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trustable websites to look for house in saigon

Top trustable websites when finding a house in Saigon?

The real estate in Saigon is still hot as it was before even years have passed. Finding a house in Saigon is more and more difficult when there are so many real estate websites and you do not know which one to be trusted. Especially for foreigners, finding a house in Saigon likes a challenge. 

In Vietnam, most of the real estate transactions are based on the agent which is the traditional methods for years. They will do all the work from finding you a suitable unit to doing related documents. And event finding for your extra services. Additionally, people now prefer choosing the internet as the main channel for real estate transactions. It is due to their saving cost and time.

looking for house in saigon

A trustable website gives you the chance to find good house – Image: Tierra Mallorca.

However, everything has two sides. The rapidly growing of real estate websites gives you more option to choosing a house in Saigon. It also makes you confused about choosing which one to trust. But do not worry, this article will show you top 3 trusted real estate websites to find a house in Saigon.

Find a house in Saigon will not that hard with

Known as the number one real estate website in Vietnam, is worthy for you to trust when finding a house in Saigon. This website is now on the solid course to seize the firm position of a website. It provides information on and around the real estate field. This information is in the most effective manner. It satisfies a wide variety of demands from visitors.

Compare to rivals in the same field, has always Google ranked higher in the list of finding a house in specifically and real estate in Vietnam in general. Additionally, by entering real estate related Vietnamese keywords into the search box. has secured the top position on the first result page. 

trustable websites help to save time of finding house

Wrong information from a bad website might cause you many risks – Image: Kaitlyn Baker.

Furthermore, is a user-centric website not only for finding a house but also for any real estate related issue. When you searching for a house in Saigon in the previous times, the listings in the same region with that searching history will be still displayed in the next browse time. All those specifically-tailored listings are grouped in the section “Listings for you”.

This website is continuously updated and presented in both English and Vietnamese. It satisfies the demand for a large amount of real estate information. Additionally, it meets the need of the increasing of the property information. Furthermore, it also meets the need of visitors for a wide range of inquiries.

The site provides information about real estate as well as a house in Saigon, Furthermore, it also gives visitors advice on architecture, construction, exterior decoration, interiors. Moreover, you can find information related to legal issues and feng shui here.

there might be so many risks when finding wrong information on websites

In order to save the time of searching for a house, a trustable website will help you out – Image: Annie Spratt.

Information of Saigon real estate is trusted on

One of the tops of mind for both landlords, brokers, and renters when mentioning the website for finding a house in Saigon is This website is a great source of providing online solutions for real estate issues. It is not only useful for landlords, brokers, renters but also is a great place for marketers. is one of the first choices appears in mind real estate people. They are investors, brokers or any individuals who are working on transactions related to Saigon property. Because of the quick update of this site, it always is in the top of options for those who are active in this field. Not only information about the house but other information in the real estate market and details on upcoming real estate projects are updated frequently on this website. There are up to 8,000 news posted on every day. So that it is easy to understand why people consider it as the top website of finding a house.

finding property

Saigon property develops so strong and fast that the information on websites might be jam – Image: John Schnobrich.

To marketers, this site likes a paradise of data. Because you can see the most basic data of the real estate field in Vietnam by just a quick look at this site. Therefore, to exactly targeting the right customers who are finding a house in Saigon, browse is the right action marketers have ever made.

There is only one thing that restricts this site to not as strong as is that it does not have English user-friendly interface. However, it does not matter for foreigners since you can use other tools to translate the short news of house for rent. It is easy nowadays with the strong development of technology.

A new world for a house in Saigon on is a website that provides fastest and most accurate information of house in Saigon. Therefore, it is listed in this top 3 website for finding a house. Not stop at the domestic real estate information, also provides international real estate information. Furthermore, it is fast and accurately as well. 

trustable information to find a good property

Trustable websites for finding house help it to be easier to find a right house – Image: Corinne Kutz.

With the support of advanced technology, visitors can find any information related to a Saigon property as well as other real estate transactions. They are transactions of lands, apartments, houses and so on. One thing makes this site become trusted and famous in this field is that it provides information about transactions along by Vietnam. You can find the information on the latest update of market by hours, detail projects listings. Furthermore, there are advances about feng shui, legal issues on the site. Therefore, this is a hub for those who are active in this field. is a connection between the house in Saigon owners and renters, sellers and buyers, corporations and corporations. So that it brings the highest benefits to every party. provides these following main services:

  • Advertisement of the house in Saigon;
  • Information about land and house;
  • Advertisement, PR for products and services of third parties.

These are top 3 websites of finding a house in Saigon that may be useful both Vietnamese or foreigners visitors.