Which is the best Vietnamese coffee brand to bring home?
best vietnamese coffee brand

Which is the best Vietnamese coffee brand to bring home?

Vietnam is famous not only for the strong coffee but also for the street coffee culture and the coffee exportation. That’s why when looking for a souvenir when coming home, coffee is indispensable. So here is the list of the best Vietnamese coffee brand recommended by the locals that you should add to your basket.

best vietnamese coffee brand

Are you looking for the best Vietnamese coffee brand? – Image: Viktor Hanacek/Picjumbo.

What makes a brand become the best Vietnamese coffee brand?

The taste of the best Vietnamese coffee brand partly depends on the way of harvest. “Dry harvest” means the farmers strip all the cherries on the coffee trees, then squeeze the cherries to separate the seed from the fruit. After that, they use the sunshine to dry them for 10 – 30 days depending on the weather. The beans will turn into brownish and have a unique smell of soil and decayed leaves. Meanwhile, in “wet harvest”, they start the crop by collecting the ripe cherries and leave the unripe, green ones to harvest later. They immediately take out the coffee beans inside the coffee cherries. These beans are so old that they are very solid. The rice husk covering the seeds helps the oil evenly absorb. It also helps preserve the special smell of flowers, cherries, almonds, and butter of the coffee beans.

best vietnamese coffee brand

The quality of coffee depends on the way it’s harvested – Image: danviet.vn.

Besides, Brazil is the world’s largest Abrica coffee producer, while Vietnam ranks first for the Robusta one. Robusta has a strong taste, high caffeine level, which is suitable for who prefer the bitter and strong coffee. On the contrary, Arabia tastes lighter, the caffeine level is lower but the aroma is more intense and light acidity. However, among the truly coffeeholic, Arabica is probably the best choice. Two kinds of coffee are totally incomparable, but the coffee companies know how to combine them to create the best Vietnamese coffee brand.

best vietnamese coffee brand

The coffee companies neutralize these two types of coffee to create the best Vietnamese coffee brand – Image: www.espressoperfecto.com

The best Vietnamese coffee brand popular among tourists

Obviously, it’s hard for you to find the best Vietnamese coffee brand in markets or tourist destinations. They just have dubious brands and nameless packets of roasted coffee left over months or even years. You should be apprehensive about the quality of those products and choose one of these brands:

G7 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

best vietnamese coffee brand

G7 3-in-1 Instant best Vietnamese coffee brand.

This is a product of Trung Nguyen, the best Vietnamese coffee brand. It offers you an instant mood kick if you feel sluggish in the morning. Plus, it’s organic and guarantees freshness. If you fall in love with the vedette Milk coffee (Ca phe sua da), you will be pleased with this brand. After 3 minutes, the smell and taste seem like you’re standing at a coffee shop will boost your energy.

Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix

best vietnamese coffee brand

Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix.

This is a typical Southeast Asian 3-in-1 coffee mix that the sugar and creamer are already included. Comparing with the G7 coffee above, Vinacafe has less caffeine, which is suitable for women or who can’t stand the strong Vietnamese coffee. All you need to do is tearing a pack then adding hot water to make a sweet and delicious drink. It’s highly practical when you don’t have much time or when traveling.

Trung Nguyen Brew Coffee

If you prefer the brewed coffee to the instant one, this is the most well-known best Vietnamese coffee brand. There are four recipes which can satisfy even the most fastidious person.

Trung Nguyen Legendee Coffee (also named Creative 8 or Sang tao 8)

best vietnamese coffee brand

Trung Nguyen Creative 8 – the best Vietnamese coffee brand with a strong flavor.

This is a naturally sweet combination between Abrica and Excelsa beans. This dark, smooth and extremely strong coffee has contributed an important part to make Trung Nguyen the best Vietnamese coffee brand. If you’d love to have a sip of coffee without condensed milk, you should choose this one.

Trung Nguyen Creative 1 Culi Robusta

best vietnamese coffee brand

Trung Nguyen Creative 1 suitable for those who look for the best Vietnamese coffee brand to mix with condensed milk.

This is for who craves for the syrupy sweetness of condensed milk, regular cream, and sugar. But you can choose whether to add milk or enjoying the black liquid originally. This product can bring you a good iced coffee thanks to its strong and flavorful ingredient. It’ll wake you up in the morning by the hints of chocolate, creamy mouthfeel and more caffeine than the average Arabica coffee.

Trung Nguyen Premium Blend Coffee

best vietnamese coffee brand

Trung Nguyen Premium Blend Coffee makes a perfect couple with the phin – the Vietnamese traditional coffee filter.

This is the most popular best Vietnamese coffee brand when they make ground coffee at home. It’s a mixing of Robusta, Abrica, Excelsa and Catimor beans. The beans are noticeably oily which helps them retain more flavor. Plus, the thing that makes it different from other Trung Nguyen blends is the natural flavorings. But the amount isn’t enough to call it “flavored coffee”. They use it just to round out the rich, delicious and balance the flavor.

Trung Nguyen Creative 2 Robusta-Arabica

best vietnamese coffee brand

Trung Nguyen Creative 2 is a great combination of Robusta and Arabica.

Next, this blend is a mix of Robusta and Arabica to bring you a balanced flavor with cream and sugar. It’s roasted in traditional Vietnamese roasting style so that you can use it as a hot or cold brew either. With the medium caffeine, the energy boost is really worth every sip.

Café Du Monde Coffee

best vietnamese coffee brand

Café Du Monde – the former of the best Vietnamese coffee brand – Image: Amazon.com

Though this isn’t the best Vietnamese coffee brand, it’s often used in the Vietnamese coffee shops restaurants. It was the original French coffee stand, showing up only a few years after the French introduced coffee in Vietnam. The Café Du Monde is simply rich, dark mixes of coffee and chicory. They add chicory into the mixture to extend the good body and hints chocolate of the coffee.


Actually, you don’t need the best Vietnamese coffee brand to make the best Vietnamese coffee. It doesn’t completely depend on the quality of the coffee beans but also the coffee-making skills. However, if you’re still an amateur, using the high-class coffee beans may help you upgrade your coffee cup and your health as well.