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  • Phone: 01224 103 610
  • Email: Bookings@TigitMotorbikes.com
  • Website: https://www.tigitmotorbikes.com/

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  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Tigit Motorbike is closed on Sunday


  • Staff: Vietnamese, English


  • Cash in: Vietnam Dong


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15 Cach Mang Thang Tam street, Cam Le district, Da Nang city


Tigit Danang Motorbike rental shop

Separating themselves from the competitors in Da Nang market, Tigit Motorbikes also provides long-distance travel packets besides the motorbike rental service.

Have the similar aim as the competitors, their goal is to keep the motorbikes on the road at all times, and not sitting around in garages collecting dust.

Tigit safe, reliable and trustworthy motorbike rentals and tours

Come to Tigit Danang Motorbike, you have to options for rental packages to choose from: the day rentals or the long distance one.

Especially, for the day rentals, you will start and finish your renting in the same city with a reasonable price.

Besides, the idea of the long distance package is to arrive in any of these cities and pick up a motorbike. Customers can drive the motorbike to a different city and drop the motorbike off at a different office.

The things that should be noticed are which type is scooter and which type is motorcycle. Vision, Liberty, Lead and Air Blade are scooter and the motorcycle ones are Sirius, Wave and Exciter. If you are going to drive around the city and suburban, scooter is the ideal one for you. If you are going to make an adventure trip, motorcycle is considered as a good choice. Above all, make sure that you already know how to shift gears smoothly.

What is more, their outstanding service might be the fully guided motorbike tours. However, they don’t provide that kind of service in Da Nang yet. Ha Noi and Sai Gon are the two places that are running these guided tours.

Now backpackers don’t need to buy cheap and dangerous Chinese motorbikes that can break anywhere on the way. Just go straight to Tigit Motorbike and rent a great quality bike and be the real wanderer!



1 Review
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04-23-2019 (Tuesday)

easy rental

I flew in to Da Nang and picked up my Honda Winner within 1 hour of landing. very easy pick up and drop off service for motorbike rental. Thanks tigit.