Da Nang night club - Top 5 most exciting and wonderful places to shake
New Phuong Dong is the oldest Da Nang night club

Top 5 most excited Da Nang night club

Your schedule of Da Nang trip is full at daylight but you do not know what to do at night? There are so many tourists when come to Da Nang city see it as a peaceful city without modern entertainment hubs. Therefore, they almost forget that Da Nang also has a vibrant nightlife. The most popular types of nightlife entertainment is Da Nang night club. In those spaces, there are not only foreigners but also tourists around the world gather, enjoy and shake for an unforgettable night. Hereunder, we list the top 5 most exciting night clubs in town for your night schedule interesting and wonderful.

Sky36 – The highest Da Nang night club

Sky36 Club is the most favorite place of those who have a determined interest in Da Nang night club. It is located on the 36th floor of Novotel Danang Premier Han River. The bar design is an open space which has an amazing view not only of the Han river but also the whole city at night. There are neon-lit fixtures in the bar that increase the visual experience. Moreover, the audio visual systems are modern and up-to-date in order to make sure that customers can have the best experience at Sky36.

sky36 is an ideal night club in da nang to find the relaxing moments

Sky36 is the highest rooftop bar in Da Nang until now.

The main music style at Sky36 is EDM, deep house, and hip-hop. Moreover, in the special occasions such as annual parties, there are more interesting activities and participants. Most of the time, Russian dancers will give customers the exciting and super hot performances. Additionally, the appearance of the local musicians and famous bartenders will increase the experience of customer to a higher level. However, keep in mind that because of being the highest rooftop bar in Da Nang and also being in the 5-star international branding hotel, the prices of drinks and snacks here, of course, are much higher than others in town.

Address: 36 Bach Dang street.

New Phuong Dong – One of the oldest modern Da Nang night club

New Phuong Dong is an oldest Da Nang night club which started operating in 1994. Even though so many years have passed, there was a big number of bars have opened and closed, New Phuong Dong still is one of the biggest and most attractive places for nightlife entertainment in town.

New Phuong Dong is the oldest Da Nang night club

Being the oldest bar in Da Nang, New Phuong Dong is always a favorite place for those who love the vibrant space.

The music theme in New Phuong Dong is diversified. There are EDM, house, disco, rock, jazz, and funk. With modern audio visual systems, you will have a wonderful experience when spending night time here. Additionally, the drink quality and taste is really great with the experienced skilled bartenders. You can choose to try cognacs, beers, wines, tequila, or champagnes.

Address: 20 Dong Da street.

F29 – A new luxurious Da Nang night club at the bay

Located on Da Nang bay, F29 Bar and Restaurant is a luxurious and vibrant Da Nang night club. It is on the 29th floor of a 5-star hotel. Moreover, it is in the area of a French fine-dining restaurant which is located on the same floor. The mainstream color is black with the extra red brings a luxury. Additionally, the wooden long salon chairs make an elegance space. F29 Bar and Restaurant is right at where the Han river flows to the sea. It, with the amazing height, gives customers the chance to catch all the city view. Moreover, the Han river flows romantically every night will help your soul to find peace.

f29 is a new luxurious Da Nang night club on Han riverside

F29 is a new luxurious rooftop bar which is located on 29th floor on the Han riverside.

At F29, there is the participant of famous and experienced DJs every night. They will bring to you the chance to enjoy an exciting night with music, lights, and the great drinks. The visual-audio systems is the most modern one in the market since this bar is a new one in Da Nang city.

Address: 01 Le Van Duyet street, Son Tra district.

OQ Lounge Pub

OQ Lounge Pub is one of the most famous Da Nang night club. If you are keen on an exciting vibe, this is definitely your place. The club has an impression architecture with the light systems which can bring the best experiences. Moreover, this is a luxurious space which is designed as the modern style. Thus, your entertaining time would be so exciting and full of emotions. The audio system are the best equipment which could bring the most interesting experiences to customers. There are usually live music shows with the participant of the famous singers in the country. Additionally, there are always DJs performances every night at the club. Therefore, coming here to find the exciting relaxing moments is a perfect choice for your Da Nang trip more wonderful.

Address: 18 – 20 Bach Dang street, Hai Chau district.

OQ is a wellknown pub in town

OQ is a favorite pub of the local young people.

Oasis Tapas Bar in An Thuong area

Oasis Tapas Bar is a favorite Da nang night club among tons of entertainment hubs in town. It keeps attracting tourists and the locals with the special taste and authentic Spanish food and drinks. Moreover, staff are so friendly and helpful. This is an open space that you can come to find a comfortable zone. Besides the great drinks such as cocktails, wines, or premium gins, there are also a range of delicious food. They include 40 types of tapas. You can try stuffed eggplants, Spanish omelette, buffalo mozzarella, and duck crepe. Additionally, it is only 300 meters to My Khe beach which is one of the most six attractive beaches on the planets.

Address: An Thuong 4 street, Ngu Hanh Son district.

Oasis Tapas has an open space

Located on a foreigner street, Oasis Tapas is a well-known place of the tourists when coming to this foreigner hub.


In conclusion, Da Nang city does not only have the imposing natural sightseeing or holly historical and religious destinations. There is also Da Nang night club where you can find the vibrant atmosphere to enjoy a wonderful time. Additionally, the exciting music and famous local DJs will also give you the most exciting moments to make a memorable night in town.