Yoga in Da Nang - Top places give you a healthy and balance life
yoga in da nang

Top yoga in Da Nang gives you healthy lifestyle

In modern life that people get pressure from work, finance, and other problems. They need something to balance their life more than ever. Among different methods, people prefer yoga as a way to find peace of mind as well as lose weight. Hereunder, we show you which yoga in Da Nang you should spend time on.

California Fitness & Yoga in Da Nang

With trainers from India, a yoga class in California club will bring to you more efficient than you think. Besides, this is a luxurious style of yoga in Da Nang that there are so many celebrities in the country spend time here. When you join a yoga class in California club, you will have the chance to burn more calories than usual. The varied postures during yoga time have an exact impact on different parts of the body. So that it can focus on the purposes that you are aiming to. Moreover, yoga also helps to detoxicate from the body. So that you could keep the balance for your body. Additionally, it pushes your stress away after a long working day.

learning yoga in da nang could help you find the balance of life

Yoga helps to keep the balance of life, including physical, mental, and spiritual factors – Image: Kike Vega.

Address: 2nd floor, 271 Nguyen Van Linh street.

Tel: (0236) 7109 299.

Open time: 5:00 – 10:00 from Monday to Sunday.

Yoga class at Elite Fitness center

Yoga class at Elite Fitness center is held with the training of yoga experts from India. Furthermore, with the modern facilities in this yoga in Da Nang, the exercises will show their most effective. When doing yoga here, you will find the unity of the body, mind, and breath. You spend time doing yoga at Elite, it means you are trying to bring relaxation to the muscle, bones, and improve the flexibility of your body. Moreover, it helps to decrease the pressure and sorrows in your life. Thus, you can feel the happiness and peace in every breath.

Yoga class in Elite center has different schedules. There are a basic and advanced yoga class or yoga with auxiliary tools.

Address: 7th and 8th floors, Vinh Trung Plaza, 255 – 257 Hung Vuong street.

Tel: 023 6730 8088.

Open time: 06:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Friday.

From 07:00 AM to 20:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Nadi yoga in Da Nang

There is a varies yoga class in the Nadi yoga in Da Nang. They include Vinayasha yoga, yoga Hatha basic, or yoga for office. Moreover, there is a special yoga class for pregnant women in Nadi yoga. Thus, young mommies could spend time to not only relax but also keep a great body shape and maintain a good balance for birth. At Nadi yoga, trainees will have the chance to practice with expert yoga trainers who are the local and from India. When you spend time to learn yoga in Nadi, it is not only to burn calories but also find peace for your mind.

Yoga has origin from ancient India

Yoga is not only for female but male also can come to join and maintain a good health – Image: Anupam Mahapatra.

Address: 4th floor, 719 Ngo Quyen street.

Tel: 0912 629 687.

Open time: 05:30 – 19:00 from Monday to Sunday.

Funny Fitness & Yoga

Funny Fitness & Yoga in Da Nang is a special space since it looks so green and airy. There is plenty of trees inside the room. It makes the yoga space greener and fresher. Additionally, the wall is covered with the mirrors which make it look more spacious and brighter.

Trainees come to Funny Fitness & Yoga will have the chance to practice with yoga experts from India which is known as the land of yoga. Moreover, their movements and postures are so smooth that help you to have good exercises. Furthermore, the facilities here could bring you convenience. There are private bathrooms which you can use after practicing hours. They equip the hot and cold shower system so that is more convenient in the winter. Additionally, Funny Fitness & Yoga also has a spa center. Thus, you still can spend time for beauty care besides practicing yoga.

Address: 43 Do Quang street.

Tel: 02363 525 626.

Open time: 05:00 – 21:00 from Monday to Sunday.

Yoga in Da Nang

Yoga has the origin from ancient India which helps people find peace in their mind – Image: Indian Yogi.

Hamy yoga in Da Nang city

This is a local simple yoga in Da Nang city which was established by a yoga lover. She started her club to share the yoga spirit to others as a way to keep a healthy life. After a long time of hard working, she was successful to build a small community of yoga in the city. Most of the trainees come to her class have some problems with their health. They might have neck pain, bone issues or cardiovascular problems. They come to find the balance in their life. Moreover, they also look for better blood circulation. The most important reason is that they need to reduce the pressure and sorrows to find peace in mind. Thus, they can have a positive attitude to fight against their health problems.

doing yoga everyday helps to reduce disease potential

Yoga helps your health better and decrease the ability of disease – Image: Fezbot2000.

This is not only a yoga class but a group of friends sharing their life stories together. Hence, each class is time for either practicing or getting closer among friends. Thus, when coming here, you will have the chance to not only doing yoga but also make friends with the local. Moreover, it is also a great chance to find happy moments for life in the new town.

Address: K30/16/1 Tran Phu street.

Tel: 0905 360 890.

Open time: 07:45 – 20:30 from Monday to Sunday.


Yoga is a group of physical, spiritual, and mental exercises. Therefore, it does not only have an impact on the body to maintain an ideal shape. But yoga also helps to balance life, keeps a good mind to make your life wonderful. Yoga in Da Nang does not develop fast. Hence, it still keeps the main spirit to educate people of an ancient Indian way to find peace of mind.