Vietnam flower season in August - A flower trip from north to south Vietnam
vietnam flower season in august

The delicate beauty of Vietnam flower season in August

Being a tropical country, Vietnam attracts tourists around the world with different flower seasons in a year. Get ready to explore the delicate beauty of Vietnam flower season in August.

Melia azedarach – The most popular one of Vietnam flower season in August

Melia azedarach or known commonly as Chinaberry is one of the most popular ones of the Vietnam flower season in August. When visiting Hanoi in the beginning of autumn, you can see the ranges of Melia azedarach along the streets. Melia azedarach is the tiny flower which there is a lot of ones gather in a bunch to color the streets with white and purple.

the most popular kind of vietnam flower season in august in hanoi

Melia azedarach is a popular flower on Hanoi streets in August – Image: @Ngovgiang.

The most popular city of Melia azedarach in Hanoi and other provinces in the north. Moreover, this kind of flower could be able to grow in different regions in Vietnam. Especially, it is popular in the mountain areas which have a cool atmosphere.

Dandelion – The slender beauty of Vietnam flower season in August

If Melia azedarach is tall and covers the street, Dandelion is much smaller. It is a popular Vietnam flower season in August in the most romantic city of Vietnam, Da Lat. Dandelion is a wildflower that can be easy to see along the streets or on the field in the countryside. It is a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae. Therefore, the flower is in the oral shape. Additionally, the bloom contains numerous small florets. These florets are so weak. A light wind blows could make them shed and fly following the wind. These florets when dropping to the ground, they will grow up to mature Dandelion flowering plants and bloom.

dandelion is a famous vietnam flower season in august in Da lat city

Dandelion beauty is slender and it survives in just a short time – Image: Jonne Huotari.

The most ideal place to see a field of Dandelion is in Da Lat. There are fields of Dandelion and the scene that florets fly in the wind is so romantic. You will feel like being lost in the wonderland.

Mop grass season in Da Lat city

Besides Dandelion, Vietnam flower season in August in Da Lat also has mop grass. The mop grass field brings a wild beauty which is not too radiant. In contrast, it is delicate but strong. The grass plants are high up to your chest with white flowers will make you feel like lost in a mini-forest. From further, the field of mop grass looks like a snow hill. The white flowers look as soft as snow flowers. When the wind blows, all the flowers sway slightly to follow the wind like waves.

mop grass field in da lat

The field of mop grass looks like a field of snow flower – Image: Quy Tran.

In Da Lat, the mop grass field is located in Tuyen Lam lake area. It is a large area along the street to Tuyen Lam lake. This field is 5 kilometers from Da Lat city center.

Lotus – Come to the south to explore the traditional beauty of Vietnam flower season in August

Lotus is a Vietnamese national flower which distributes to the beauty of Vietnam flower season in August. Therefore, it indicates the traditional beauty of the country. Moreover, the lotus is also an image of Vietnamese women which is beautiful, graceful, and traditional. Among a large lake of lotus, there are bamboo cabins on the lake. Those are the places where tourists stand to see the overview of the lotus lake. Moreover, you can take a boat and row in a lake of lotus.

lotus is the national flower of vietnam

Lotus is a national flower of Vietnam, it is simple but charming – Image: @Trinhhoaitri.

The most interesting is a “monkey bridge” on the lake. This is a unique culture in northern transportation. The bridge is made of sections of bamboo. It is quite dangerous for those who go on it for the first time. But once you can walk on the monkey bridge, it is so amazing. The biggest and most beautiful lotus lake in northern Vietnam is in Hoa My ward, Dong Thap province.

Petunia – A romantic beauty of Vietnam flower season in August

As the traditional and ancient beauty in the old Vietnam capital, Hue city, Petunia shows the beauty of roman and slender. This is also one of the most beautiful kinds of Vietnam flower season in August. Petunia is usually grown in the pots which are hung on the shelves. The slender flowers drooping from the pots makes a romantic and light scene on the streets, in the coffee shops, and on the doorstep.

petunia creates a romantic beauty in the old capital of vietnam

Petunia creates a traditional, romantic, and light beauty – Image: @Tuantran_66.

Petunia has different colors. The most popular ones are pink and purple. Besides, there are also white, yellow, blue, and red. When putting them together, it makes an ideal corner to take photos.


Vietnam always has different flowers during the year, no matter what season it is. Moreover, different areas have different kinds of flowers which together make the slender beauty of Vietnam. Vietnam flower season in August also has so many kinds away from the mentioned above that you can see along the streets you have been across. There must be early milk flower, wild sunflower, sunflower, and so on.