Danang luxury apartment for rent that makes your dream home come true
Luxury apartment for rent in Danang

Top 5 Danang luxury apartment that you should not miss out!

A luxury apartment for rent that fit your budget will give you the chance to not only enjoy a wonderful life with full facilities but also a great view of the city. Moreover, it is also a good inspiration for your everyday more energetic. Let’s take a look at these five luxury apartments for rent in Danang city that you should not miss!

danang luxury apartment

A luxury apartment does not only bring a comfortable feeling when you coming back home but also inspires your everyday living – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

Danang luxury apartment near My Khe beach

With the beach view, this Danang luxury apartment will give you a romantic and cool atmosphere to enjoy the wonderful life in this coastal city. Chilling out in a luxury space and watching the blue deep ocean is the most blessing moments in this life.

danang luxury apartment

A simple but luxurious living room with delicate style – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

By using light mainstream colours, this apartment is bright and mild feeling. The living room has a long size long chair where you can have a warm welcoming to the guests. Moreover, the dining table in this space makes it cozy and more convenient for you to enjoy the tasty meals.

danang luxury apartment

The mainstream colour makes a cozy space – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

In the same area, the kitchen is clean and bright thanks to the white colour and a boor to the balcony. Here there are enough essential utensils that you can cook delicious dishes right when moving in.

danang luxury apartment

A fully furnished kitchen – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

You might be satisfied with this luxurious and warm bedroom. Most of the interiors in this room is made of wood. Moreover, the door position helps to prevent sunshine lights directly to the bed. Therefore, you can have peace sleep everyday.

danang luxury apartment

A luxury and warm bedroom – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

Go to Danang luxury apartment near My Khe beach to contact the owner!

Danang luxury apartment for rent with swimming pool

This Danang luxury apartment might shock you with its elegance that you fall in love with it at first sight. The interiors of this apartment are delicate with light colours. Therefore, you can be easy to feel friendly and comfortable in this space. There is a green balcony from the living room that makes it airy and fresh.

danang luxury apartment

A lightly luxurious living room brings the elegance to your apartment – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

The bedroom design will inspire you strongly with its style and luxury. Besides a double size bed, there is also a fresh corner that allows you to have a view of the beach. Thus, you can enjoy wonderful moments at home everyday. Moreover, the decoration of this space is impressive with the colours and interior style. Hence, this is an absolutely relaxing space. It is also bright and airy thanks to the big window to the beachside.

danang luxury apartment

A strongly styled bedroom where you can find the absolutely relaxing moments – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

An outdoor swimming pool is an ideal place to chill out everyday. This is a large and clean swimming pool with cool water. Moreover, there is a free cleaning service that takes place from twice to three times per week. A laundry service is also included.

danang luxury apartment

This swimming pool is an ideal relaxing corner – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

For more information about this apartment, read at Danang luxury apartment with swimming pool.

A Danang luxury apartment with green design

This Danang luxury apartment brings a strongly styled design with a green space so that your everyday living is like on a holiday trip. There is a large balcony within the apartment that has so many green trees.

danang luxury apartment

This apartment is suitable for those who love the green space – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

Moreover, the scenery surrounding is also with big trees. A chair in this space is an ideal corner for you to chill out and relax everyday. Having a cup of beer or just drinking tea with a book will be perfect!

danang luxury apartment

This wonderful balcony is an ideal place to chill out everyday – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

The living room is a warm and styled space with wooden interiors and a brick wall without painting. The kitchen also shares with this area. Therefore, you will live a life in Danang with every minute is comfortable and convenient moments.

danang luxury apartment

This apartment has a strong design that makes your everyday living like a holiday – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

There are two bedrooms in this apartment that both of them are luxury with wooden interiors. The large windows light up these two bedrooms with natural light and will wake you up in an atmosphere full of sunshine.

danang luxury apartment

This must be a unique style of design that is difficult to find it anywhere else – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

Go to 2-bedroom Danang luxury apartment to have more information about this apartment.

A Danang luxury apartment for rent with a simple design

This Danang luxury apartment has a simple design with the colour combination and fewer interiors. The living room is large with comfortable free space. There are a salon chair and a dining table. Moreover, the kitchen is in this area also. Therefore, it is more convenient for you to enjoy tasty meals.

danang luxury apartment

This space is designed simple but it, in contrast, makes the luxury and elegance – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

This apartment is suitable for one to two people living. There is only one bedroom with a double size bed. This space is bright and airy with two big windows. In addition, this apartment is located near the beach. Hence, you will have the chance to enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere thanks to the sea wind. What more, you also can wake up every morning with the fantastic scene of the sunrise from the sea.

danang luxury apartment

The bedroom is bright and airy with the windows that give you the chance to wake up energetically – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

Thanks to the near-beach location, you can easily access to My Khe beach which is one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet. Moreover, there are so many seafood restaurants around this area with a wide range of price. To see this apartment, go to Danang luxury apartment near My Khe beach.

Danang luxury apartment with a fresh and chill space

danang luxury apartment

This apartment brings a fresh and cool feeling with its colour combination and decoration – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

With the windows along the wall in the living room, this Danang luxury apartment will bring to you a chill space to enjoy life in the coastal city. The living room and kitchen share the same area but it still looks large thanks to the open design.

danang luxury apartment

Thanks to the windows which designed along the wall, this apartment is always bright and airy – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

The blue salon chairs make the whole apartment fresh. It gives you the chill feeling that can blow sorrow and pressure away when coming back home.

The bedroom has a large airy space with a big window. It has two beds inside. If you demand to use only one, you can ask the owner to remove the rest in order to save your space. This is a bright and fresh space that you even can stay here day and night.

danang luxury apartment

The large and fresh bedroom – Image: Lodyhelp.com.

This Danang luxury apartment is located in the city center with a bunch of benefits. You can easily access to other places just in a short time. Moreover, there are so many interesting activities inside the city center that you will not miss when staying in this apartment.

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