Traditional Vietnamese family meal - What do people have in a meal?
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What does it have in a Vietnamese family meal?

A Vietnamese family meal is the unique longevity culture which the local people are so proud of. Therefore, when coming to Vietnam, you should not miss a family meal so that you can experience the most special cultural beauty in our country. However, there is a difference in a family meal of different regions. Thus, when travelling to this country, you should try a Vietnamese family meal to feel the warmness and kindness of the local people.

Vietnamese family meal

Vietnamese family meal is a meaningful tradition of the local that you should not miss out when coming to this country.

Why must we gather in a Vietnamese family meal?

A Vietnamese family meal carries a meaning of union and bonds among generations in a family. Therefore, attendance in a family meal is a must-do to everyone every day. It has become a significant tradition of the local people for thousands of years from the ancestors.

Furthermore, it is time for family members gather and share their stories. Vietnamese people usually have separated breakfast at different times. But lunch and dinner are time for family. People come back home and enjoy the meal with their family. However, nowadays, due to the work and business, people just come back to have a meal together at dinner. They share their day together. It is about work, friends, colleagues, about sadness and happiness. Moreover, all the members have a chance to gather in a Vietnamese family meal so that it can connect members as well as the generations in the family.

Vietnamese family meal

No matter how busy they are, a Vietnamese family meal always a place for them to come back home on time and share their day together.

Etiquette in a Vietnamese family meal

In a traditional Vietnamese family meal, there are some unique etiquettes that show not only the Vietnamese culture but also the Asian. It is one of the ways that people show respect to each other. That is the reason why the Vietnamese have an idiom that when you eat, check the pots and pans, when you sit, check the direction.

First and foremost, the younger must invite the older to enjoy the dishes before the meal starts. Furthermore, the first invitation must be for the oldest male in the meal. Moreover, until there are enough members of a family, the meal starts. The oldest must be the one eat first. After that, others are allowed to pick up their food. In a Vietnamese family meal, you will be easy to see that people pick food up for each other. Specially, when you are a guest of a Vietnamese family. It is a way that Vietnamese express their love and care on the dining table.

Vietnamese family meal

The etiquettes in Vietnamese family meal are not only culture but also have deeply meaning to the local.

One more important thing in a Vietnamese family meal is that woman always sit right next to the rice pot to serve rice for others. It remains from the feudalism in Vietnam for a very long time ago. Even though the feudalism has been ended in Vietnam, there are things became the culture of the local. And it is impossible to remove from the lifestyle of local people. The last but not least, when there are a few pieces left in a meal, you must ask if there is anyone wants it before you pick it up. In spite of the fact that there will be no one say yes, but in the local opinion, that is a way you respect and polite to others. It is the most significant culture of the Vietnamese family meal.

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What do we have in a Vietnamese family meal?

As a tropical country with long historical agriculture, Vietnamese family meal is different from the western country. Furthermore, the dishes which are in a Vietnamese meal are also different from the Southeast Asian countries too. Therefore, you should not miss the chance to try participating in a Vietnamese family meal when coming to visit this country.

Vietnamese family meal

Vietnamese family meal deeply shows their agriculture.

Vietnamese breakfast

Though the Vietnamese respect the gathering in a meal, breakfast is different and is not considered as a Vietnamese family meal. It is not always the time for people to gather. It depends on the time each member in a family starts their day. However, they all usually have homemade breakfast. The woman in a family is the one who wakes up early to prepare the breakfast for the family. The most popular breakfast of a Vietnamese is the bread of Banh My and a cup of soya milk or a bowl of noodles.

Sometimes, people try to change breakfast into another kind of dish. Therefore, besides the two most popular dishes for breakfast which is mentioned above, people also provide other dishes. It can be sticky rice with chicken or pork. The breakfast also can be porridge. There are different types of porridge. For breakfast, the local usually use beans with bone broth.

Vietnamese family meal

Banh my is the most popular breakfast in Vietnam.

Which dishes include in a Vietnamese family meal?

To be standard, a Vietnamese family meal must have rice, soup, fried or steam dish and a bowl of fish sauce with chilli. It is the consequence of agriculture. In the developing economy, people use their products more than imported ones. Therefore, in a Vietnamese meal, there are always fish and vegetables. Of course, it does not mention about rice.

Normally, in a Vietnamese family meal, it always has a fried vegetable dish or a bowl of vegetable soup. It is a habit in the cuisine culture of the local. A meal cannot miss vegetables. Even when you have a bowl of noodles or a bread of Banh My, they always have a dish of vegetables for you.

Vietnamese family meal

A Vietnamese family meal is one of the nostalgias to those who live far from home.

In a meal, each one has a set of small bowl and chopsticks. Rice and other dishes are put in the common dishes so that people can eat and share together. It is the most unique culture of Vietnamese cuisine. Using chopsticks is the most difficult thing for foreigners when having a meal with the Vietnamese. In the local opinion, every adult has to know to use chopsticks in the meal. However, it does not mean that everybody knows to use chopsticks naturally. Every local has to learn to use the chopsticks. Therefore, you do not need to feel shame when being failed to use chopsticks for the first time.

In conclusion, a Vietnamese family meal is not only a traditional culture of the local but also shows the agriculture and the historical ruins of the country. With that remarkable meaning, the local still keep the family meal culture until now with high respect.