Top 10 best seafood in Da Nang you should try once in a lifetime
best seafood in danang

Top 10 best seafood in Danang you should try once in a lifetime

After a long day of wandering and swimming, In the afternoon, when the cool breeze blowing from the sea to ease the summer heat, it is an extremely appropriate time for you to enjoy the best seafood in Da Nang.

best seafood in danang

Top 10 best seafood in Danang you should not miss – Image: Sheraton Grand Danang Resort.

Crab with tamarind (Cua rang me)- the signature best seafood in Danang

One of the best seafood in Danang you should try is the crab with tamarind. Different from crabs in other places, ones in Danang have the softer shell and more tender meat. With the first look like famous Singapore’s chili crab, the sauce is much thicker and sourer. The success or failure of this dish is determined by the tamarind sauce. It must have a little bit sourness of tamarind, the spiciness of chili, the fatty taste of butter. In addition to that, each restaurant has its own extra spices to make the most unique crab with tamarind. Slow removing the crab meat from the shell and dipping into the thick sauce, you will never forget this aromatic flavor.

best seafood in danang

Crab with tamarind – the signature best seafood in Danang – Image:

>>You can visit Nam Danh for the best Crab with tamarind in town!

Never get enough of the best seafood in Danang made from squid

Fresh squid has a natural sweetness, plus the toughness and crisp so it’s an ideal ingredient to make the best seafood in Danang.

Satay grilled cuttlefish (Muc nuong sa te)

The cuttlefish marinated with satay sauce is grilled on a charcoal stove so that it has an extremely attractive aroma. Thanks to the high heat, the cuttlefish meat is tough and absorbing the seasoning perfectly. The spiciness of chili and the smell of garlic and lemongrass will make you unable to stop eating.

best seafood in danang

The spiciness of sa te makes Satay grilled cuttlefish the best seafood in Danang to go with beer.

Stir-fried baby squid with fish sauce (Muc trung chien nuoc mam)

Unlike the big squid, the baby one is just as big as a thumb, the meat is tender and sweet. This special type of squid goes along with Vietnamese special fish sauce to create the best seafood in Danang. This dish has a simple and quick way to cook, but it’s not easy to make it the finest. The professional restaurants have their own secret recipes to make the best fish sauce, which is the main factor of the dish. Therefore, the yellow attractive yellow baby squids soaking in the characteristic fish sauce will boost your mouth up!

best seafood in danang

Stir-fried baby squid with fish sauce is one of the best seafood in Danang made from squid – Image:

Steamed squid (Muc hap)

Steaming is the best way to enjoy the freshness of the squids to the fullest. Since it maintains all of the original taste so things that make it the best seafood in Danang is the freshness of the ingredients and the dipping sauce. Including ginger, fish sauce, lime, chili, and sugar, the dipping sauce directly affects the taste of the dish.

best seafood in danang

Steamed squid- Image:

>> Enjoy the best seafood in Danang made from squid at the luxury Azure Beach Lounge.

Sucking escargot (Oc hut) – the best street seafood in Danang

Depending on the region, people cook various types of escargots in different ways. The most common style to cook this best street seafood in Danang is boiling with lemongrass and chili. They add a lot of chilies to remove the fishy smell of the main ingredient. Meanwhile, the name Oc hut (Sucking escargots) shows how the locals eat them. They leave the head of the escargots close to their mouths then suck the meat out. It might be hard at first, but once you get used to it, it will probably be the most exciting dish you’ve ever tried.

best seafood in danang

You will find it interesting in sucking this best seafood in Danang.

You can find many vendors selling it on Ong Ich Khiem Street and Le Duan Street at a very cheap price.

The nutritional balance of the best street seafood in Danang

Vietnamese cuisine is claimed to be good for health due to the balance between nutrient groups in a dish. Like famous American Caesar salad or Russian Shuba salad, Vietnam has its signature salads offering you the best seafood in Danang with local vegetables. I’m pretty sure that in the 40 Celsius-degree summer, a salad is such appropriate.

Banana blossom salad with shrimp (Goi hoa chuoi tom thit)

Banana blossom, also called “banana heart”, is a purple-skinned flower growing at the end of a banana cluster. Its bitter and crunchy texture makes it an ideal partner with shrimp. Additionally, the banana flower is rich in fiber, which is good for the digestive system. Vegetable and boiled shrimps are plain so it’s flavored by a dressing including lime juice, fish sauce, peanuts, and sugar. Things that make this salad more Vietnamese is that it can accompany with sticky rice!

best seafood in danang

Banana blossom salad with shrimp is a Vietnam signature salad that you can eat with rice – Image:

>> Ngon Villa will offer you the best banana blossom salad with shrimp as well as other Vietnamese traditional dishes.

Nam O raw fish salad (Goi ca Nam O)

This best seafood in Danang is also known as “Vietnamese sashimi”. It’s named after a fishing village where you can find the freshest fish ever, Nam O village. The main ingredient is sardinella caught in the early morning. People will prepare and marinate them right after that.

best seafood in danang

Dry Nam O raw fish salad served with plenty of local herbs and special dipping sauce – Image: Instagram/@thiennguyen1012.

They cook Nam O fish salad in two ways: dry and wet. With the same ingredient, for dry way, they mix fish with powder grilled rice, sesame, peanuts, and many other spices. Meanwhile, with wet fish salad, fish will be soaked in the fish broth mixing with fish sauce. Besides, the special dipping sauce is an indispensable part of the fish salad. Since it’s a raw dish, you should prefer the restaurant instead of the street stalls.

best seafood in danang

In the wet raw fish salad, the fish will be soaked in a bowl of fish broth. – Image:

>> One of the best restaurant selling Nam O raw fish salad is Ecstasy restaurant.

Jellyfish salad (Goi sua)

This dish will attract you with the crunch of each piece of jellyfish blending with spicy-sour dressing. The sour taste from lime juice not only removes the fishy smell but also make the jellyfish crunchier. The cook boil jellyfishes in only 2 minutes to retain their freshness. This also is one of the most favorite food during the summer.

best seafood in danang

Jellyfish salad – another best seafood in Danang good for your health.

Fried fish cake noodle (Bun cha ca) – the best seafood noodle in Danang

If you assume that the only one noodle Vietnam has is Pho, this best seafood in Danang will change your mind. The fried fish cake noodle is a pack of springy fried fish cake and the clear fish (and pork) broth. The fried fish cake is tasty and flavorful. They add fish sauce, shallot, garlic, pepper and plenty of seasoning to turn boring fish paste into mouth-watering fish cakes. They also carefully choose the exact types of fish to ensure the springy and dense texture. It’s one of the most popular breakfasts in this coastal line city either.

best seafood in danang

Fried fish cake noodle is also an interesting way for your kids to have more fish!

>> Ba Lu – the most famous fried fish cake noodle food store in Danang.

Grilled scallop with onion (So diep nuong mo hanh)

Another best seafood in Danang you shouldn’t miss is grilled scallop with onion, which is very popular on the seaside. The Vietnamese scallop is sweet, soft and has an overwhelming scent. Plus, the special onion and peanut on the top will make it the most unforgettable seafood dish. Otherwise, you can replace scallops with other kinds of shellfish such as clams, mussels, oysters and so on.

best seafood in danang

You can replace scallop with other kinds of shellfish to enjoy the best seafood in Danang.

>> Enjoy the grilled scallop with onion at Sabaku restaurant.

Some notes for you to enjoy the best seafood in Danang:

  • At some restaurants, the best seafood in Danang is sold by weight. Make sure that they measure in an exact way before you have them cooked.
  • Unless you ask for the prices before making the order, you may come up with some unpleasant surprises.
  • You can try your hand at cooking your own meal. However, if you want to try the original Vietnamese taste, you should let the experts serve you.
  • Ordering an alive fish or any other big-sized seafood means ordering the entire huge body. If you don’t want to have too much of the same dish, you can ask to cook that huge body in two or more different ways.