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danang car rental with driver

Trustable Danang car rental with driver

The transportation in Vietnam is quite complex to foreigners in the first time coming here. Moreover, Vietnamese drive on the right side. It causes some confusions and difficulties for the foreigner drivers. It is the same with Danang city. Hence, the best solution for this case is to have a Danang car rental with driver to show you around the city. Hereunder, some trustable Danang car rental services with speaking English driver are listed for you to choose.

Kha Tran car rental

Kha Tran is a Danang car rental with driver which has two offices. The head one is in Hue city and another office is in Danang. This service was established in 2011. Therefore, their experiences in driving and showing the city to tourists are really good. Additionally, Kha Tran chooses drivers carefully. Their drivers’ standards are strict so that they can make sure for the safety of tourists. Thus, all the drivers here have great skills in not only driving but also solving unexpected problems and tourism knowledge.

car rental service with driver in danang

Having a car rental with a driver gives you more chances to enjoy the amazing sightseeing on the road.

Kha Tran car rental with driver provides tours around the cities such as Danang, Hue, and Hoi An. Besides, they also drive tourists from this city to another one. Their services include private cars with or without driver and long term rentals. There are different sizes of cars from 4 seats to 45 seats. Additionally, they offer a wide range of car brands from popular to luxury for you to choose.


Address: 12 Bui Xuan Phai street, Hai Chau district.

Tel: (+84) 916 510 201 – (+84) 34 797 6789.

Da Nang Transfer – Danang car rental with driver service

Da Nang Transfer is a top trustable Danang car rental with driver. They guarantee to provide cheaper prices than others such as traditional taxi, Grab, or Uber. Additionally, the cars here are new ones with very comfortable conditions. There are air conditioners, wifi, water, and tissue inside the cars for free. Furthermore, their drivers are trained carefully and standardized. They have not only good driving skills but also great experiences in solving problems and making customers satisfied with their kindness. Moreover, the English skills of drivers here are good. Therefore, they can help you out during the trip.

When using services in Da Nang Transfer, customers need to pay neither extra costs nor deposits. Payment will occur when they finish the trip and give it directly to the driver. Da Nang Transfer offers tours in Danang city mainly. Moreover, they also drive tourists between Danang and Hue, Hoi An as well.

rent a car in danang

The drivers of these rental services have valid driving licenses.


Address: Number 68 B1.94 Hoa Xuan Zone, Cam Le district.

Tel: +8494 953 7755.

Danang Shuttle

Danang Shuttle provides Danang car rental with driver in Danang and Hoi An area. Moreover, it depends on customers’ needs that they could have a more flexible schedule. Besides car rental with driver, they also offer customers with private cars that customers can drive themselves. The rental here is so competitive. If you would like to find another cheaper rental, they are willing to help by connecting other companies in town. Besides providing customers with the best rental services, they also build a strong network with other car rental providers in the city. There are only providers with great service quality could become their partners so that they can together bring the best experiences the tourists.

Additionally, Danang Shuttle also offers Seaport transfer among Danang, Hoi An, and Hue. Moreover, they have sharing ride as well.


Tel: +84 823 77 3333.

VM Car – Danang car rental with driver

having a driver help you so much in Danang

Keep you safe from the complicated transportation in Danang with a car rental with a driver.

VM Car is one of the most trustable Danang car rental with driver. They offer customers with the journey inside Danang city, from there to Hue and Hoi An too. When traveling with VM Car, customers could feel safe and satisfied. The drivers are selected carefully. They need to satisfy criteria such as international driving license, English communicating skills, and issue solving skills. Moreover, VM Car drivers are familiar with the routes. Hence, they know where and when should go to a destination. Additionally, they are the ones who give true and trustable recommendations for you to have a better trip.

CM Car provides a full convenient service including free water, wifi, and tissue inside the cars. They aim to bring the best experience and the most convenient enjoyment in Vietnam. Even their office is in Hoi An ancient town, if you want to rent a car, they are willing to drive from Hoi An to Danang to pick you up.


Address: 93 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Hoi An city.

Tel: +84 919 59 1234 (Mr Ben) or +84 399 012 553 (Ms Trang).

Vietnam Budget Car Rental

This service provides Danang car rental with driver at a good quality service. Vietnam Budget Car Rental offers good drivers who have a valid driving license, English speaking skills, and good knowledge about tourism. However, you should not expect that your driver will be your private tour guide too. Because their English is not that good enough to show you all the information about the destinations.

danang car

With a driver, you do not need to worry even when traveling at night since he is familiar with the routes.

Besides the office in Danang, Vietnam Budget Car Rental has its head office in Ho Chi Minh city. Moreover, Vietnam Budget Car Rental also provides services in other places such as Hoi An, Nha Trang, Ha Noi, and so on. They offer customers with new cars and comfortable conditions to enjoy the trip. Additionally, they have a flexible schedule that can moderate as customers’ need so that they could have a better experience.


Tel: +84 934 189 301.


In conclusion, traveling to Danang is always a great experience since its natural sightseeing is amazing and local food is delicious. However, the transportation is quite complicated to foreigners. Therefore, it is better and much safer if you have a Danang car rental with driver help you to drive. Furthermore, you even have more chances to enjoy the sightseeing on the roads and relax during the trip. Visit our service to see more car rental services so that you could have the right decisions and enjoy your trip.