening. It is because, at that time, you can see exactly how they look like after lit up.

Chopsticks and other wooden dining utensils

Vietnam is one of a few Asian countries using chopstick in their daily meal. This is a must-have item on the table of Vietnamese people. So chopsticks must be the most “Asian” souvenir that you should bring home. In addition to that, you will be able to find here most of the dining utensils made of wood. It would be great to have dinner and remember your wonderful time in this world heritage town.

shopping in hoi an

Wooden decorations in Hoi An.


Besides lanterns, shoes, clothes, one more thing you should not skip when shopping in Hoi An artwork. Two signature kinds of artwork in Hoi An is carpentry and oil-painting.

Around the main streets, there are nearly one hundred galleries, which called “picture street” or “picture market”. This is where a huge force of artists gather and create their work at the price of millions dong. Most of the artworks are about scenes of elegant Vietnamese women in ao dai or non la. Besides, you can find here many pieces of art consisting of Vietnam’s landscape.

shopping in hoi an

You can visit the galleries along the main streets to buy an oil painting when shopping in Hoi An – Image: Travis Hodges.

Otherwise, after 10 minutes crossing the river, you will set foot on Kim Bong carpentry village. This village is the hometown of many skillful carpenters. Their works also are on a high level of art.


You must have heard about the reputation of Vietnamese cuisine. So that the best way to bring a part of it to your friend is looking for some specialties.

shopping in hoi an

Mungbean cake is another Hoi An specialty you shouldn’t skip while shopping in Hoi An.

One of the most popular snack you must purchase when shopping in Hoi An is the Mungbean cake. The Hoi An mungbean cake is distinguished with other places’ by the meat inside in an eye-catching shape. You can buy the most delicious mungbean cake at 63 Le Loi Street.


What’s more, one more thing you would come up with when shopping in Hoi An is hand-made jewelry. If you are a fan of Pandora charms, be alert if you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. The dazzling jewelry ranges from bracelets rings to charms, necklaces, earrings, and so on at a “dirt cheap” price.

shopping in hoi an

A man is making a silver bracelet by hand in Hoi An – Image: Travis Hodges.

Recommended shops:

>> Ngoc Diep

>> Phuong Mai

>> Phuoc Thinh

>> Ball And Bee

>> Bloom

>> Lifestar Foundation

>> Sunday

Notable tips for shopping in Hoi An:

If you are coming to Hoi An with a full wallet and an empty suitcase, I hope the information for shopping in Hoi An above will give you a hand to get your suitcase filled up. But before digging into this paradise, you should keep these tips in mind:

  • Not everything is deserved your purchased. If you suddenly fall for an item, keep calm and look around more, you can find another one with a bargain price.
  • When you decide to buy some clothes, you’d better make sure to check the fabric thoroughly for its quality before placing the order.
  • You can go to Hoi An market to shop for fabric then have your outfits made at a cheaper price.
  • Sometimes a local might jump out trying to take you to the ‘best tailoring shop” It’s time to turn your scam-detective mode on. It’s likely that they would lead you to the shop that “pay them most” instead of the “best shop”.
  • It’s quite sad that most of the owners try to double or even triple the price just because you are a foreigner. That’s why you need to bargain as much as you can to save yourself.