The social network - Social media in Vietnam - Which platform is the King?
which social media in Vietnam is prefered?

The most popular social media in Vietnam

Social media is an important part of human life nowadays. In Vietnam, Internet user counts for a really high percentage. Furthermore, most of the time on the Internet is for social medial. What platforms of social media in Vietnam are the most popular ones?

Social media in Vietnam is a way that the locals communicate with their family and friends. Moreover, they also use these platforms to update the news and trends in the social. Furthermore, social media platforms are also places where people share their hobbies and interests. Since most of the Vietnamese people have social media accounts, companies and business entities promote their products and services on those platforms. Therefore, it creates a habit of users to shop on social media. Besides, there are still other users update their favorite celebrities on social media platforms or share their lifestyle. Although the content on these channels in Vietnam is more and more diversified and it is even sometimes spam, these platforms still attract user in some ways.

social media in vietnam is developing fast

Since the Internet user in Vietnam is higher and higher, social media becomes a hot playground for them – Image: Erik Lucatero.

Facebook – The biggest platform of social media in Vietnam

According to a record of Younet Media in Vietnam, there are more than 64 million active users every day in the country. They create more than 11 posts each day. And they also create more than 64 million comments on this platform. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese population in 2019 is 95 million. It proves that Facebook is the biggest social platform in Vietnam until now. In 2018, Vietnam was at the 7th in top countries who have the most active users on Facebook.

facebook counts the highest percentage of user in vietnam

Vietnam Facebook user is at the 7th position on world rank of the countries which have the biggest number of Facebook users – Image: Tim Bennett.

Most of Facebook users in Vietnam are the young people. Recently, there have been more and more the old people started creating their own Facebook account to connect their old friends and share their content on this platform.

Zalo – The only social media platform stands firm through changes

After Facebook, Zalo is the second biggest social media in Vietnam. In average, there are 87 people use account per 100 people. Zalo allows people to create an account with a mobile phone number. In fact, most of the adult people have their own phone number. Therefore, it is easy to understand the percentage of Zalo user in Vietnam. Moreover, the speed of sending a text on Zalo is really fast. That is also the strongest advantage of this channel. Additionally, this application allows people to send text fast, have a stable audio and video call even the connection is really low. That is the reason why Zalo reached 100 million users in 2018.

zalo is a local product that has a big number of user in Vietnam

Zalo is the only and the strongest social media platform which is developed by Vietnamese company.

Besides being a chatting application, Zalo is also a place for people to share their stories as Facebook newsfeed. Moreover, there are other extensions on Zalo app that it is really convenient for those who are living in Vietnam. There are Zalo Pay, nearby searching, random chatroom, shopping room, game, news, and government e-news. Until now, Zalo is the only platform of social media in Vietnam which can stand firm after a long time and in the situation that so many international competitors thread the development of it. In fact, the pride of Vietnamese people is also a reason for them to use this app more frequently than others is it is developed by a Vietnamese corporation. And it has beaten other strong competitors such as Skype, Viber, Line to keep a high position as the present.

Instagram – Main playground of the young people

As Facebook is more and more insecure as well as its newsfeed is full of advertisement, people are tending to move to Instagram. Users of social media in Vietnam is the same. The percentage of the Instagram user is increasing these years. Until 2018, there is 38% percent of Vietnamese Internet users own Instagram accounts. In which, the female is 1,6 times bigger than male users. As the record of Hootsuite in 2018, there are 5.9 million monthly active users on Instagram in Vietnam. 

instagram is not the biggest social media in Vietnam but it is developing strongly and fast

Instagram is an interesting place for young people in Vietnam to show themselves – Image: Jakob Owens.


Facebook is the strongest social media in Vietnam since the number of Facebook user in Vietnam is at that 7th ranking. Moreover, it is still increasing. Besides, Zalo and Instagram also count for impressive percentages. Besides those three top social media platforms, there are others which are strongly developing in Vietnam including Twitter, Mocha which is a local social media in Vietnam, Line, or Pinterest.