Hoi An Guide: Top 5 Hoi An laundry service offer great experience
Hoi An laundry service Mrs. Thanh

Hoi An Guide: Top 5 Hoi An laundry service offer great experience

Anytime you are going on a trip, especially for a long-time journey, washing clothes is a need. But not choose a laundry shop carelessly because there are many dangers inside. You can infect with skin-disease or get your clothes damaged. Therefore, if you’re looking for Hoi An laundry service, hereunder is the top 5 stores you should consider.

Hoi An Fly Laundry

Address: 14 Cua Dai Street, Hoi An.

Phone number: 0961 172 420

Hoi An Fly Laundry is famous for its high-quality service and friendly staff. No need to mention about the modern facilities, great services is what you’re after. You can place an order through its website, phone call or text message. Within 60 minutes, there will be someone coming to your hotel or place to collect the clothes. Then, after washing, they have door-to-door delivery with clean and fresh clothes on the same day or the next day. Especially, as long as you’re in Hoi An, the pickup and drop-off service are totally free.

Hoi An laundry service Fly Laundry

Fly Laundry is the best Hoi An laundry service recommended by lots of locals and expats – Photo: Internet.

In case you have specifications or notes on your garments, just tell the staff and they will follow your wish. One special thing at Fly Laundry that they prefer air-dry in the sun instead or dryer. However, if you’re in a rush case, they will use the dryer for the faster process.

Fly laundry offers 3 types of service including standard, premium and express package. The standard and premium packages offer the same service that cost $1,49 and $1,99 respectively. Nonetheless, the clothes are washed by hand only if you choose the premium type. The minimum order for these 2 packages is 2 kg. On the other hand, the express one is faster within maximum 4-hour delivery and the minimum order is 3 kg.

Hoi An laundry service Fly Laundry 2

Fly Laundry offers a professional service with different packages – Photo: Internet.

Strive to bring profession in every detail, Fly Laundry is the best Hoi An laundry service that you can’t miss out!

Mrs. THU Hoi An Laundry service

Address: 2/26 Nguyen Hoang Street, Hoi An.

Phone number: 0905 920 246

Website: https://mrsthulaundry.business.site/

Mrs. THU laundry is named after the owner with a warm smile welcoming you. The laundry service is not different from other shops. However, Mrs. THU laundry gains much love from the customers for the professional services and a friendly attitude. Particularly, the clothes smell amazing after washing. Only $1 per kg of clothes, you can experience a fantastic washing service. The clothes will be returned as soon as possible, most on the same day. The shop opens every day from 6 AM to 10 PM.

Hoi An laundry service Mrs. Thu

Mrs. Thu is famous for her hospitability and good service – Photo: Website Mrs. Thu Laundry Hoi An.

Apart from good laundry service, the shop also offers many services for travelers like motorbike rental, daily tours, money exchange, and private car. You can rent a bike with 200,000 VND per day. About the daily tours, there are tours in Danang city, Cham Island and Cam Thanh cooking class. Moreover, you can arrange private cars to Danang, the airport or anywhere you wish. It can be said that Mrs. THU Laundry is the most friendly Hoi An laundry service.

Laundry Hoi An

Address: 08 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Hoi An.

Phone number: 0359 899 702 – 0925 032 464

Website: https://laundryhoian.com/

To make your experience to the best, Laundry Hoi An offers washing services in a simple and perfect way. To place an order, you can visit its website and complete the online request form. Or you can call or text them to collect your clothes at your place.

Hoi An laundry service collect clothes

It’s very convenient when using the services of Laundry Hoi An – Photo: Internet.

Once received, your clothes will be tagged, separated by colors, white and delicates. Furthermore, they even check your pockets carefully and follow your specifications on clothing. After washing, all items are dried in the gas dryer. In particular, they wash each order separately and place a tag through processes to not mix your stuff with others. Then, they iron, fold the clothes neatly and deliver them to you on time. And the great thing is that all of the stages are included in the price at 25,000 VND (about $1.08) per kilo. You don’t need to worry about extra charges.

Hoi An laundry service folded clothes

Many customers have praise for the folding skill of the owners – Photo: Internet.

Laundry Hoi An provides washing service for many kinds of items. With clothing, it costs 25,000 VND per kilo. For shoes, it costs 50,000 VND (about $2.2) per kilo. Referring to the bags, it costs from 40,000 VND ($1.7) to 100,000 VND  ($4.3) per kilo. And it costs 25,000 VND per kilo for others like Duvest, blankets, curtains, bedspreads, cushion covers, etc.

The lovely Vietnamese couple runs the shop always welcome you with a smile and kind service. If you have laundry need, this is one of the best Hoi An laundry service stores.

Mrs. Sa Laundry and More

Address: 142 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoi An.

Phone number: 0935 622 476

Hoi An laundry service Mrs. Sa

Besides laundry service, Mrs. Sa also offers other helpful services – Photo: Internet.

Whenever you pay a visit to Mrs. Sa’s store, she always serves you with a smile. Only $1 for 1 kg of clothes load, you can have back aromatic and clean clothing. Furthermore, she even takes time to iron them before delivering clothes to you. Offering the wonderful Hoi An laundry service, Mrs. Sa Laundry and More also provides bike rental, private car, and cool beers. A funny thing is that most of the customers give praise to her delicious beers. Therefore, if you drop by the shop, do not forget to enjoy a cup of beer. Additionally, they offer to transfer to Danang airport at a cheaper price compared with grab or taxi. So it’s very convenient and save time for you when experiencing many helpful services at only one location.

Mrs. Thanh Laundry

Address: 477 Cua Dai Street, Hoi An.

Phone number: 0934 915 347 – 0935 487 231

Hoi An laundry service Mrs. Thanh

Mrs. Thanh is a great option you can’t miss when in Hoi An – Photo: Internet.

Mrs. Thanh Laundry is a reliable spot you can’t skip when in Hoi An. It nears many hotels and resorts on the same street. Consequently, it helps you to save money and time compared with doing laundry in the hotel. You can drop by the Mrs. Thanh laundry shop in the morning, leave your clothes here and come back in the afternoon to pick up. The service is quick and good, most clothes are returned on the same day as well. For a kilo of clothes, it costs 30,000 VND ( about $1,3). Just enjoy your trip around beautiful Hoi An town and come back with fresh and clean clothes being ironed and folded nicely. However, some customers complained that their white clothes stained so remember to remind the owner carefully before washing.