Beside private motorbike, is there any other transportation in Danang?
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Beside private motorbike, is there any other transportation in Danang?

Danang is a fantastic city with many spots for your exploration. Renting your own motorcycle and driving around is one of the best ways to discover this city. However, it’s likely that you don’t know how to ride a motorbike, or simply afraid of the traffic jam. In this case, you can opt among transportation in Danang to take a taxi, a bus or the motorcycle taxi.

transportation in Danang traffic

It may be hard for you to ride a motorbike in this kind of crazy traffic in Danang – Image:

Danang Bus – “newbie” transportation in Danang

One of the most common public transportation in Danang is the bus. This 2-year-old bus system has been a reputable means of transport of not only residents but also tourists. Moreover, it contributes to reducing traffic jams and minimizing traffic accidents in Danang city.

Moreover, DanaBus has reasonable routes going through most tourist attractions, shopping centers as well as other entertainment hubs. With a very low price (5,000vnd/passenger/turn), it turns out to be ideal transportation in Danang that you can consider.

Plus, if you plan to travel from Danang to Hoi An and vice versa, you can take a bus within 20,000vnd/ticket.

transportation in Danang bus

DanaBus is the youngest public transportation in Danang – Image:

You can get access to for more information about the bus map.

Taxi – traditional transportation in Danang

Before the bus was born, taxi is the most favorite transportation in Danang. There are many taxi branches in Danang market. Taxis are available everywhere in Da Nang, particularly nearby hotels, tourist attractions, and shopping malls. Moreover, taxi scams are quite rare here.

  • Airport Taxi: 0236.
  • Huong Lua Taxi: 0236.
  • Mai Linh Taxi: 0236.
  • Song Han Taxi: 0236.
  • Tien Sa Taxi: 0236.
  • VinaSun Green Taxi: 0236.
  • Datranco Taxi: 0236.3.815.815
transportation in Danang taxi

Taxi is popular transportation in Danang – Image:

Among them, Mai Linh Taxi, VinaSun Green Taxi, and Tien Sa Taxi are the 3 largest taxi companies. You can catch one of these 3 taxi companies almost everywhere in Da Nang city. Tien Sa Taxi fare is cheaper, offers free wifi.

Motorcycle taxi – “specialty” transportation in Danang

Thanks to the spacious roadways, bridges, and walkways as well as budget-friendly public transportation in Danang, it’s fairly convenient getting around here compared to other cities in Vietnam. Traveling on the motorcycle is a good way to explore every corner of Danang without hurting your budget so much.

It’s called “xe om” in Vietnamese, which means “hugging motorbike”. It’s because when sitting behind the rider on the motorbike, you have to hug them not to fall down the road. Though it might be weird hugging a stranger, it makes Vietnam become one of the friendliest countries on earth.

transportation in Danang xe om

At every street corner, you can easily find this means of transportation in Danang – Image:

You can find riders of this private transportation in Danang parking everywhere. Their favorite spots are the airport, gas station, hospitals, and other popular attractions. However, you should ask for the price before making the deal with them since they are the best scammers!

Grab – hi-tech transportation in Danang

Grab is a mobile application providing taxi drivers and motorcycle riders for those looking for transportation in Danang. All drivers and vehicles must be registered then rigorously tested. Moreover, the quality is constantly checked through the “star-rating system”. In addition, they keep improving the training system and Code of Conduct to ensure a high level of service. So that if you don’t want to spend time dealing with the traditional drivers, this app is right for you.

transportation in Danang grab

Grab with a high-tech platform and high-quality service becomes one of the most favorite transportation in Danang – Image:

>> Take a look at the most popular transportation apps in Danang.


Thanks to public transportation in Danang, you still can enjoy your life here without riding a motorbike. However, owning one to wander around this city is a way to release stress that you may concern.