Top Youtube singers in Vietnam might make you addicted to
top youtube singers

Top Youtube singers in Vietnam make you addict to

Music is an essential part of the Vietnamese people. If you are trying to live like a local, catching up with the local trending music is one of a great way. Hereunder, we introduce to you the top Youtube singers in Vietnam that could make you addicted to their amazing songs.

Son Tung MTP – #1 top Youtube singers in Vietnam

If you ask any of Vietnamese people, no one does not know about the name Son Tung MTP. He is known in the top Youtube singers in Vietnam. Every of his music video released reaches the number one in all Vietnamese top charts in just a few days.

His first hit is “Con mua ngang qua” which he recorded and released on Zing MP3. This is the most popular local music player in Vietnam. After two months, it reached almost 2 million streaming. And he was famous from then. He started his career as a professional songwriter and singer in 2012. Until now, all of his songs are hits on either MP3 player platforms and Youtube.

son tung mtp is the #1 trending on top youtube singers in Vietnam

The latest MV Hay Trao Cho Anh by Son Tung MTP is now top #1 trending on Youtube in Vietnam – Image: Son Tung MTP.

His fan club is also the strongest and biggest community in Vietnam. Most of them are teenagers. However, there is also a big number of adult.

There are some recommended songs of Son Tung MPT that you should listen to:

Hay trao cho anh – ft. Snoop Dogg. This is his latest song which reached 10 million views on Youtube after 48 hours released.

Other songs: Lac Troi, Noi nay co anh, Chung ta khong thuoc ve nhau.

Den – One of the top Youtube singers in the Rap music genre

Den has become a famous name in the Underground community in Vietnam for these years. He is a songwriter and singer who specifies in the Rap genre. Den is one of the top Youtube singers. He owns the millions of views hits on Youtube, not because of the creative lyrics but also the unique style. His songs use common and friendly words. The young people can find their own images in the songs. Therefore, Den’s songs are easy to reach rap fans.

den is one of top youtube singers in rap genre

Den is a famous name in the Underground community and his songs are so unique, impressive – Image: Den Vau.

The very first song of Den that made him become famous is “Dua nhau di tron”. In which he sings with Linh Cao who is also a famous underground singer this time. After this hit, he started writing more rap songs. However, it is not because of the pressure of must-write new songs that he lost his style. In contrast, each song of Den always brings to listeners simple values that they could find in their daily life. Moreover, these songs also reflect the deepest desire of people in everyday living.

Recently, he just has released a new song named “2 trieu nam” (2 million years). After one week, the music video reached the top 1 trending of Youtube in Vietnam with 10 million views.

Other songs: Bai nay chill phet, Anh dech can gi nhieu ngoai em, Muoi nam.

My Tam – The solid monument of Vietnam pop music

While there are so many new singers become trending on Youtube in a short time then disappear, My Tam is like a solid monument of Vietnam pop music for years. She is not only one of the top Youtube singers but also a songwriter and film director and actress. My Tam has a great background when she gets so many achievements in music contests. Moreover, she is one of the rare Vietnamese singers win the international music prices MTV, Asian rewards, and top 10 Billboard World Album. She specifies in pop, rock, and R&B genres. Meanwhile, young people may know of other top Youtube singers, My Tam is known by all of the Vietnamese including children, the young, and old people. Her music does not target a specific audience. In contrast, it can approach everyone.

My Tam is a solid monument of Vietnamese music

My Tam is a songwriter, singer, actress, and film director – Image: My tam.

Her very first album is “Mai yeu” which was released in 2001. The next one was “Dau chi rieng em” in 2002. Her albums have so many times reach the best seller in Vietnam. Moreover, music videos of My Tam also Youtube always get great numbers of views.

Some recommended songs to listen to: Nguoi hay quen em di, Noi minh dung chan, Duong nhu ta da, Niem tin chien thang.

Ha Anh Tuan – The first love of every Vietnamese girl

Ha Anh Tuan is not only one of the top Youtube singers in Vietnam but also is the first love of every Vietnamese girl. It is because of his appearance as well as the sweet songs he has performed. Ha Anh Tuan specifies in R&B and pop genre. Most of them are love songs which are so sweet and emotional. Moreover, his style is romantic from the voice to the fashion theme. Therefore, he catches the heart of teenagers and even girl adults in Vietnam.

Ha Anh Tuan is the first love of all Vietnamese girls.

Ha Anh Tuan with an elegant style, warm voice, and the romantic song is the first love of every Vietnamese girl – Image: Ha Anh Tuan.

Ha Anh Tuan was in the top 3 of a famous Vietnamese contest. However, after releasing some albums, he was back to the business. Recently, Ha Anh Tuan has come back amazingly. He covered all the old famous pop songs of the 90s. Moreover, the simple but elegant style of music videos look like a normal tea time with friends makes it more impressive. Local people say that it is the best coming back ever in Vietnamese music. It is not too noisy, no ostentation. It is delicate and light. Thus, even he has not appeared in a long time, when coming back, he is still the first love of every Vietnamese girl.

Some recommendations for Ha Anh Tuan music: SEE SING SHARE series, Co chang trai viet len cay, Thang tu la loi noi doi cua em.


Vietnamese music has had a big change these years. It is not in a shape anymore. In fact, there are so many new and young top Youtube singers that they can not only sing well but also write brilliantly. Besides the singers that are listed above, there are so many others that you should listen to their music to catch up with the local music trending. They include Hoang Thuy Linh (“De mi noi cho ma nghe” song), Min (“Dung yeu nua em met roi” song), Huong Tram (“Em gai mua” song), and so on.