Hoi An food market will satisfy your craving for Vietnamese food
Hoi An food market

Two biggest Hoi An food market will satisfy your craving for food

The wet market is a significant beauty of the Southeast Asian countries. It is not only a place where people come to find fresh but cheap material for their meals but also is a paradise of food. Especially, the older the city, the more beautiful the market. It is the reason why you should not miss out Hoi An food market to enjoy the tasty dishes like a local.

Even though you can find so many small stalls on the streets which sell specialties of Hoi An. It is worthy to experience Hoi An food market. It is not a place to eat but a place of time mark. With the warm colors and mossy walls, you will feel like walking through the time to be back to the old days of the ancient town.

Hereunder, we list two biggest Hoi An food market where you can come to enjoy the local taste.

Central Market – The best Hoi An food market

hoi an central market is a great place to explore the local cuisine

Hoi An central market is an ideal place for tourists to try the local traditional food – Image: @Travel_jsk.

Hoi An Central Market is located in the heart of the World Heritage Site. It spreads over a square area which is covered by Tran Quy Cap, Tieu La, Bach Dang, and Tran Phu street. This is an interesting place that will satisfy your eyes, mind, and your stomach with tons of food stall. It opens from the early morning until 9 PM. Since the city was recognized as the World Heritage Site, the local government did a plan to reorder the stalls in the market. All of the fresh food stalls moved to the back of the market which is outdoor on Bach Dang street. The souvenirs, fresh fruits, and other dried foods are placed along with the market which is on Tieu La and Tran Quy Cap streets. The rest space inside the market is for food and drink stalls. Let’s start a wonderful food journey!

Traditional food inside the market

Most of the traditional foods in this Hoi An food market are in the small stalls inside the market. There are two lines with a passage between them. There are not only tourists to come here to try the famous specialties but also local people. This is a place where the locals come for breakfast, lunch, and even evening.

inside hoi an food market, there is a diversification of traditional dishes

This market opens every day from early morning until 9 PM – Image: @Ryona.

Here in Hoi An Central Market, there is a variety of food. All of them are the local foods which are really familiar with people in Hoi An. There are not only traditionally famous dishes, but also the daily ones in a family meal.

There are Quang noodles, Cao Lau, white rose, and spring roll which are the most famous dishes of Hoi An food. Besides, you can also try dumpling, grilled pork noodles, grilled pork roll, fried wonton. Moreover, you, of course, can find chicken rice which is the most famous specialty of Hoi An in here. Additionally, daily dishes such as rice with fried fish, steam pork are also available for you to try the local family meal. Most of the dishes in this Hoi An food market have the same taste among the stalls. Therefore, you can feel free to pick any one of them for your experience.

Street food around the market

Tasty street foods in front of the market gate is also worthy to try

In front of the market gate, there are some peddlers serve tasty street food – Image: @Ashish.bajracharya.

When the night falls, there are so many peddling stalls around the market. When you visit Vietnam, do not underestimate the taste of these peddling foods. The street vendors will serve food in only a short time and finish fast. You can take a short walk around this Hoi An food market to find the different dishes. The most delicious one must be grilled pork sticks in front of the market gate. Moreover, you also can try the sweet soup and fresh fruit nack in this area.

Night market

Hoi An night market is located on Nguyen Hoang street. It spreads over a length of 300 meters street. At night, there are thousands of people to come here to enjoy the crowded and exciting vibe of an ancient town. There are local street foods, traditional dishes, and so many interesting and sparkling souvenirs. The most worthy souvenirs in this market might be handicraft products. They have the local pattern style so that they are the great souvenirs of Hoi An trip. Hoi An night market usually opens from 7 PM to 9:30 PM every day.

hoi an food market

There are so many tasty street food and local dishes in night market – Image: @Jufridbz.

If Hoi An Central market provides tourists with traditional and specialties, Hoi An night market serves a diversified cuisine. There are not only local foods but also the ones that they learn from other countries. These dishes include Thai food, Chineses, and Korean foods. Moreover, most of the foods here are the famous street foods with impressive tastes. There are BBQ sticks which are from chicken, pork, and bell peppers. Moreover, you can try a famous Thai ice cream which is called roll ice cream. Besides, the most famous ice cream of Hoi An is Kem Ong is also available in this Hoi An food market. They usually sell these ice creams on a motorbike with a big bin.

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BBQ food in Hoi An night market

BBQ is a worthy food to try in Hoi An night market – Image: @Savourandbloom.

Additionally, there is a diversified of grilled rice paper cake. The most famous ones are grilled rice paper with beef, eggs, or pate. This is a traditional type of local. Besides, there is another Thai food which you can see popularly in Thai night markets. It is the banana crepe. Moreover, other local snacks are also available in this market such as fried peanuts, jerky, or dried chicken fiber.


It does not need you to go to restaurants or famous food spots to try food in Hoi An. Spend time to explore Hoi An food market and enjoy the exciting vibe like a local.