Environmental issues in Vietnam 2019 - Plastic waste is a dificult problem
environmental issues in Vietnam

The environmental issues in Vietnam in 2019

While the world is facing serious issues in the environment, developing countries are suffering the consequences badly. Vietnam is one of them. Let’s take a quick look back on the environmental issues in Vietnam in the first half of 2019.

The most significant environmental issues in Vietnam related to garbage

Plastic waste is not only horrible environmental issues in Vietnam but also in other countries around the world. According to the records, Vietnam is at the 17th position in “producing” plastic waste in the world. Moreover, the number of plastic waste in Vietnam is double compared to other low-income countries. Each of Vietnamese produces 1.2 kilograms of waste on average. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese population is almost 100 million. It means Vietnam produces almost 120,000 tons of waste every day.

garbage is the most significant environmental issues in Vietnam

Vietnam produces 120,000 tons of garbage to the environment every day – Image: Dustan Woodhouse.

The plastic waste counts up to 16% of this number. Therefore, every day, Vietnamese people throw to the environment a number of 19,000 tons of plastic waste. That is a terrible number. Additionally, the number of recyclable plastic waste is really low. Therefore, most of the plastic waste in Vietnam is thrown directly to the environment. Hence, it causes the plastic pollution in the country.

Government is planning to ban single-use plastic in 2025 to solve the environmental issues in Vietnam

Vietnam is developing sharply in tourism. However, it causes the problem of single-use plastic waste. It also becomes one of the most scared environmental issues in Vietnam. In average, one tourism company produces 47,000 plastic bags, 90,000 plastic cups, 2,5 million plastic mineral waters per year. Moreover, that company also does the same for 2,9 million of other plastic stuff during their work. Additionally, the habit of using plastic bags to pack products when people go to the markets, convenient stores, and so on is considered as a certain thing. Furthermore, most of the coffee shops use plastic cups for convenient and cheap conditions.

vietnam government is going to ban single use plastic in 2025

Vietnam government is planning to ban single-use plastic in 2025 – Image: Hermes Rivera.

However, while the world is changing to prohibit from using single-use plastic. Vietnam is planning to do the same. The government recently has had a meeting and go to the agreement that they are aiming to ban single-use plastic in 2025. This would be a big challenge for both government and citizens. The reason is that they have to find a cheap and convenient thing to replace for the current single-use plastic which is popular in the country. Moreover, it needs time to educate citizens to not use this material.

Scared forest fires in the central area

These days, the Vietnamese might pay attention to the continuous forest fires in the central area. Even though it seems to not related to any environmental issues in Vietnam. It is actually caused by climate change. The most serious fires are in Ha Tinh province. It is even more scared when these are the continuous fires that happen in many provinces in the central area including Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Da Nang, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, and Phu Yen.

forest fires are one of the serious environmental issues in Vietnam

Forest fires in the central area are the hottest environmental issue in Vietnam these days – Image: Matt Howard.

The cause of these fires comes from the careless actions of the local people when they burn the vegetation surface of the ground. Additionally, the weather in this area is really hot these days. Therefore, it is easy for fires to spread fast. While the fires are extremely fast, the government mobilize thousands of people to extinguish fires. However, the weather is too hot to stop the fire. As a result, it becomes the most scared forest fires of the country.


In conclusion, the environmental issues in Vietnam do not only include plastic waste, climate change effects, or garbages. But it has more than that. The water is polluted. The air is not safe anymore. The soil is saline. And there are so many other issues that have terrible impacts on the citizens’ life.