Top 10 best Danang interior decoration companies

Top 10 Danang interior decoration companies make your dream home come true!

Finding a suitable apartment or a home is a great thing to start your new life in a new place. But it’s not that all! A real home should be where you can express your style and feel comfortable. Therefore, hereunder is a list of 10 Danang interior decoration companies that can make your dream home come true.

danang interior decoration ngoi nha xanh

Lego’s villa – A Danang interior decoration of Ngoi Nha Xanh – Source: Fanpage Ngoi Nha Xanh

1. DNI Danang interior decoration company

  • Location: Lot A-68, 30/4 street, Hai Chau District, Danang
  • Phone number: 0979 939 698 – 0906 46 0248
  • Facebook:
  • Website:

DNI company works in interior consultation, design, and construction. Especially, it also has a full option from A to Z. Hence, you can have the best experience and save time. DNI aims to 5 values including reliability, quality, hard-working, honesty and creativity. They not only apply to aesthetic design but also the useful and luxurious facilities. 

Otherwise, the company is one of Danang interior decoration companies working in many kinds of architecture. For example are the apartment, villa, office, hotel, showroom, house, shop and so on. Besides, it also offers wooden furniture with high-quality. In addition, DNI ensures to serve you in the shortest time at a good price.

2. Morehome – Danang branch

  • Location: 112 Le Dinh Ly street, Thanh Khe District, Danang
  • Phone number: 090 852 1777
  • Facebook:
  • Website:
danang interior decoration morehome

A living room in luxury style – Source: Fanpage Morehome

Morehome is known as the best unit in designing interior and manufacturing furniture in Vietnam. Therefore, this is a reliable Danang interior decoration company for you. Besides, Morehome has its own workshops with modern machines and technology. Hence, they can make the best furniture to meet the special demands of customers and ensure the quality of all stages.

Moreover, the products of Morehome always up-to-date with the trending model and high-quality materials. In addition, the company also focuses on training staff with a professional attitude and high technique. Also, Morehome constantly improves in serving customers to bring perfection to every product.

3. Nha Dep 365 – Danang branch

  • Location: 355/6 Hoang Dieu street, Hai Chau District, Danang
  • Phone number: 090 585 4957
  • Facebook:
  • Website:

The company provides architectural and interior services. Besides, they also install decoration equipment for apartments, offices, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and exhibition booths. Nha Dep 365 combines 3 factors including art, creativity, and technique to make perfect works. Hence, it brings unique and fresh design to make your home becoming an artwork.

With many years in the Danang interior decoration industry, you can believe in the professional service and passionate architects of Nha Dep 365. Moreover, the staff is so enthusiastic, always complete the work on time and support the customers in their best.

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4. VHL Danang interior decoration and architecture company

  • Location: Hoa Xuan area, Cam Le District, Danang
  • Phone number: 0236.6273.368 –  0905.926.604
  • Facebook:
danang interior decoration VHL company

A great combination of modern living space and greenish space – Source: Fanpage VHL company

VHL company provides architecture and interior consultation and design service. Their motto is opening living space, inspiring life and improving Vietnamese values. With this motto, the company wants to connect modern life to nature. Every product is a great combination of convenient furniture and the greenish spaces. Moreover, many works of VHL appeared in many famous webs about architecture and highly appreciated.

Especially, VHL also gives advice in Fengshui which is important in the spiritual life of Vietnamese. In addition, the company is responsible from the ideas to the supervision stage so you don’t need to worry much about your home.

5. Ngoi Nha Xanh Architecture and Construction company

  • Location: 73 Hoang Dao Thuy street, Cam Le District, Danang
  • Phone number: 0979 789 668 – 0915 85 66 85
  • Facebook:
  • Website:

Ngoi Nha Xanh works from the idea research to interior construction. They want to create a modern home with flexible spaces and provide stylish Danang interior decoration. With experienced engineers and skilled workers, the company ensures to meet every requirement of customers. Especially, their goal in the business is quality, progress, efficiency, safety, and sustainable development. In addition, the company also has a 5-year warranty for their products. Hence, this helps to bring the best services to customers even after the work is finished.

6. Phat Binh Minh Danang interior decoration company

  • Location: 171 Nguyen Huu Tho street, Hai Chau District, Danang
  • Phone number: 0966 625 852 – 0905 999 404
  • Facebook:
  • Website:
danang interior decoration phat binh minh

A wallpaper model of Phat Binh Minh company – Source: Fanpage Phat Binh Minh

Phat Binh Minh imports, distributes and constructs interior decorations like Korean wallpaper, carpet, 3D wall painting etc. Furthermore, the products have a luxury design and elegant colors so they will make your home modern and deluxe.
With a skilled technical team, Phat Binh Minh company brings high-quality products at a reasonable price to meet different demands of customers. Moreover, customers also highly appreciate the enthusiasm of the staff. Therefore, Phat Binh Minh is one of good 
Danang interior decoration partners that you can entrust.

7. Niceworld Interior and Architecture company

  • Location: 68 Tieu La street, Hai Chau District, Danang
  • Phone number: 023 6364 4757 – 0935 780 229
  • Facebook:
  • Website:

Niceworld company specializes in interior design and construction in Da Nang. Besides, the company also consults about architecture and interior for customers. With the skilled and enthusiastic working team, Niceworld ensures to bring a beautiful living space that makes customers satisfied. Moreover, Niceworld aims to modern and luxurious design so when entering the house, you can feel the delicacy in every detail. Otherwise, the company also sells the decor paintings with diversified models.

8. Coi Design and Construction company

  • Location: 2 Phan Thanh street, Thanh Khe District, Danang
  • Phone number: 0905.425.650
  • Facebook:
  • Website:
danang interior decoration coi design

A decoration of Coi Design – Source: Fanpage Coi Design

Coi is a professional company in the Danang interior decoration and architecture industry. They provide a full service from planning, designing to decorating the interior. Inspired by the connection between people and nature, Coi’s products always aim to create a spacious and relaxing living space for customers. Despite that, it’s not only about nature but also a convenient and stylish life. Therefore, customers can feel comfortable and cozy when at home.

9. De’zicor

  • Location: 9 Ngo May street, Cam Le District, Danang
  • Phone number: 0932544404
  • Facebook:
  • Website:

De’zicor works in 4 main areas including house and villa, restaurant, cafe, and spa decor. The company commits to bring the best experience for customers from planning ideas stage to the finish stage. With enthusiastic, hardworking and creative staff, De’zicor will offer up-to-date solutions to meet your style.

Moreover, the company wants to make your home that is a comfortable and happy place. Therefore, you can enjoy your every day with positive energy.  In case you want to enjoy a fresh living space, this is one of Danang interior decoration company that you can’t miss!

10. MAS architecture workshop

  • Location: 189 Thanh Thuy street, Hai Chau District, Danang
  • Phone number: 090 500 75 50
  • Facebook:
  • Website:
danang interior decoration MAS

A design of MAS company – Source: Fanpage MAS

MAS team includes young, passionate architects and engineers to bring the best products for customers. Hence, they always provide smart and trending solutions to your house. The company offers architectural design, interior and exterior construction services.

Moreover, MAS aims to 3 values including creativity, experience, and enthusiasm. In addition, MAS commits to bring perfection in every product even the smallest detail. Especially, they want to create a comfortable and lively space for customers.

With the professional services and friendly staff, these Danang interior decoration companies will satisfy your demands. Each home has its own style so that you can feel cozy and familiar everyday living. Let’s choose for yourself a good partner to start the new journey!