Top 5 free and best Danang overnight camping sites for a weekend trip
Find Danang overnight camping sites

Top 5 free and best Danang overnight camping sites for a weekend trip

Working all week with the busy city life and stuffy atmosphere will make you exhausted. Therefore, a weekend trip is the best way to heal your body and soul. Let’s see some  Danang overnight camping sites and have a getaway now!

Find Danang overnight camping sites

Where to have the best Danang overnight camping? – Source: Mpora

1. Gieng Troi (Skylight) – Danang overnight camping site for water games

Gieng Troi is located in the middle of a jungle belongs to the Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Danang.

To reach the destination, you have to go through a difficult road with many soils. This way stretches about 10 kilometers from the slopes that near the Ba Na parking area. Because of the dangerous road, many people prefer trekking than going by motorbike. Therefore, this is a favorite Danang overnight camping site for trekking travelers.

After a rough path, you’ll see the magnificent scenery of the green trees and a serene lake. Locals call it “skylight” because when you stand here, you will feel the sun shining down the forest from above. It is a pristine small forest immersed in the sun lights with a 25-meters fall. The fall flows all the year with clean and fresh water.

Danang overnight camping Gieng Troi

The feature of Gieng Troi is a 25-meter fall – Source: Songkhoi WordPress

When coming here, you really live in natural beauty without the noise of city life or any services. Besides, you can join many interesting activities like go fishing, make a raft by wild banana leaves, swimming, etc. Or just simply relax, enjoy the cool air and hear the symphony of nature.

To have a safe and nice camping night at Skylight, you should go in a group and bring enough food as well as drinks along. Oh, don’t forget to pack yourself insect repellent to prevent from many diseases. Gieng Troi will give you a great Danang overnight camping experience and make the journey memorable.

2. Lang Van (Van village) – Danang overnight camping site besides the beach

Lang Van is an ideal Danang overnight camping site. It is a small village lies on the foot of Hai Van Pass, Nam Chon Bay and next to the Isabelle cape.

Due to the separated location, you have to go by boat or walk to come here. For the first choice, you can hire a boat at the Nguyen Tat Thanh beach. And for the walking choice, you have to climb the mountain or go through a railway. Climbing the mountain takes more time but it’s safer than going through the railway.

Danang overnight camping sites van village sunset

Sunset falls down on the sea through a tent view – Source: @leleliiy

Lang Van once was a village for leprosy patients living in the 80s. Through many changes, it’s still a peaceful place with the pristine beauty. When being here, you can watch the beautiful scenery of mountain and sea. It likes a perfect combination of natural beauty. Moreover, the air is so cool and clean so you can have the best relaxation to escape from the busy daily life.

There is no services or any shops here. Hence, if you want to go camping, you should pack for necessary things like a tent, food, drink, warm clothes and so on. In addition, camping in Lang Van is a chance for you to make memories with friends like dance and sing together, play board games, share stories about life, campfire, etc.

3. Hai Van Pass – The best Danang overnight camping site to watch the sunrise

Hai Van Pass with the length of 21 kilometers is one of the most dangerous passes in Vietnam. There are many craggy and abrupt curves so you need to ride at a moderate speed to ensure your safety. Or you can use the motorbikes keeping service to go by bus through Hai Van tunnel.

Connecting Hue and Danang, Hai Van Pass has a very important role. Therefore, when you’re on here, you can watch the panoramic view of Danang as well as the beautiful Lang Co Beach of Hue with the stretching white sand.

To find a good camping spot, from the Hai Van Quan station, you can follow a quite steep road about 2 kilometers. You can go by bike or send your bike to a souvenir shop to walk up. Then, you’ll see a blockhouse and a large ground that you can set the tent. Moreover, from here, you can enjoy the poetic Danang beach scenery.

Danang overnight camping sites hai van pass stary night

Stary night from the Hai Van Pass – Source: Google

When having a Danang overnight camping on Hai Van peak, you can see the sparkling view of the city at night with the calm atmosphere. This is also a chance to get away from the city dust with the clean air. Furthermore, you can immerse in the blurry fog and white clouds. It feels like you’re on heaven and local people call it a “clouds hunting adventure”.

Especially, you can’t miss the sunrise on Hai Van peak. This is one of the best places for enjoying the sunrise in Vietnam. Hence, try to get up early and watch the breathtaking sunrise from the peak. That’s when you realize the true beauty of nature can make you speechless!

4. Ban Co Peak – Enjoy sparkling city view from a Danang overnight camping site

Ban Co Peak or in English it means Chessboard Peak. To explain this, there is a statue of a god in front on the chess board on the peak. According to local people, there were two fairies playing chess here. After many inconclusive days, one god was beaten because he engrossed on the beautiful fairies. Then, he angrily flew to the sky after broke and kick the chess board to the sea. Therefore, now it has a god statue sitting alone with the chess board on the peak. Or for another reason that when you look from here, Danang is like a chess board with adjacent squares.

To reach Ban Co Peak, you have to conquer a small and adventurous road. With many curves and some nearly vertical slopes, you have to go slowly to keep safe. You can go by motorbikes or bicycles to reach the destination. However, you should hire a motorcycle with a strong engine for a trip instead of a scooter.

Danang overnight camping sites ban co peak sunrise

Breathtaking sunrise on the Ban Co Peak – Source: Lodyhelp

You can follow the road leading to Linh Ung Pagoda to access Ban Co Peak. Moreover, on the way, you can visit many attractions like Vong Canh House, helicopter old station, Banya tree, Dong Dinh museum etc.

Set your camp on Ban Co Peak, you will have a chance to watch a wonderful scene of Danang especially at night. When the city lights up, you can enjoy an impressive picture of the shimmering city with the light sound of breeze and crickets. This is a perfect hideout to leave the bustling city life behind and heal your soul.

Particularly, this is also a great Danang overnight camping spot to watch the sunrise. The magical sunrise view will wake you up to start a day with full of energy. And don’t forget to bring along warm clothes due to the low temperature on the mountain.

5. Hoa Trung Lake – Danang overnight camping site with a daydreaming landscape

About 20 kilometers from the city center to the west, Hoa Trung Lake is located at Hoa Lien commune, Hoa Vang district, Danang. To reach the destination, you can go along Au Co street from the central city. Then, in the direction of Ba Na, find Hoa Ninh church and turn left, you’ll see a small road. Keep going at the end of the road, you can meet Hoa Trung Lake.

This is a man-made lake to supply daily water for Hoa Lien and Hoa Son residents. It’s surrounded by yellow grass fields and floating islands so it looks like a landscape painting. It’s an ideal place to have a weekend getaway.

Hoa Trung Lake is famous for young local people to have a picnic or camping. Besides, this is a great location for sightseeing so you can take hundreds of beautiful photos.

Danang overnight camping site Hoa Trung lake poetic view

Enjoy a Danang overnight camping with the poetic view of Hoa Trung Lake – Source: Vo Hong Son

For an exciting experience, you can ask the fish farmers to give a sailing around the lake on the dug-out boats. Or simply enjoy the pretty nice sunset view and tranquil atmosphere.

Because it has not been exploited by tourism companies, you will be fond of the pristine beauty of the lake. Also, the best time to visit Hoa Trung Lake is in October due to the dry season. In addition, you can’t find any services around here so you should prepare food and drink for your Danang overnight camping trip.

With a short time of transporting and easy to reach, these Danang overnight camping sites are the best choices for you to get rid of worries. While you enjoy the magnificent beauties of nature, don’t forget to clean up when leaving. Make a plan now!